Duel vote for 22 August 2018 12:00AM to 23 August 2018 12:00AM

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Variant: Hyper Unlimited Hyper Unlimited. Dictionary: English English. Scoring: Standard.

Rounds: LCCCLLLLCLNN. Time per round: 25 seconds. Total game time: 5 minutes.

Letter picks: VVCCVVCVC. Numbers: 2 large.

Variant: Nice Nice. Dictionary: English English. Scoring: Stepdown.

Rounds: LLLCCNNNNNCCCL. Time per round: 25 seconds. Total game time: 5.8 minutes.

Letter picks: CCCVCCVVV. Numbers: 1 large.

Variant: Normal Normal. Dictionary: English English. Scoring: Stepdown.

Rounds: NLLLCCLCLLLLNNN. Time per round: 10 seconds. Total game time: 2.5 minutes.

Letter picks: CCVCCCVVV. Numbers: 1 large.

Variant: Unlimited Unlimited. Dictionary: Dutch Dutch. Scoring: Flat scoring.

Rounds: LLLLLLLLLLLL. Time per round: 20 seconds. Total game time: 4 minutes.

Letter picks: VVCCVCC. Numbers: 1 large.

It's a mystery box! The proposed Duel will not be revealed until it begins.

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