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Statland: Current records by longevity

This table shows all the current records, sorted by longevity. For variants in which the high score has been tied, only the oldest game is shown. Untied scores are in bold.

RankFormatPlayerScoreRecord for
1stConundrum AttackPaul Howe200432329 Sep 2008
2ndNumbers AttackDan Vanniasingham200427417 Nov 2008
3rdSpeed Numbers AttackDan Vanniasingham20042565 Dec 2008
4thSpeed Conundrum AttackCraig Beevers200417920 Feb 2009
5thJunior Numbers AttackOliver Garner200408525 May 2009
6thHyper Numbers AttackBen Wilson200408327 May 2009
7thJunior Conundrum AttackJames Hall200408228 May 2009
8thSpeed Junior Conundrum AttackCharlie Reams20040709 Jun 2009
9thBullet Numbers AttackRichard Brittain200404930 Jun 2009
10thStepdown 9Charlie Reams9040409 Jul 2009
11thTouchundrum AttackChris Davies200403415 Jul 2009
12thOmelette 9Bob De Caux9039251 Nov 2009
13thBullet Conundrum AttackChris Davies200391412 Nov 2009
14thOmelette Numbers AttackReuben Kay200390323 Nov 2009
15thJnr. Goatundrum AttackScott Phillips200387323 Dec 2009
16thTouch Jnr Conundrum AttackCharlie Reams200385114 Jan 2010
16thGerman Conundrum AttackAnglo Italian170385114 Jan 2010
18thTouch Jnr Numbers AttackKirk Bevins200384916 Jan 2010
19thTouch Jnr 9Matt Hamer72384619 Jan 2010
20thGoatundrum AttackChris Davies200384421 Jan 2010
21stOld 15Dale Levell170378818 Mar 2010
22ndNasty Numbers AttackCraig Chittenden20037741 Apr 2010
23rdHypernundrum AttackInnis Carson20037732 Apr 2010
24thUnlimited Jnr Numbers AttackCraig Chittenden20037687 Apr 2010
25thTouchdown Numbers AttackJeremy Bentham20037669 Apr 2010
26thHypertouch Numbers AttackCraig Chittenden200374926 Apr 2010
27thAegilops 9Matt Hamer90369717 Jun 2010
28thAegilops Numbers AttackMatthew Tassier200369420 Jun 2010
29thAegilops Conundrum AttackBob De Caux200368727 Jun 2010
30thAegilops 15Matt Hamer15036786 Jul 2010
31stStepdown 15Innis Carson150362528 Aug 2010
32ndNasty Conundrum AttackScott Phillips200360022 Sep 2010
33rdTouch Jnr 15Herbert Plank117356131 Oct 2010
33rdDutch Conundrum AttackMatt Hamer70356131 Oct 2010
35thOmelette 15Ben Wilson15035538 Nov 2010
36thDutch 15Matt Hamer114352011 Dec 2010
37thCSW 9 rounderCraig Beevers105350427 Dec 2010
38thBullet Hyper Numbers AttackMatthew Tassier20034937 Jan 2011
39thDutch 9Matt Hamer78347624 Jan 2011
40thWelsh Letters AttackHywel Morgan119347228 Jan 2011
41stWelsh Conundrum AttackHywel Morgan7034681 Feb 2011
42ndLockdown Conundrum AttackInnis Carson200345217 Feb 2011
42ndLockdown Numbers AttackGevin Chapwell200345217 Feb 2011
44thHyperlock Numbers AttackMatthew Tassier200341724 Mar 2011
45thLockdown Jnr Numbers AttackStuart Arnot200338822 Apr 2011
45thLockdown Jnr Conundrum AttackHerbert Plank200338822 Apr 2011
47thWelsh 9 rounderHywel Morgan70330910 Jul 2011
48thOctorock Conundrum AttackMatt Hamer200328831 Jul 2011
