Item : dog bone

The dog bone is awarded for having the best Top Dog score for a certain day. Total in circulation: 2,614.

This table shows the players who have collected the most dog bones.

#Playerdog bones
1stJack Slane174
2ndSean D119
3rdChas Maxwell94
4thJudith Young84
5thKeith Williams82
6thHeather Styles77
7thTricia Lockhart69
8thAndrew Millman68
9thRahul Suresh66
10thJason Turner63
10thMatt Croy63
12thJon Elmer59
13thDave Noble51
14thPhyl Styles48
15thJayne Wisniewski41
16thLiam O40
17thTony Atkins39
18thAlex H36
18thChristopher Miller36
20thChris Hare34
21stChris Butler32
22ndChris Marshall31
23rdJohn Slater30
24thEdward Ashcroft29
25thBradley Holland25

Statistics last updated about 2 days ago at 2019-06-16 18:49:07.

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