Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Are all these people picking at 100% or close to it or is this a bug?

Charlie Reams

Charlie Reams [apterous link]

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Andy Platt

Andy Platt Is there a table like this, but for hitting darrens rather than hitting metamaxes? I'd argue that that would be more important than word length in a competitive game.

Charlie Reams

Charlie Reams Don't think so, feel free to propose.

Mark Mills

Mark Mills Good god 15th I good at something and above Mr McKay :)

Robin M

Robin M Enjoy it................whilst it lasts bwahahaha

Matty Artell

Matty Artell I think Andy may have missed his shot at finally getting hitched last year :(

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Statland: Best Goatdown pickers

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This table shows the players who pick the correct letter to produce the metamax in GoatdownGoatdown formats most frequently. Players must have played at least 50 letters rounds in the last 90 days to be eligible; 34 players meet this criterion.

1stRob Foster71%2,179
2ndCallum Todd69%147
3rdChris Hare61%953
4thHazel Drury61%5,645
5thElliott Mellor60%1,244
6thDavid Barnard58%202
7thTracey Mills58%99
8thChad Lucas57%60
9thJames Rowan56%913
10thJames Nguyen55%168
11thSam Cappleman-Lynes55%172
12thRonan M H54%1,325
13thJoseph H54%334
14thAdam Finlay53%90
15thAndrew Hulme53%314
16thJosh Hurst52%1,026
17thToby McDonald50%271
18thMartin May50%426
19thVincent Barcet47%602
20thPaul Anderson46%629
21stThomas Carey46%747
22ndFiona T45%55
23rdLuke Selway45%95
24thLiam Shaw45%118
25thLiam O44%158
26thMatt Hamer44%240
27thSteven Oldham43%51
28thAdam Dexter40%67
29thAnthony Endsor39%66
30thSean D39%175

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