49thAegilops Letters AttackMatt Hamer200327414 Aug 2011
50thHypergoatundrum AttackInnis Carson20032498 Sep 2011
51stPortuguese Letters AttackNathan Stone18031341 Jan 2012
52ndRussian 15Amie Bateen101311916 Jan 2012
53rdHebrew 15 RounderAdam Gillard106311322 Jan 2012
54thRussian 9Amie Bateen6931031 Feb 2012
55thDuckdown Numbers AttackAdam Gillard200308024 Feb 2012
56thDuckdown 9Adam Gillard146307826 Feb 2012
56thDuckdown Conundrum AttackAdam Gillard200307826 Feb 2012
58thTouch Jnr Letters AttackMark D14030687 Mar 2012
59thGoatdown Jnr. 9Ben Maggie7230678 Mar 2012
60thOctorock 15Adam Gillard113304629 Mar 2012
61stOctolock Numbers AttackAdam Gillard17930386 Apr 2012
62ndOctorock 9Adam Gillard7430359 Apr 2012
63rdStep Letters AttackJosh Hurst200303113 Apr 2012
64thFinnish Conundrum AttackMiriam Nussbaum60302618 Apr 2012
65thNice BlitzInnis Carson129302420 Apr 2012
65thNice Conundrum AttackAdam Gillard200302420 Apr 2012
65thNice Numbers AttackNathan Stone200302420 Apr 2012
68thOctorock Letters AttackMark D13630095 May 2012
69thSpanish Conundrum AttackNathan Stone10030068 May 2012
70thPortuguese 15 RounderNathan Stone148299024 May 2012
71stHyperlock Conundrum AttackInnis Carson20029794 Jun 2012
72ndSpanish 9Karen Pearson10229503 Jul 2012
73rdPortuguese Conundrum AttackNathan Stone15029485 Jul 2012
74thSpeed 9Adam Gillard104290220 Aug 2012
75thLatin Conundrum AttackAdam Gillard100290121 Aug 2012
76thGerman 15Miriam Nussbaum12928901 Sep 2012
77thInstant Numbers AttackMatthew Tassier200284615 Oct 2012
78thInstant Conundrum AttackDan McColm198284516 Oct 2012
79thHebrew Conundrum AttackAdam Gillard9028219 Nov 2012
80thPortuguese 9 RounderNathan Stone9627991 Dec 2012
80thDuckdown 15James Hurrell23227991 Dec 2012
82ndSpeed 15Conor Travers16127919 Dec 2012
83rdGoatdown Jnr. Letters AttackAdam Gillard136275316 Jan 2013
84thHyperlock 9Adam Gillard86272117 Feb 2013
85thSpoilage Conundrum AttackBob De Caux150272018 Feb 2013
86thOctolock Letters AttackMark D132269812 Mar 2013
87thOmelette Conundrum AttackInnis Carson200269218 Mar 2013
88thHebrew 9 RounderAdam Gillard69269119 Mar 2013
89thHyper Nasty Numbers AttackMatthew Tassier200268030 Mar 2013
90thTouchblitzInnis Carson13326781 Apr 2013
91stHyper Nasty BlitzInnis Carson129265425 Apr 2013
92ndLatin 15Phyl Styles151257216 Jul 2013
93rdSpanish 15Karen Pearson157250224 Sep 2013
94thCatalan Conundrum AttackAdam Gillard80246927 Oct 2013
95thFinnish 15 RounderMatt Conway9624641 Nov 2013
96thNice 15Jack Hurst13224614 Nov 2013
97thFinnish 9 RounderMatt Conway58245510 Nov 2013
98thSpanish Letters AttackKaren Pearson190245213 Nov 2013
99thLatin Letters AttackPhyl Styles202245114 Nov 2013
100thFrench 9 RounderPete Steg99244421 Nov 2013
101stLatin 9Phyl Styles9824323 Dec 2013
102ndHyper Nasty Conundrum AttackAdam Gillard190241025 Dec 2013
103rdHypertouch Conundrum AttackRay Wilding200240926 Dec 2013
104thHyper Unlimited Flat 9Joe Denniss10723685 Feb 2014
