Charlie Reams

Charlie Reams I feel strangely proud *not* to be on this page.

James Hurrell

James Hurrell Likewise

Herbert Plank

Herbert Plank Why is the total games not the sum of the other columns?

Edward McCullagh

Edward McCullagh Star challenge games? Ascension?

Herbert Plank

Herbert Plank Top Dogs too, I suppose.

Keith B

Keith B Anyone know where Anglo Italian has got to? Not played since mid-May though has logged in not too long ago its seems.

Ian Volante

Ian Volante 25th, Keith.

Keith B

Keith B Very droll Ian

Giles H

Giles H My figure is skewed horribly. I think those might be Ascension games.

Robin M

Robin M really played that many games? wow.

Ian Volante

Ian Volante I've got 1,788 too many, or not enough. Interesting. Have you put in a bug report?

Mark D

Mark D I'd like to claim an overage of about 11,000, if I may. It's not true, but I'd like it to be, which is close enough.

Dave Smith

Dave Smith Definitely looks like Games column here includes duels and top dog, unlike the tally on individual member profiles. This page surely lacks a Star Chart field as well - looks like over 60% of the games I've ever played have been vs the Guardian.

David Barnard

David Barnard I'm about 50 places too high on this

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Tracey Mills

Tracey Mills 10,000 games I need a life !

David Barnard


Tracey Mills

Tracey Mills I think we all need to get out more, instead of spending half our lives playing apterous.

David Barnard

David Barnard I am going out today then coming back to go out to play apterous

Tracey Mills

Tracey Mills Lol David

Major places

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Statland: Most games played

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This table shows the players who have played the most games.

#PlayerGamesvs. humansvs. botsClassicsDuels
1stJack Worsley48,8859,71432,1433,0531,872
2ndChris Hare46,4902,19731,2494,0034,008
3rdRobin M43,1519,30328,6961093,222
4thCallum Todd34,8645,42424,3192991,531
5thHazel Drury31,7245,32023,693331,566
6thTracey Mills31,2753,84815,1054,1953,630
7thElliott Mellor30,7553,71724,2481121,501
8thMatt OC30,2192,80913,5883,4613,444
9thInnis Carson29,46121,0354,578112,268
10thMarcus Hares28,76511,67710,4722453,867
11thAdam Gillard28,6205,42518,168311,314
12thDavid Barnard27,8319,36613,2881,405464
13thAmie Bateen27,5836,15715,9751,2272,742
14thMatt Hamer26,3161,08012,66574,297
15thJudith Young25,8292,1635,8505,6563,117
16thJack Slane24,7532,4903,1871,0972,472
17thLiam O24,5601,82716,6011,4901,379
18thJojo Apollo24,18817,4854,487581,803
19thBarry Bridger24,16011,14010,0471,716264
20thAnthony Endsor23,1275,61913,4056242,647
21stChas Maxwell22,9177302,877506759
22ndStephen R22,9062,05211,6081,1423,351
23rdHorace Horlicks21,90218,0743,083164133
24thRob Foster21,87967519,28228433
25thFiona T21,4818,7295,8011,9051,001
26thTony Atkins20,59913,2432,0432323,302
27thZarte Siempre20,1888,5017,6651321,899
28thMichelle N19,5972,58015,050161,529
29thJim Bentley19,5815,5537,9111303,158
30thJoyce Phillips19,45014,8992,6121,23174

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