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Major places

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Statland: Most Duel points

This table shows the total Duel points earned by the top players since the dawn of Aptotime.

1stMatt Hamer300,260
2ndChris Hare282,178
3rdMarcus Hares242,517
4thTom Cappleman240,503
5thMatthew Tassier223,178
6thMatt OC217,660
7thJames Hurrell211,639
8thStephen R209,097
9thIan Volante199,625
10thGraeme Cole192,585
11thRay Wilding188,239
12thMark Tournoff186,570
13thPhil Collinge172,660
14thScott Gillies169,971
15thInnis Carson168,681
16thGerry Tynan164,641
17thJohn Gillies163,534
18thGiles H161,757
19thRobin M158,768
20thJim Bentley152,361
21stTracey Mills150,146
22ndAmie Bateen148,903
23rdJamie French146,953
24thJohn Beresford145,049
25thKaren Pearson134,487
26thTony Atkins126,994
27thJason Turner124,996
28thMark James123,250
29thJack Worsley122,180
30thMark Murray118,810

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