Anglo Italian

Anglo Italian Great play by Adam to grab the Number One spot.

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Thanks; but I'm still on 430 as far as I can see (should be 500 I think). Has it updated for you?

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Anglo Italian

Anglo Italian No, but I think you are on 510 now.

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard 530 actually :)

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard 800!

Anglo Italian

Anglo Italian I can't begin to imagine which skills are at work to let you spot 3 Welsh conundrums and exceed this milestone, but very well done!

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Is Miriam's 110 the best score in German other than the games up to January 2010-ish?

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This table shows the high scores of players who have completed a Conundrum Attack. The top 25 players are shown. Raw scores are used.

1stAdam Gillard1150145200805010160100209090100140108020
2ndMiriam Nussbaum58072190605016005070
3rdNathan Stone5609319050030102010150100
4thAnglo Italian5406217020701706050
5thPhyl Styles5106218013090201080
6thMatt Hamer50052200709010040
7thInnis Carson480112200401015020010040100
7thThomas Cappleman480141200100109010003080200300
7thDan McColm48072200500501102050
10thVincent Barcet450721701019020104010
11thBob De Caux41042200501600
11thLiam Hughes4106220010801001010
13thMarcus Hares400141200020080600030000100
13thJ E400822000120200202020
15thConor Travers38052200100501020
16thPhil Hannan340321901500
17thKaren Pearson3303219040100
17thAndy Platt33061200304040020
19thSam Goodyear3203220010020
19thAmie Bateen3204119040090
19thRemi Benoit32022170150
19thAndrew Hulme32022190130
23rdPete Steg3104117080060
24thChris Hare3001412000006010000300000
24thCatriona Cappleman30041100609050

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