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Major places

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Statland: Most Duel points

This table shows the total Duel points earned by the top players since the dawn of Aptotime.

1stMatt Hamer246,988
2ndChris Hare226,793
3rdMarcus Hares208,337
4thThomas Cappleman190,652
5thMatthew Tassier190,582
6thGraeme Cole178,512
7thMatt Croy176,543
8thJames Hurrell175,674
9thScott Gillies169,477
10thPhil Collinge168,821
11thInnis Carson168,681
12thIan Volante168,373
13thStephen R158,977
14thGiles H157,004
15thMark Tournoff152,815
16thJim Bentley147,117
17thGerry Tynan139,354
18thRay Wilding136,257
19thJohn Gillies135,960
20thKaren Pearson128,444
21stMark James123,250
22ndRobin M123,189
23rdJack Worsley119,627
24thTracey Mills117,350
25thJamie French116,719
26thAmie Bateen115,414
27thZarte Siempre112,952
28thTom Rowell104,518
29thJack Slane103,941
30thJohn Beresford100,082

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