Touchdown Variant: Touchdown


Touchdown is a variant themed around the idea of "replacement". The following alterations to the standard rules apply:

Letters round: Any letter can be substituted for another. So, for example, the round TOUCHDOWZ does not have a nine in the standard rules; but, if we imagine the Z to be substituted for an N, we can declare TOUCHDOWN for nine. Players do not have to make explicit which letter they are substituting.

Numbers round: Numbers are drawn with replacement. For example, asking for 4 large might yield 50, 50, 75, 25, or even 50, 50, 50, 50. Other than the drawn numbers, the game is the same as usual.

Conundrum: One letter in the conundrum must be substituted with another to give the answer. For example, if the conundrum was COUNTDOWN, the answer would be TOUCHDOWN because the N from COUNTDOWN can be substituted with an H. The solution to these "Touchundrums" is guaranteed to be unique, so there's only one letter that can be substituted to give a solution.

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