Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Looks like you're no longer the bridesmaid, Matt! Good stuff, presuming you hang on for the last couple of weeks!

Chris Butler

Chris Butler Is there a page for most duel points of all-time?

Thomas Cappleman

Thomas Cappleman [apterous link]

Major places

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Statland: Duel annual standings for 2016

This table shows the players who accumulated the most Duel points during 2016.

1Matt Hamer23,966
2Chris Hare23,420
3Jack Worsley22,565
4Giles H22,305
5Thomas Cappleman22,175
6Stephen R22,083
7Ray Wilding20,535
8Matt Croy19,037
9Zarte Siempre18,759
10Matthew Tassier18,258
11Gerry Tynan17,646
12Scott Gillies17,192
13Liam O17,136
14Phil Collinge16,929
15Jack Slane16,357
16Miriam Nussbaum16,317
17Graeme Cole15,912
18James Hurrell15,417
19John Beresford15,187
20Robin M15,071
21Ian Volante14,984
22Jamie French14,647
23Marcus Hares14,426
24N G14,032
25John Gillies13,577
26Mark Tournoff13,562
27Amie Bateen13,313
28Jim Bentley13,230
29Dave Noble13,192
30Martin Hurst13,190

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