Charlie Reams

Charlie Reams Jason has more than twice as many noms as me :/

Oliver Garner

Oliver Garner Would it help or hinder the situation if bots were included in the list. I'm pretty sure Prune would be fairly high up.

Jack Hurst

Jack Hurst Does this count self nominations?

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Only 7 honours from from 145 nominations - 2x 1st, 3x 2nd, 2x 3rd

Jack Hurst

Jack Hurst Self nominations do count then.

Ian Volante

Ian Volante Would it be more revealing to see the number of games nominated rather than the number of nominations?

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard I don't self-nominate, Jack. I think I may have done once or twice early on.

Eoin Jackson

Eoin Jackson More power to you Adam! Nasty business that -makes u go blind, I've heard...

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Very impressive games-to-nominations ratio (c. 11:1) from Conor, especially considering GOTW was implemented more than a year after he started playing apterous.

Herbert Plank

Herbert Plank so Conor is overnommed?

Kai Laddiman

Kai Laddiman A little addendum on this to show your own total noms would be awesome.

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Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Innis has 1275 GotW nominations in the space of 719 days since it was implemented - an average of 1.77 nominations per day. Pretty impressive.

Jason Larsen

Jason Larsen Boo hiss to me

Chris Enado

Chris Enado Don't think it really makes sense to have any self-noms counted towards this leaderboard. Doesn't really reflect how many noms you receive just how dedicated your own games.

Chris Enado

Chris Enado **dedicated you are to nomming your own games.

Jason Larsen

Jason Larsen Chris, just so you know, Quinne James has told me the same thing and I have since stopped self-nominating

Major places

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Statland: Most Game of the Week nominations

This table shows the players who have received the most Game of the Week nominations.

1stInnis Carson2,900
2ndJack Worsley1,686
3rdElliott Mellor1,254
4thAdam Gillard1,198
5thConor Travers1,192
6thCallum Todd1,055
7thRob Foster788
8thDan McColm681
9thMark D677
10thJames Nguyen671
11thDylan Taylor662
12thKirk Bevins628
13thZarte Siempre619
14thMarcus Hares580
15thChris Davies552
16thDavid Barnard547
17thHazel Drury536
18thMatthew Tassier530
19thScott Gillies510
20thAndy Platt501
21stJack Hurst474
22ndMatt Hamer428
23rdJason Larsen417
24thJen Steadman403
25thBob De Caux401
26thJonathan Wynn378
27thAmie Bateen376
28thJojo Apollo374
29thChris Hare360
30thDale Levell352

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