Kai Laddiman

Kai Laddiman Don't think this is on Statland.

Charlie Reams

Charlie Reams It's under Top multilingual players.

Kai Laddiman

Kai Laddiman Oh yeh, sorry. In other news, yay!

Kai Laddiman

Kai Laddiman Oh yeh, sorry. In other news, yay!

Kai Laddiman

Kai Laddiman Sorry. How often does this update by the way? My Russian game hasn't appeared.

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Charlie Reams

Charlie Reams Every 24 hours, says down there vvv

Phyl Styles

Phyl Styles one small step to the top - yeah, right

Catriona Cappleman

Catriona Cappleman Very impressive Phyl

Phyl Styles

Phyl Styles thanks, I've been enjoying myself!

Adam Gillard

Adam Gillard Good work on these, Catriona!

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Statland: Top multilingual letterists

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This table shows the high scores of players who have completed a Letters Attack. The top 25 players are shown. Raw scores are used.

1stAdam Gillard181414818115110165180105891291551881645418171
2ndCatriona Cappleman181014814417410581179125102811721641738015080
3rdPhyl Styles173714716713111774180132110591462021058615276
4thAnglo Italian14481371481057217713384401731201256313474
5thMiriam Nussbaum1445134166909113715469951191558859108114
6thNathan Stone139414514117285441457954251101121803315460
7thThomas Cappleman1255143161787648130725657105173864011558
8thMarcus Hares12161431606210569134124403010890755410065
9thChris Hare1097141196369586101953950898879336743
10thMatt Hamer1078104165148851701557957468984
11thKaren Pearson10101231531506052119455071603319027
12thInnis Carson981142186687127176412929566055289659
13thStephen R944122173385822128796910878349364
14thAlex R94313214558311646360339610549307435
15thConor Travers9061031798401569784721261080
16thPete Steg86512214434322034830637853985131
17thJulie McCarthy858101155418996828395933886
18thDan McColm7947318083801491515596
19thKai Laddiman7111111666234100102573934343152
20thJim Bentley701131163584158513314677652282931
21stBradley Horrocks6901411726864254334530303742294143
22ndHeather Styles6679114146913510989494958
23rdAndy SC64714113187561343372542532654153233
24thAndy Platt6461021832254911312416526913
25thMatthew Tassier64011114460308257208026385746

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