Liam Tiernan

Liam Tiernan By my reckoning that makes 1300 crucial conundrums I've faced. And I've probably lost over 1000 of them.

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Nice to know I keep things interesting to the final round with all these crucialities.

Josh Hurst

Josh Hurst By my reckoning this means that Dylan has played around 32 standard 15 rounders per day each day for the last 90 days...That's a bit worrying.

Jack Worsley

Jack Worsley

Dylan Taylor

Dylan Taylor Coming from someone who has a playing time which is approximately double mine :s

James Nguyen

James Nguyen calm down lol

Jen Steadman

Jen Steadman ...And has been on the site for three times longer than you have.

Adam Dexter

Adam Dexter Calm down ladies...

Mark D

Mark D And that's only one of his usernames!

Jack Hurst

Jack Hurst Does this page include games from bots?

Mark D

Mark D This table also needs a column for what percentage of those games featuring crucials the player won, I reckon.

Adam Dexter

Adam Dexter I was thinking that too, Mark

Harry Newton

Harry Newton I would vote against that. Ahem.

Charlie Reams

Charlie Reams Jack: yes, this does include bot games.

Jon O'Neill

Jon O'Neill Are there qualifications for this leaderboard?

Charlie Reams

Charlie Reams 50 games in the last 90 days.

Jon O'Neill

Jon O'Neill Cool. In that case, for some reason me and my rivals do not show up on this list.

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Charlie Reams

Charlie Reams This isn't a leader board so it doesn't work the same way. File a ticket if you want.

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Innis's long reign at or very near the top of Pro Ranks is testament to his conundrum skill - nearly 70% crucials!

Phyl Styles

Phyl Styles surely this doesn't indicate anything at all about success in solving them?

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Well, it shows that most of his games could go either way and by the evidence of Pro Ranks, he wins on the crucial more often than not.

Adam Dexter

Adam Dexter Nearly 1 in 3 crucial. Don't know whether that's good or bad though :/

Major places

See also: list of all Statland pages.

Statland: Most crucial conundrums

This table shows the players who have faced the highest proportion of crucial conundrums in standard 15 round games in the last ninety days. Players must have played at least 50 games in that time to be eligible.

1stPaul James19540.5%58.5%
2ndCarlo Harrison23140.3%56.7%
3rdHazel Drury18639.8%76.9%
4thAidan L7839.7%61.5%
5thAlex H9638.5%49.0%
6thJojo Apollo26437.5%41.7%
7thJonny D26737.5%63.7%
8thPatrick Thompson12137.2%70.2%
9thBen Leyburn29736.0%44.4%
9thEdward Ashcroft13636.0%45.6%
11thJoyce Phillips16235.2%56.8%
12thEoin Jackson7834.6%38.5%
13thDan Byrom14634.2%46.6%
14thPhilip Aston43533.8%72.6%
15thMark Murray10433.7%77.9%
16thApterous Caesar6633.3%71.2%
16thSuzy Turner24933.3%22.1%
18thTony Atkins23533.2%40.0%
19thJames Haughton5532.7%67.3%
20thA A Hirsi16232.7%51.2%
21stDave Ryan26032.7%76.5%
22ndChad Lucas27232.4%71.3%
22ndRonan M H10232.4%61.8%
24thDamo Banks19432.0%53.1%
25thTim Down7031.4%62.9%

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