Spoilage Variant: Spoilage


Spoilage is a deliberately exaggerated variant that is mostly intended for fun.

In the letters round, 2-4 letters are revealed, and players must attempt to find the longest word containing those letters in that order (not necessarily consectively). For example, with the selection ABS, the best answer would be ANTIDISESTABLISHMENTARIANISM. If there is no such word, players must use as many of the letters as they can (beginning with the first one in the selection, and proceeding to the right). Of course very high scores are often possible in these rounds!

In the numbers round, 4-6 larges must be chosen, which can be any numbers between 100 and 999 inclusive; the small numbers are 1-10 without duplicates. The target is anything from 1000 to 9999.

For the conundrum, the players must find the unique 12-letter word containing the given letters in the order they appear. For example, the solution to the conundrum EIETLI is SEMIMETALLIC.

Spoilage formats

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