Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Innis seems to have serious competition from Worzles this year - amazing that Innis has won the last 5 years on the trot!

Major places

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Statland: Duel annual standings for 2015

This table shows the players who accumulated the most Duel points during 2015.

1Jack Worsley24,564
2Matt Hamer22,747
3Chris Hare22,671
4Giles H21,666
5Stephen R20,528
6Marcus Hares20,229
7Matt Croy19,701
8Ray Wilding18,897
9Graeme Cole18,673
10Miriam Nussbaum18,596
11Thomas Cappleman18,472
12Scott Gillies18,012
13Matthew Brockwell17,397
14Gerry Tynan17,319
15Matthew Tassier17,073
16Phil Collinge16,021
17Jack Slane15,077
18Ian Volante14,314
19Zarte Siempre14,040
20James Hurrell13,444
21Robin M13,282
22John Gillies13,177
23Mark James12,866
24Tracey Mills12,864
25Keith B12,563
26John Beresford12,489
27Michelle N11,956
28Tony Atkins11,932
29Dave Noble11,465
30Thomas Carey11,423

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