Charlie Reams

Charlie Reams Anglo displaced from the top spot for the first time in a long while by Miriam's excellent Hebrew score!

Charlie Reams

Charlie Reams Oop, not for long!

Anglo Italian

Anglo Italian I wanted to say thank you for Lexplorer Languages which is another great innovation. Is there any way we can have the languages option permanently on SHOW rather than having to request it each time. If default were SHOW it should affect the monolinguals as English currently appears at the top.

Anglo Italian

Anglo Italian should not*

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Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard I'm interested to see if Miriam can leapfrog Anglo with her knowledge of Finnish.

Charlie Reams

Charlie Reams The subtlety of your hints is improving, Adam ;)

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Adam. want. info. Adam. get. info. :)

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Maybe my feature request written in Google Welsh was TOO subtle. Welsh on these 3 leaderboards please.

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Lynn Gwystyx!

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This table shows the high scores of players who have completed a 15 rounder. The top 25 players are shown. Raw scores are used.

1stAdam Gillard15501491531229076143101761061261441336215167
2ndCatriona Cappleman15341491401341047713710487791351391267712075
3rdNathan Stone135014712912684721188168571071001485613371
4thMiriam Nussbaum1325145137587591109129738110712779699199
5thAnglo Italian12861381211017413511779531581001076410275
6thThomas Cappleman1260145151889464106806364102141885010069
7thPhyl Styles12021351318857129101885011515188718845
8thAmie Bateen117914415855647910486694275124691017677
9thMarcus Hares117714415472876810910650431028876649068
10thChris Hare110014115463747798795658839374567758
11thStephen R1079142168608052987132448910473488773
12thMatt Hamer1078115125114851191197471831208187
13thInnis Carson1046142155676554143745839827257447660
14thDan McColm10361241557266108110358897113608745
15thKaren Pearson101113314261541077745456473796015747
16thZarte Siempre97314116062655890673440647461478566
17thDavid Barnard95213315914796511765494958466411869
18thEoin Monaghan916142149566459123454336717054366842
19thRay Wilding9111211516566529768686976487972
19thJen Steadman9111211606768785776518599676142
21stIan Volante90914113871724388704336656851397550
22ndJim Bentley82214113250414768723940599538384954
23rdBradley Horrocks81214116060563068464943503847476157
24thJulie McCarthy811101133828884807586574878
25thAndy Platt796112155653975982810147619334

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