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Statland: Duel annual standings for 2020

This table shows the players who accumulated the most Duel points during 2020.

1Chris Hare15,150
2Joseph H14,962
3Elliott Mellor14,861
4Matt Hamer14,466
5Ray Wilding14,213
6Stephen R13,723
7Hazel Drury13,166
8Thomas Cappleman12,877
9John Beresford12,722
10Tim Down12,429
11Mark Murray12,301
12Jonny D11,991
13Marcus Hares11,852
14Bradley Horrocks10,849
15Robin M10,599
16Mark Tournoff10,408
17Matt Croy10,097
18Toby McDonald9,872
19Martin Thomas9,741
20George Armstrong9,702
21Roger Vincent9,620
22James Hall9,148
23James Hurrell8,981
24Tracey Mills8,832
25Cammy L-8,798
26Brendan Whitehurst8,781
27Anthony Endsor8,707
28William R Draper8,672
29Ian Volante8,516
30Vincent Barcet8,466

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