105thCatalan 9Nathan Stone94233114 Mar 2014
106thNasty 15Conor Travers122230113 Apr 2014
107thItalian Letters AttackAnglo Italian173229321 Apr 2014
108thItalian 15Anglo Italian158229024 Apr 2014
109thFinnish Letters AttackMatt Conway110227410 May 2014
110thHyperlock 15Adam Gillard137227311 May 2014
111thItalian Conundrum AttackAdam Gillard90226618 May 2014
112thHebrew Letters AttackAdam Gillard129221310 Jul 2014
113thOctolock Conundrum AttackInnis Carson200217616 Aug 2014
114thSpoilage Numbers AttackMatthew Tassier16521601 Sep 2014
115thFrench 15 RounderPete Steg147208416 Nov 2014
116thInstant 15Callum Todd147208317 Nov 2014
117thLightning GoatblitzJames Nguyen203208119 Nov 2014
118thHypergoat 9Callum Todd112207030 Nov 2014
119thItalian 9Anglo Italian91205515 Dec 2014
120thTouchdown 9Matthew Brockwell83205416 Dec 2014
121stCatalan 15Catriona Cappleman134204723 Dec 2014
122ndCatalan Letters AttackCatriona Cappleman17420363 Jan 2015
122ndHyper BlitzCallum Todd14620363 Jan 2015
124thGreek 15Phyl Styles8820345 Jan 2015
125thSpoilage 9David Barnard245201425 Jan 2015
126thGreek 9Phyl Styles60200930 Jan 2015
127thGreek Letters AttackPhyl Styles110199216 Feb 2015
128thDutch Letters AttackMatt Hamer14819409 Apr 2015
129thOld MocktorunSimpatico Jones104318853 Jun 2015
130thTouchdown Letters AttackRob Foster17318799 Jun 2015
131stLockdown Jnr 15Simpatico Jones110186028 Jun 2015
132ndRussian Conundrum AttackAmie Bateen90183325 Jul 2015
133rdInstant 9Jack Worsley92180126 Aug 2015
134thCSW Conundrum AttackQuinn James200174224 Oct 2015
135thGreek Conundrum AttackTransude Transude30173531 Oct 2015
136thUnlimited Jnr 9Chris Hare76160410 Mar 2016
137thCSW 15 rounderN G168150814 Jun 2016
138thSpoilage Letters AttackRay Wilding602149923 Jun 2016
139thGoatblitzJames Nguyen20114839 Jul 2016
140thOctolock 15Thomas Cappleman110146923 Jul 2016
141stGerman Letters AttackMatt Hamer155146131 Jul 2016
142ndJunior 15 RounderFrank Jones14714264 Sep 2016
143rdUnlimited Jnr Letters AttackChris Hare141140822 Sep 2016
144thJunior 9 RounderLiam O10613991 Oct 2016
145thNasty Letters AttackBarry Bridger145139010 Oct 2016
146thBlitzJen Steadman16813672 Nov 2016
147thSpeed Letters AttackConor Travers214125621 Feb 2017
148thTouchblitz JnrChris Hare114122029 Mar 2017
149thFrench Letters AttackPete Steg203120414 Apr 2017
150thBeanstalk Letters AttackZarte Siempre198111314 Jul 2017
151stGerman 9Matt Hamer82109730 Jul 2017
152ndOmeletters AttackRay Wilding200102114 Oct 2017
153rdFlat 15Elliott Mellor119100431 Oct 2017
154thHyper 9Callum Todd999995 Nov 2017
155thHyper Letters AttackCallum Todd20899014 Nov 2017
156thHyper Nasty 9Callum Todd8589517 Feb 2018
157thBerserk Numbers AttackElliott Mellor20084013 Apr 2018
158thHypertouch 9Callum Todd9583518 Apr 2018
159thHypertouch 15Callum Todd15476230 Jun 2018
160thHypertouch Letters AttackCallum Todd20371318 Aug 2018
161stBullet 15Jack Worsley16370724 Aug 2018
