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The first thing to say is that apterous is definitely not Countdown. It is not endorsed by Countdown, Channel 4 or anyone important at all. However, it is a game with rounds including numbers, letters and conundrums. This may sound familiar. You can play against your friends over the Internet, or other people's friends if you don't have any of your own. To play, just register and then log in. If you're having problems, head over to our FAQ and, if that doesn't work, please do email me and I'll do my best to help.

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Deleting unwanted games

Game feature request by Sam Prouse. Status: Unconfirmed.

I think there should be an option to delete games that you simply don't want to carry on anymore. For example: unfinished games and unplayed tourney games against another user (if both players taking part ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

14Up votes 0Down votes 128Replies

Ask A Thing

Brainstorm by Charlie Reams. Status: On-going.

Everyone loves Ask Graeme [C4Countdown link] so here is an analogous thing for apterous. This is a good place to ask questions about apterous history that probably aren't ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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Miscellaneous Knowledge Quiz

Announcement by John Carpenter. Status: Unconfirmed.

Dear members, Here is a quiz which I composed. Good luck to all who answer it. The answers are listed below it. 1) Which pianist was famous for playing the tunes: 'Side Saddle' and 'Pixilated Penguin'? ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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The Mole 2018 - Accumul8

Announcement by Zarte Siempre. Status: Unconfirmed.

The Mole is back and it’s looking for you. From January 6th, and on Saturdays and Wednesday evenings from that point onwards, we will once again be launched into the competition that tries to separate ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

24Up votes 2Down votes 23Replies

Swedish language

Game feature request by Ian Volante. Status: Unconfirmed.

Would the option of playing Swedish be something that people would be interested in? [Read more] [More feature requests]

7Up votes 5Down votes 12Replies

Instant number to tell you the selection type

Game feature request by Gevin Chapwell. Status: Unconfirmed.

In instant numbers, everything comes up straight away, and you don't even know in advance if it's going to be one large, two large etc. I think it would be better if it did tell you. Sometimes instant ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

6Up votes 0Down votes 18Replies

New tournament - pick your format

Brainstorm by Matthew Tassier. Status: Unconfirmed.

I'm going to run another tournament similar in style to my Aegilops Numbers tournament ( [apterous link] ). Large groups with 6 weeks to play followed by a small knockout ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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New variant - difficult

Variant idea by Bradley Holland. Status: Unconfirmed.

Problem: A really simple numbers come up when playing v. a human/bot. I play to i) have fun, ii) challenge myself and iii) improve and e.g 100 1 3 7 8 9 --> 927 does none of the above. So, I want a ... [Read more] [More variant ideas]

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Co:LeedsLeedsLeeds - Saturday 21st April, 2018

Announcement by Callum Todd. Status: Unconfirmed.

^ That. Full deets on the forum here: [C4Countdown link] Get on it. [Read more] [More miscellany]

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Countdown In Dublin This Saturday 21s October. Inviting any last minute sign ups.

Brainstorm by Eddy Byrne. Status: Unconfirmed.

The third annual Countdown in Dublin tournament will take place on Saturday October 21st 2017 in the Old Punchbowl Pub in Booterstown. Entry is lower than last year at the bargain price of €15, this ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

28Up votes 5Down votes 28Replies

Record beaten numbers solutions for raw scores to be calculated more accurately

Game feature request by Gevin Chapwell. Status: Accepted. Priority: 4.

Now that high scores are done on raw scores, I think it makes sense to include numbers as well as letters. So even if you declare further away than your opponent, then it would let you enter your solution ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

12Up votes 5Down votes 9Replies

A potential idea for the site.

Website feature request by Spike Guthrie. Status: Unconfirmed.

Hi all, was just thinking of a potential adjustment to game play. Often people have a variety of words for 1 selection e.g. they have a variety of 7s . Say the player picks an incorrect 7, but has a couple ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

7Up votes 7Down votes 3Replies

Conundrum Attacks by Difficulty

Variant idea by Matt Hall. Status: Unconfirmed.

Not sure if this has been suggested before or if others agree, but I think a welcome addition would be if a user could choose to only face conundrums of difficulty 10, 9,8...etc. Not sure how practicable ... [Read more] [More variant ideas]

12Up votes 1Down votes 1Replies

Tweak display of impossible rounds to make them a bit clearer in duel results

Website feature request by Matt Morrison. Status: Unconfirmed.

As discussed here: [apterous link] As exampled in R8 here: [apterous link] At the moment there is nothing to show you that a particular ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

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Apto Pub Quiz (Sun 15th October)

Announcement by Sam Prouse. Status: Unconfirmed.

This Sunday i will be hosting a Pub Quiz for anyone who wishes to play along, sign-ups start at 7:30, will be played in teams which i will let you choose unless people are happy with a random draw. See ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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"Was right behind you"

Game feature request by Martin Hurst. Status: Unconfirmed.

On a conundrum, when both people "buzz" - is it possible to display the time of the person who buzzed second? Would be very interesting on occasions to see how genuinely close you were on the buzzer in ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

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Reliability Issues

Brainstorm by Bojack Horseman. Status: Unconfirmed.

I understand if people downvote this and of course I appreciate the service Apterous provides and the hard work that gone into it, but the reliability of the website has become a little ridiculous recently. ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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Calling all Irish Apterites! Countdown in Dublin 2017. 21st October 2017.

Announcement by Eddy Byrne. Status: Unconfirmed.

Ireland's first in person Countdown event will take place on October 21st 2017 in the upstairs of The Old Punchbowl pub in Booterstown. The cost is €15 and this will guarantee you 8 games of Countdown ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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Aptobridge tournament on Friday 14th July

Announcement by Ben Andrews. Status: Unconfirmed.

After my last attempt was foiled by a co-event, let's try again! I'm going to be hosting an Aptobridge tournament next Friday evening. Check-in will be from 7:30pm and the tournament will start at 8, probably ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

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Apto House of Games

Announcement by Christy Cooper. Status: Unconfirmed.

Saturday: 8pm I will be playing Richard Osman's house of games. I need 4 contestants to participate and represent the celebrities. We will be playing 5 games (the first 4 will be decided using random.org, ... [Read more] [More miscellany]


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