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Statland: Duel annual standings for 2008

This table shows the players who accumulated the most Duel points during 2008.

1Kirk Bevins2,084
2Charlie Reams1,698
3Ben Wilson1,696
4Paul Howe1,671
5Joseph Bolas1,564
6Dan Vanniasingham1,555
7Jim Bentley1,478
8Jon O'Neill1,307
9Nick W1,289
10Jon Corby1,044
11Martin Gardner1,019
12Steven Briers961
13Damian Eadie931
14Ben Pugh899
15Karen Pearson861
16Dinos Sfyris845
17Ian Volante758
18Peter Wolf755
19James Hurrell749
20Matt Coates739
21Gevin Chapwell738
22Debbi Flack721
23Kai Laddiman645
24Mikey Lear617
25Conor Travers592
25Lee Simmonds592
27Jimmy Gough548
28Thomas Cappleman489
29Allan Harmer477
30Jacob Sutton426

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