Philip Aston

Philip Aston Love this.

Thomas Cappleman

Thomas Cappleman Innis involved in 11 of the top 50 pairings (at time of writing) despite not having played for 4 years

Suzy Turner

Suzy Turner True romance is finding someone who'll always play Apterous with you!

Ronan M Higginson

Ronan M Higginson 28,580 rounds difference between 2nd and 3rd!

Martin Long

Martin Long Is this just for 15 rounders or for all types of game?

Neil Collins

Neil Collins i'm assuming all types given the fact that few of the multiples end in a 0 or 5

Charlie Reams

Charlie Reams Yes, everything: all languages, variants, formats etc.

James Nguyen

James Nguyen My guy Innis

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James Nguyen

James Nguyen Last game in 2014? Depressing

Ronan M Higginson

Ronan M Higginson Maybe another day James.... maybe another day....

Miles Elliott

Miles Elliott Thanks for this cool addition Charlie.

Martin Hurst

Martin Hurst Would be cool to know the cumulative scores between each of the pairs of players for all of these rounds. Obviously wouldn't be a perfect science due to different formats, scoring methods etc, but I'm sure it would still be very interesting.

Dave Ryan

Dave Ryan Cheers, Charlie!. It's nice to be top at something!

Major places

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Statland: Most rounds played head-to-head

Nearby: Most time played.

This table shows the 50 pairings who have played the most rounds against each other. Only human players are eligible.

#Player 1Player 2Rounds
1stDave RyanSuzy Turner61,964
2ndInnis CarsonJames Nguyen50,194
3rdInnis CarsonAdam Gillard21,614
4thRyan TaylorMichelle N20,279
5thHarry NewtonPaul J Edwards17,824
6thInnis CarsonScott Gillies17,181
7thJoyce PhillipsTony Atkins15,718
8thInnis CarsonJack Worsley15,549
9thJojo ApolloTony Atkins15,022
10thRobin MAndy SC14,487
11thJojo ApolloScott Gillies13,878
12thJojo ApolloJack Worsley12,357
13thFiona HHorace Horlicks12,264
14thPaul JamesTony Atkins12,159
15thInnis CarsonRyan Taylor11,889
16thAndy PlattSarah Z11,475
17thJack WorsleyDylan Taylor11,287
18thMatthew TassierNorm Ahmad11,065
19thS JHorace Horlicks10,603
20thDamian BanksHorace Horlicks10,267
21stInnis CarsonAndrew Hulme10,197
22ndJason LarsenJohn Carpenter10,082
23rdRobert RyanMarian Maccormack9,919
24thInnis CarsonChris Davies9,616
25thSpike GuthrieAlison S9,596
26thJojo ApolloJonathan Wynn9,313
27thInnis CarsonMark D9,273
28thRobin MIan Linton9,190
29thAndy PlattScheherazade Westphalia8,841
30thMark DJen Steadman8,790
31stInnis CarsonZarte Siempre8,755
32ndDarran PriorKev Anderson8,629
33rdScott GilliesDavid Barnard8,520
34thRobin MDamian Banks8,357
35thRobin MAntoinette Ryan8,102
36thDave NobleRobert Miller8,058
37thTony AtkinsHorace Horlicks7,962
38thMatt HallRobin M7,873
39thJohn CarpenterStewart Wintle7,753
40thInnis CarsonIvan Dunt7,445
41stHorace HorlicksTrevor MacEoin7,293
42ndMarcus HaresScott Gillies7,268
43rdTony AtkinsMark Murray7,150
44thHorace HorlicksKevin Steede7,011
45thDan McColmBojack Horseman6,993
46thPaul WorsleyHorace Horlicks6,947
47thInnis CarsonJojo Apollo6,931
48thDan McColmAndy Platt6,860
49thDavid BarnardJack Worsley6,732
50thScott GilliesJack Worsley6,438

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