Jason Larsen

Jason Larsen How clever! It makes me feel like I'm on the East Coast!

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard I miss Jason's comments :(

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard 10,003 Pencilvania Avenue!

Adam Finlay

Adam Finlay what's the difference between this table and the "Most Pencils" table?

Jamie M

Jamie M This is pencils plus bronze pencils plus silver pencils, and that's just "regular" ones

Adam Finlay

Adam Finlay Oh right yes! I see :) cheers

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Marcus Hares

Marcus Hares Excellent work to get to 20,000 Mr Hamer!

Michelle N

Michelle N Brilliant, well done Matt!

Oliver C

Oliver C I'm happy to say I have a pencil now!

Anthony Endsor

Anthony Endsor Well done Oliver. Hopefully it'll show up for you when statland gets fixed. :)

Oliver C

Oliver C Fingers crossed

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Statland: Pencilvania

This table shows the players who have collected the most pencils in all variants and languages.

1stMatt Hamer21,755
2ndAdam Gillard12,053
3rdAnglo Italian11,763
3rdMichelle N11,763
5thKaren Pearson8,887
6thNathan Stone8,246
7thPete Steg7,368
8thFrank Jones6,896
9thPaul Howe6,507
10thMarcus Hares6,021
11thCatriona Cappleman5,618
12thChris Hare5,598
13thMiriam Nussbaum5,571
14thInnis Carson5,385
15thHazel Drury5,380
16thQuinn James5,126
17thCallum Todd4,433
18thSimpatico Jones4,348
19thKirk Bevins3,862
20thAmie Bateen3,654
21stLauren Hamer3,573
22ndRob Foster3,564
23rdMark D3,155
24thChris Davies2,657
25thJim Bentley2,510
26thJen Steadman2,473
27thDinos Sfyris2,274
28thN G2,227
29thJack Worsley2,113
30thBen Wilson2,051

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