Item : Bit of Bishop

The Bit of Bishop is awarded for offering a word offered by Martin Bishop on TV. Total in circulation: 75,938.

This table shows the players who have collected the most Bits of Bishop.

#PlayerBits of Bishop
1stJack Worsley2,053
2ndBarry Bridger1,355
3rdConor Travers1,295
4thRobin M1,263
5thMark D1,192
6thDavid Barnard1,139
7thJojo Apollo990
8thInnis Carson954
9thHorace Horlicks860
10thTracey Mills859
11thMatt Croy819
12thScott Gillies811
13thZarte Siempre809
14thSamir Pilica767
15thMarcus Hares742
16thCallum Todd741
16thPaul James741
18thJen Steadman710
18thJoyce Phillips710
20thMatt Hall661
21stAndy Platt660
22ndJonathan Wynn633
23rdDamian Banks630
24thDylan Taylor615
25thChris Hare614

Statistics last updated about 14 hours ago at 2019-01-19 11:54:06.

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