Thomas Cappleman

Thomas Cappleman Yay, made it to first (though with Innis still to start one path, and barely started another)

Julie McCarthy

Julie McCarthy I don't think that Innis is interested in the Scrabbler's Scramble, so you might overtake him again, Thomas.

Julie McCarthy

Julie McCarthy Congratulation, Adam!
Knocked Innis off the top spot.
Nothing personal, Innis, it's just that you're usually the one to beat :-)

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Thanks Julie. Still 16 left to get.

Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson Innis should take this as a hint to start playing CSW.

Major places

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Statland: Most stars

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This table shows the players who have gathered the most Star Chart stars over all paths.

1stAdam Gillard840
2ndKevin Stoba808
3rdChris Hare807
4thThomas Cappleman794
5thJames Hurrell790
6thSean D784
7thThomas Carey774
8thMatt Croy772
9thTom Rowell771
10thJim Bentley756
11thInnis Carson750
12thMatthew Brockwell748
13thMartin Thomas747
14thJulie McCarthy744
15thRahul Suresh725
16thAlex Fish714
17thJack Slane711
18thDave Mattingly698
19thDave Smith674
20thChas Maxwell672
21stDavid Barnard628
22ndKeith B614
23rdMiriam Nussbaum608
24thMarcus Hares599
25thRyan Taylor558
26thBen Wilson547
27thTracey Mills542
28thLiam Tiernan528
29thSean Fletcher515
30thAlex H512

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