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Statland: Duel annual standings for 2012

This table shows the players who accumulated the most Duel points during 2012.

1Innis Carson29,576
2Matt Hamer27,480
3Chris Hare26,981
4Giles H25,724
5Mark D24,559
6Adam Gillard24,421
7Marcus Hares24,211
8Graeme Cole23,590
9Matt OC23,585
10Matthew Tassier22,391
11Scott Gillies22,177
12Miriam Nussbaum22,114
13Nick Deller21,335
14Gerry Tynan20,933
15Mark Tournoff20,335
16Jim Bentley20,313
17James Hurrell19,804
18Ian Volante19,555
19Jen Steadman19,406
20Thomas Cappleman19,351
21James Reeve19,018
22Dan McColm18,941
23Keith B18,929
24Edwin Mead18,262
25Mark James17,771
26Phil Collinge17,537
27Ryan Taylor17,270
28Jamie French17,173
29Tom Rowell17,155
30Liam Tiernan16,372

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