Pencil Archive

This table shows all pencils awarded in the last week.

Ray Wilding PRIMYPencilOmelette English
Ray Wilding BREVILOQUENTPencilOmelette English
Hazel Drury GINGERISHPencilGoatdown English
Hazel Drury GREYBACKPencilGoatdown English
Callum Todd ROUGHENERSPencilHypertouch English
Callum Todd PSEUDOCOELPencilHypertouch English
Callum Todd KNEEBOARDERSPencilHypertouch English
Callum Todd PARAPLEGICSPencilHypertouch English
Chris Hare NANNANDROUSPencilHyper Unlimited English
Chris Hare REPARTAKENPencilHyper Unlimited English
Chris Hare ENNOBLEMENTPencilHyper Unlimited English
Callum Todd EMULSIFYINGPencilHypertouch English
Chris Hare BALLPARKSPencilHyper Unlimited English
Phil Hannan CAPONNERPencilNormal French
Chris Hare ACIDIFICPencilGoatdown English
Chris Hare MANFOLKSPencilGoatdown English
Frank Jones WASTEBINSPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones TAGALONGPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones RUCKSEATPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones ISONOMEPencilGoatdown CSW
Callum Todd REASSOCIATEDPencilHypergoatdown English
Frank Jones ENROUGHSPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones SKIOSPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones CRAMPITPencilGoatdown CSW
Emily Cox GOLOSAPencilNormal Italian
Alan Lloyd AGILITEPencilNormal French
Joseph Harrison MOPSIESPencilNormal English
Mark Tournoff SCRUMPERPencilNormal English
Chris Hare SHILLELAGHSPencilHyper Unlimited English
Chris Hare CONVOLVINGPencilHyper Unlimited English
Hazel Drury NIDDEREDPencilGoatdown English
Hazel Drury HAPPIFIEDPencilGoatdown English
Hazel Drury LIVEHOODSPencilGoatdown English
Amie Bateen CHINAWAREPencilNormal English
Roger Vincent OSSIFERSPencilNormal English
Matty Artell MATRAPencilOmelette English
Chris Hare REVERSIFIESPencilHyper Unlimited English
Chris Hare NARHANILLASPencilHyper Unlimited English
Chris Hare REBESTOWSPencilGoatdown English
Joseph Harrison RAGGLINGPencilGoatdown English
Frank Jones UNALLEGEDPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones ELVANITEPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones APRICATESPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones BESPORTEDPencilGoatdown CSW
Hazel Drury REPLETORYPencilGoatdown English
Hazel Drury RUBIACINEPencilGoatdown English
Hazel Drury ONLAPPINGPencilGoatdown English
Hazel Drury NANOMOLARPencilGoatdown English
Hazel Drury HOMININESPencilGoatdown English
Michael Daysley REPRISERPencilNormal English
Chris Hare RELEASEESPencilGoatdown English
Frank Jones WIDOWMENPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones URTICANTSPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones LANGRELSPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones TRICOTSPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones SPROGLETSPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones ELAPHINEPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones CORDINGSPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones WAFTURESPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones UNSAMPLEDPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones LIPREADERPencilGoatdown CSW
Hazel Drury PRESBYTIAPencilGoatdown English
Hazel Drury PASGUARDPencilGoatdown English
Hazel Drury GODMAMASPencilGoatdown English
Toby McDonald SCIUROIDPencilGoatdown English
Hazel Drury PANOGRAPHPencilGoatdown English
Frank Jones FAVELLAPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones UNGUMMEDPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones PROPMENPencilGoatdown CSW
Alan Lloyd RESEGUIRPencilNormal Spanish
Sarah Johnson EPICARDIUMPencilHyper English
Sarah Johnson ADOLESCENCEPencilHyper English
Callum Todd METACARPALPencilHypertouch English
Rob Foster NEWTONITEPencilGoatdown English
Frank Jones SINGINGSPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones KURVEYSPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones TIFOSOSPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones SOFARPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones UNJUSTESTPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones SPEWINESSPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones SLINTERSPencilGoatdown CSW
Frank Jones BOERTJIESPencilGoatdown CSW
Alan Lloyd LIDERESPencilNormal Spanish
Ray Wilding SCRAWLERSPencilGoatdown English
Rob Foster PERIOECUSPencilNormal English
Rob Foster PEDALFERPencilNormal English
Patrick Thompson PATRINPencilNormal English
Ray Wilding ABACOSESPencilNormal English
Rob Foster EPIMERISMPencilGoatdown English
Rob Foster SYNGENEICPencilGoatdown English
Rob Foster RETATTLEPencilGoatdown English
Rob Foster FARRUCASPencilGoatdown English
Rob Foster STICHERONPencilGoatdown English
James Rowan MOOTHPencilNormal English
Chris Hare REGRESSIVITIESPencilHyper Unlimited English
Toby McDonald ADORNATIONPencilHypergoatdown English
Sarah Johnson INTEGRATORSPencilHyper English
Toby McDonald MESOLEPencilGoatdown English
Toby McDonald DOGARESSASPencilHypergoatdown English
Joseph Harrison UNMINDSPencilNormal English
Hazel Drury SCARFIESPencilGoatdown English
Hazel Drury MOULDILYPencilGoatdown English
Rob Foster PARTZITESPencilNormal English
Rob Foster OPIHIPencilNormal English
Hazel Drury CULCHIESPencilGoatdown English
Matt Hamer SMOKKENDPencilNormal Dutch

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