What is apterous?

The first thing to say is that apterous is definitely not Countdown. It is not endorsed by Countdown, Channel 4 or anyone important at all. However, it is a game with rounds including numbers, letters and conundrums. This may sound familiar. You can play against your friends over the Internet, or other people's friends if you don't have any of your own. To play, just register and then log in. If you're having problems, head over to our FAQ and, if that doesn't work, please do email me and I'll do my best to help.

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Format: 7 rounds of 25 seconds.
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1Piaras Last-Name100%

These are the finest bones dug up lately,
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Two possible new bots

Brainstorm by Jim Bentley. Status: Unconfirmed.

Apologies if this has been suggested before, but Apterous Odd and Apterous Even could both be hypothetically quite strong bots even though they would follow very strict rules. Basically, on letters games, ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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Superbru: 2020 Euros

Announcement by Andy SC. Status: Unconfirmed.

I have created two pools for this summers Euros. One for predicting scores and the other is an odds based fantasy game. Come and test your skill or flukiness in these games. Euros Odds--based Fantasy: ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

21Up votes 1Down votes 5Replies

New item idea: number-one single

Game feature request by Dave Robjohns. Status: Unconfirmed.

I think solo duel wins are one of the most impressive achievements on the site, with it often requiring outperforming upwards of 100 people facing the same selections. For example, yesterday Matthew won ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

30Up votes 1Down votes 7Replies

New item idea: Echo

Game feature request by Callum Todd. Status: Unconfirmed.

An item for declaring the same word twice in a row. Example: https://www.apterous.org/viewgame.php?game=2161102&round=34065597#r34065597 If this sounds like it would be too commonplace in some variants, ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

34Up votes 1Down votes 14Replies

Marcel Stellman

Announcement by John Beresford. Status: Unconfirmed.

Sad to report that Marcel passed away this evening. He brought Countdown to the UK from France many moons ago and was a great man. 96 yrs old and fit as a flea. Great shame. RIP Marcel. [Read more] [More miscellany]

19Up votes 5Down votes 7Replies

Item for solo duel win

Website feature request by Gevin Chapwell. Status: Unconfirmed.

I imagine it must be pretty satisfying to achieve a solo daily duel win (i.e. not a tie) - I wouldn't know as it's never happened to me - so far! And I think it would be good to have an item to mark this ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

36Up votes 2Down votes 24Replies

Swedish language

Game feature request by Ian Volante. Status: Unconfirmed.

Would the option of playing Swedish be something that people would be interested in? [Read more] [More feature requests]

10Up votes 3Down votes 0Replies

Let players know if a draw is possible

Game feature request by Rhys Benjamin. Status: Unconfirmed.

Just a little message in game chat to let players know if the tourney creator has turned draws on would be helpful, I would think. I got caught out by being overcautious on a conundrum, thinking I'd get ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

8Up votes 0Down votes 6Replies

How is it decided whether a word is valid?

Brainstorm by Gevin Chapwell. Status: Unconfirmed.

Obviously the basic rules about how to determine what the valid inflections are, but looking at this ticket https://www.apterous.org/ticket_view.php?ticket=4173 it seems that SWOONIER and SWOONIEST have ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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More Intuitive Links from User Pages

Website feature request by Chris Hare. Status: Unconfirmed.

The 'Format' tab on a User Page (example: https://www.apterous.org/viewuser.php?user=12588&section=3 ) shows games from the last 30 days. However, when one uses the links in the 'Top Score' or 'Top Maxes' ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

9Up votes 0Down votes 8Replies

Speed of round on Dogfight Report cards

Brainstorm by Adam Finlay. Status: Unconfirmed.

It would be interesting to have a column next to the rounds of a Dogfight stating how long each round was. Would be great to know how fast I solved the numbers in the 23rd round, say! (Although that would ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

50Up votes 2Down votes 11Replies

Variant idea: Jaildown

Variant idea by Charlie Reams. Status: Accepted. Priority: 2.

Request description: Time-based Prisoner's Dilemma scoring. If both players declare the same word, only the fastest one gets the points. This would involve either ending round early when you're happy ... [Read more] [More variant ideas]

21Up votes 2Down votes 11Replies

Indication of random number pick on game recap

Game feature request by Fiona T. Status: Unconfirmed.

Assuming the database knows if the number selection was 'random', it would be nice if the game recap could indicate this - perhaps with an (r) next to the selection? e.g. https://i.ibb.co/gF3CZ7L/random.jpg ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

6Up votes 1Down votes 12Replies

Benjo's 2021 Tourney Ideas - your thoughts please!

Brainstorm by Rhys Benjamin. Status: Unconfirmed.

I have some ideas for tourneys in 2021 that I thought I might put to the "public" as ideas, and would appreciate feedback and improvements. FORMULA ONE - each of the 22 race weekends is a different format ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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Goatdown picking stats broken down by number of vowels already picked

Game feature request by Ian Volante. Status: Unconfirmed.

The goatdown stats on this page (https://www.apterous.org/statland.php?section=best_pick_goatdown) are interesting, but I from a conversation that I'm having at the moment, I've realised that also breaking ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

6Up votes 5Down votes 2Replies

A Temporary "Delete" Button for Tickets and Replies?

Website feature request by Philip Aston. Status: Unconfirmed.

When you post a comment on a game or statistics page, you have a 15-minute time frame to delete it by clicking on the "Delete" button – useful as it saves you from re-commenting to amend a typo or if ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

8Up votes 3Down votes 0Replies

Receive Notifications for Played Tourney Games in Tourneys You're Not Running

Website feature request by Rhys Benjamin. Status: Unconfirmed.

Self-explanatory title, really. If I want to follow, say, the Apterous Masters Quarter Finals, I have to manually check it every so often to see if a game has been played. Can't we have the "game-played ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

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Head-to-head numbers not adding up

Website feature request by Rhys Benjamin. Status: Unconfirmed.

https://www.apterous.org/headtohead.php?p1=13181&p2=102&section=summary "Rhys Benjamin and Apterous Rex have played each other in 98 games, with Rhys Benjamin winning 1 game and Apterous Rex 96 games." ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

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Scoring format format for duel to be listed on Current Duel Leaders section

Website feature request by Andy SC. Status: Unconfirmed.

I think it would be handy if the the current duel leaders section listed what time of scoring is being used for the duel as it seems to stat everything else relating to the duel. [Read more] [More feature requests]

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Gift a subscription

Miscellaneous topic by Anthony S. Status: Unconfirmed.

Hi- just wondered if it is possible to gift a subscription to Apterous to another player? Couldn't see any obvious way to do this via the subscribe page. Thanks [Read more] [More miscellany]


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