Eoin Monaghan

Eoin Monaghan 4 people hog the leaderboard.

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison Good point. Only fastest time counts, so as to encourage some other people to improve their placings?

Charlie Reams

Charlie Reams Interesting idea.

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison Even if you allowed people their top 3 times that would be a pretty good medium for allowing other people in yet at the same time showing some form of dominance from the likes of Chris etc.

Simon Myers

Simon Myers Maybe have something like a column that gives a count for all CAs that player has achieved that are faster than the 30th place time? Give it a click-through link to those games (or be lazy and do [apterous link] )

Charlie Reams

Charlie Reams Seems like a reasonable compromise.

Matt Hamer

Matt Hamer Charlie: If you have a desperate compulsion to add statistics, another possible column in the table would be the total hardness rating (out of 200), i.e. the sum of the twenty individual conundrum difficulty ratings. ;-)

Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson 'Hardest maxed conundrum attack' would be a pretty cool accolade to have on your glory roll.

Jack Hurst

Jack Hurst Does this page include bullet and speed conundrum attacks?

Eoin Monaghan

Eoin Monaghan No unfortunately, I got a speed 200 yesterday.

Charlie Reams

Charlie Reams It does now :) (and it's cost me two places :( ).

Charlie Reams

Charlie Reams Sweet, I have the second slowest PB of anyone with a max CA.

Matt Morrison

Matt Morrison you're no Gareth Mitchell you glory hunter

Matt Hamer

Matt Hamer Sorry boys, there's a new glory hunter on the block... [apterous link] in a total of 220.4 s (give or take rounding errors).

Matt Hamer

Matt Hamer Ha - I've improved my time by 6.7 s with another max Conundrum Attack... but I've _still_ got the slowest PB of all those who've maxed the format!

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Why's Matt Hall not on this list?

Ivan Dunt

Ivan Dunt I love this stat

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Chris >>>∞ James N

Dan McColm

Dan McColm James's effort is mighty impressive.

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James Nguyen

James Nguyen lol.

James Nguyen

James Nguyen Oh never noticed I had this

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Yeah but mine is twice as fast and therefore twice as impressive (and probably should be twice as removed from this list as it was the last 20 conundrums of Ascension so I knew what was coming).

Marcus Hares

Marcus Hares Amazing how you had EXACTLY 20 left Adam!!

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Yes I was unlucky to only get 1 of 10 conundrums in the previous game ;)

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Statland: Fastest Conundrum Attacks

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This table shows the fastest 30 games in the following format(s):- Conundrum Attack, Speed Conundrum Attack, Bullet Conundrum Attack. Only the best game by each player is shown. Games are sorted by number of conundrums solved correctly, and then by the total time taken.

#PlayerPointsTotal time
1stAdam Gillard20010.1 s
2ndJames Nguyen20016.8 s
3rdConor Travers20017.3 s
4thChris Davies20020.4 s
5thGiles H20020.4 s
6thInnis Carson20020.7 s
7thRob Foster20021.3 s
8thJack Worsley20021.5 s
9thCraig Beevers20023.4 s
10thDylan Taylor20025.8 s
11thCallum Todd20027.1 s
12thDan McColm20028.5 s
13thJohnny Canuck20029.7 s
14thBen Wilson20029.8 s
15thDale Levell20030.0 s
16thLuke Johnson-Davies20030.3 s
17thMark D20031.9 s
18thChris Hare20033.5 s
19thJack Hurst20034.3 s
20thScott Phillips20034.8 s
21stGreg Smith20036.4 s
22ndDavid Barnard20037.0 s
23rdJonathan Rawlinson20038.2 s
24thKirk Bevins20038.4 s
25thOliver Garner20038.6 s
26thJohn Beresford20039.2 s
27thZarte Siempre20039.2 s
28thKieran Child20043.0 s
29thElliott Mellor20043.8 s
30thJason Larsen20044.2 s

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