Aegilops Variant: Aegilops


Letters round. Find the shortest word which contains all the letters from the selection in that order. For example, if the selection is PNG, one answer would be OPENING, while the best answer would be PANG, PING or PONG. If there is no word that fits, you should declare the shortest word using all but the last letter of the selection (and so on, if it's still impossible).

Numbers round. Rules are the same as the normal game, but the large numbers can be any value from 11 to 99. Scoring is Stepdown-style, i.e. 10 points for a perfect solution, 9 for one away and so on.

Conundrum. The puzzle will give you some letters e.g. SAPPT. You must find a nine-letter word which uses those letters in that order, e.g. SNAPPIEST. There will be exactly one solution.

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