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Statland: Unbreakable records

This table shows apterous's unbreakable records, in order of when they were first set. An unbreakable record occurs when a player records the highest possible score in a given format. The table also shows how many times the record has since been tied, and how often such a score is available in games of the given format.

FormatScoreFirst reached
Conundrum Attack20029 September 2008Paul Howe8497100%
Numbers Attack20017 November 2008Dan Vanniasingham37937%
Speed Numbers Attack2005 December 2008Dan Vanniasingham2050%
Speed Conundrum Attack20020 February 2009Craig Beevers112100%
Junior Numbers Attack20025 May 2009Oliver Garner91278%
Hyper Numbers Attack20027 May 2009Ben Wilson7576%
Junior Conundrum Attack20028 May 2009James Hall222100%
Speed Junior Conundrum Attack2009 June 2009Charlie Reams33100%
Bullet Numbers Attack20030 June 2009Richard Brittain2153%
Stepdown 9909 July 2009Charlie Reams79100%
Touchundrum Attack20015 July 2009Chris Davies207100%
Omelette 9901 November 2009Bob De Caux1899%
Bullet Conundrum Attack20012 November 2009Chris Davies49100%
Omelette Numbers Attack20023 November 2009Reuben Kay2896%
Jnr. Goatundrum Attack20023 December 2009Scott Phillips8100%
Touch Jnr Conundrum Attack20014 January 2010Charlie Reams853100%
Touch Jnr Numbers Attack20016 January 2010Kirk Bevins15256%
Touch Jnr 97219 January 2010Matt Hamer4229%
Goatundrum Attack20021 January 2010Chris Davies8100%
Nasty Numbers Attack2001 April 2010Craig Chittenden1861%
Hypernundrum Attack2002 April 2010Innis Carson10100%
Unlimited Jnr Numbers Attack2007 April 2010Craig Chittenden19379%
Touchdown Numbers Attack2009 April 2010Jeremy Bentham2835%
Hypertouch Numbers Attack20026 April 2010Craig Chittenden2060%
Aegilops 99017 June 2010Matt Hamer29100%
Aegilops Numbers Attack20020 June 2010Matthew Tassier3499%
Aegilops Conundrum Attack20027 June 2010Bob De Caux2100%
Aegilops 151506 July 2010Matt Hamer3100%
Stepdown 1515028 August 2010Innis Carson1399%
Nasty Conundrum Attack20022 September 2010Scott Phillips40100%
Touch Jnr 1511731 October 2010Herbert Plank810%
Omelette 151508 November 2010Ben Wilson099%
Bullet Hyper Numbers Attack2007 January 2011Matthew Tassier854%
Lockdown Conundrum Attack20017 February 2011Innis Carson12100%
Lockdown Numbers Attack20017 February 2011Gevin Chapwell2759%
Hyperlock Numbers Attack20024 March 2011Matthew Tassier1760%
Lockdown Jnr Numbers Attack20022 April 2011Stuart Arnot16478%
Lockdown Jnr Conundrum Attack20022 April 2011Herbert Plank10100%
Octorock Conundrum Attack20031 July 2011Matt Hamer7100%
Aegilops Letters Attack20014 August 2011Matt Hamer2100%
Hypergoatundrum Attack2008 September 2011Innis Carson0100%
Duckdown Numbers Attack20024 February 2012Adam Gillard3075%
Duckdown Conundrum Attack20026 February 2012Adam Gillard3100%
Touch Jnr Letters Attack1407 March 2012Mark D22%
Goatdown Jnr. 9728 March 2012Ben Maggie31%
Step Letters Attack20013 April 2012Josh Hurst1100%
Nice Numbers Attack20020 April 2012Nathan Stone308100%
Nice Conundrum Attack20020 April 2012Adam Gillard1568100%
Hyperlock Conundrum Attack2004 June 2012Innis Carson0100%
Instant Numbers Attack20015 October 2012Matthew Tassier35100%
Omelette Conundrum Attack20018 March 2013Innis Carson1100%
Hyper Nasty Numbers Attack20030 March 2013Matthew Tassier698%
Hypertouch Conundrum Attack20026 December 2013Ray Wilding0100%
Octolock Conundrum Attack20016 August 2014Innis Carson0100%
CSW Conundrum Attack20024 October 2015Quinn James0100%
Touchblitz Jnr11429 March 2017Chris Hare111%
Omeletters Attack20014 October 2017Ray Wilding0100%
Berserk Numbers Attack20013 April 2018Elliott Mellor352%
Gevin's Delight14717 September 2018Elliott Mellor00%
French Conundrum Attack20013 December 2019Vincent Barcet0100%

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