Item : Duel Necklace

The Duel Necklace is awarded for playing every Duel in a month. Total in circulation: 1,633.

This table shows the players who have collected the most Duel Necklaces.

#PlayerDuel Necklaces
1stMatt Hamer66
1stPhil Collinge66
3rdRay Wilding62
4thChris Hare61
5thDave Noble59
6thStephen R58
7thAndy SC44
8thJohn Gillies41
9thAnthony Endsor39
10thTony Atkins38
11thGerry Tynan34
11thThomas Cappleman34
13thJack Worsley33
13thMatt Croy33
15thMarcus Hares32
16thZarte Siempre31
17thJamie French30
17thTricia Lockhart30
19thJack Slane29
20thMatthew Tassier28
21stGiles H27
21stJohn Beresford27
23rdMiriam Nussbaum25
24thMartin Hurst24
25thIan Volante23
25thJulie McCarthy23

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