162ndGevin's DelightElliott Mellor14768317 Sep 2018
163rdInstant Letters AttackMatt Croy19067624 Sep 2018
164thDeepdown Letters AttackZarte Siempre13161821 Nov 2018
165thUnlimited BlitzChris Hare16959811 Dec 2018
166thUnlimited 15Chris Hare15859514 Dec 2018
167thNice 9Chris Hare8255721 Jan 2019
168thUnlimited 9Chris Hare10252324 Feb 2019
169thOctorock Numbers AttackElliott Mellor1825163 Mar 2019
170thLockdown Letters AttackSarah Johnson1535118 Mar 2019
171stHyper Unlimited 9Chris Hare11350118 Mar 2019
172ndDuckdown Letters AttackJames Hurrell34546919 Apr 2019
173rdHypertouchblitzCallum Todd15246622 Apr 2019
174thHyper Nasty 15Callum Todd13942731 May 2019
175thBerserk Letters AttackConor Travers18841512 Jun 2019
176thOctolock 9Matt Croy7040720 Jun 2019
177thLockdown 9Gerry Sullivan7740423 Jun 2019
178thFlat 9Chris Hare7440126 Jun 2019
179thMocktorunJack Worsley107838215 Jul 2019
180thHypergoat BlitzCallum Todd16837918 Jul 2019
181stHyper 15Callum Todd15837423 Jul 2019
182ndUnlimited Flat 9Chris Hare9336928 Jul 2019
183rdGoatdown StandardElliott Mellor2143624 Aug 2019
184thHyperlock Letters AttackJohn Beresford17735610 Aug 2019
185thHyper Unlimited Letters AttackChris Hare25432114 Sep 2019
186thLockdown Jnr 9Chris Hare7031223 Sep 2019
187thHyper Unlimited 15Chris Hare18031025 Sep 2019
188thLightning 15Bradley Horrocks14930728 Sep 2019
188thGoatdown Jnr. 15Rob Foster11230728 Sep 2019
190thUnlimited Jnr 15Stephen R12328520 Oct 2019
191stUnlimited Letters AttackChris Hare21425519 Nov 2019
192ndFrench Conundrum AttackVincent Barcet20023113 Dec 2019
193rdGoat AttackRob Foster2992076 Jan 2020
194thBerserk 15Elliott Mellor14819716 Jan 2020
195thSpeedgoatElliott Mellor2051775 Feb 2020
196thTouchdown 15Callum Todd1371757 Feb 2020
197thSpoilage 15Dave Robjohns39415824 Feb 2020
198thHypergoat Letters AttackJoseph H2351521 Mar 2020
199thBullet 9Jack Worsley981485 Mar 2020
200thBullet Letters AttackJack Worsley20514013 Mar 2020
201stNasty 9Chad Lucas7610616 Apr 2020
202ndJunior Letters AttackMartin Thomas181857 May 2020
203rdHypergoatdownCallum Todd1737616 May 2020
204thOmelette BlitzJames Rowan1497121 May 2020
204thLightning Goatdown 15Elliott Mellor2047121 May 2020
206thWelsh 15 rounderLauren Hamer1036923 May 2020
207thNice Letters AttackMatt Hall1676824 May 2020
208th15 RounderLuke Johnson-Davies1724615 Jun 2020
209thBerserk 9Elliott Mellor1043625 Jun 2020
210thLetters AttackRj Huggins2153427 Jun 2020
210thLockdown 15Joseph H1233427 Jun 2020
212thHyper Nasty Letters AttackCallum Todd1843328 Jun 2020
213thLockdown Jnr Letters AttackJohn Beresford1163229 Jun 2020
214thRussian Letters AttackAmie Bateen117283 Jul 2020
215th9 RounderJoseph H117265 Jul 2020
216thNasty BlitzJames Rowan1162011 Jul 2020
216thCSW Letters AttackQuinn James2162011 Jul 2020
218thBerserk Conundrum AttackRonan M H190724 Jul 2020
219thGoatdown 9 RounderRonan M H138229 Jul 2020

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