Games from 2017-08-13

Games played: 489. Players: 103 (not including bots).

Contestant 1ScoreContestant 2Format
Apterous Prune10 - 89Tracey Mills15 Rounder Normal English
Callum Todd160 - 20Apterous PruneHypernundrum Attack Hyper English
Apterous Prune0 - 105Tim DownInstant Letters Attack Instant English
Apterous Prune0 - 210Hazel DruryCustom Goatdown English
Apterous Prune40 - 140Callum ToddHypernundrum Attack Hyper English
Mr DogTD 8Ailsa WatsonCustom Dogfight English
Gulshan Ram85 - 103Apterous Prime15 Rounder Normal English
Mr DogTD 4Ailsa WatsonCustom Dogfight English
Brian Curtin56 - 91Aidan L15 Rounder Normal English
Hazel Drury123 - 0Apterous PruneCustom Goatdown English
Mr DogTD 7Ailsa WatsonCustom Dogfight English
Philip Aston115 - 85Toby McDonald15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 52Ailsa WatsonCustom Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 147Hazel DruryCustom Goatdown English
Apterous Prime102 - 59Gulshan Ram15 Rounder Normal English
The Guardian66 - 55Bradley HorrocksCustom Normal English
The Duellist0 - 69Giles HCustom Normal English
Mr DogTD 4Sean DCustom Dogfight English
Mr DogTD 8Sean DCustom Dogfight English
The Duellist0 - 67Sean DCustom Normal English
Philip Aston38 - 43Apterous Nude9 Rounder Normal English
Simpatico Jones97 - 160Apterous RexLetters Attack Normal English
Nicky Lyons [C]85 - 67Thomas ConwayClassic 15 Normal English
Gulshan Ram98 - 119Apterous Prime15 Rounder Normal English
Hazel Drury178 - 0Apterous PruneCustom Goatdown English
Apterous Nude41 - 70Philip Aston9 Rounder Normal English
Lorrie Bronsema61 - 42Apterous Waldorf15 Rounder Normal English
Toby McDonald137 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Matty Artell88 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 173Hazel DruryCustom Goatdown English
Aidan L88 - 42Christy Cooper15 Rounder Normal English
Philip Aston53 - 14Apterous Nude9 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Rex188 - 122Simpatico JonesLetters Attack Normal English
Martin Hurst111 - 129Apterous Soap15 Rounder Normal English
Hazel Drury196 - 0Apterous PruneCustom Goatdown English
Terry Doughty [C]59 - 34Lorrie BronsemaCustom Normal English
Simpatico Jones117 - 169Apterous RexLetters Attack Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 122Toby McDonald15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 21Anoush KhachikCustom Normal English
Brian Curtin65 - 66Bradley Holland15 Rounder Normal English
Callum Todd110 - 177Apterous RexSpeed Letters Attack Normal English
Apterous Velvet114 - 55Martin Hurst15 Rounder Normal English
Mr DogTD 5Bradley HorrocksCustom Dogfight English
Apterous Prune0 - 188Hazel DruryCustom Goatdown English
Apterous Rex164 - 120Simpatico JonesLetters Attack Normal English
Apterous Rex174 - 112Callum ToddSpeed Letters Attack Normal English
The Duellist0 - 73Gevin ChapwellCustom Normal English
Callum Todd97 - 95Johnny Canuck15 Rounder Normal English
Simpatico Jones143 - 163Apterous RexLetters Attack Normal English
Hazel Drury171 - 0Apterous PruneCustom Goatdown English
Toby McDonald118 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Aidan L88 - 65Martin Hurst15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Rex166 - 87Simpatico JonesInstant Letters Attack Instant English
The Duellist0 - 77Callum ToddCustom Normal English
Johnny Canuck88 - 103Hazel Drury15 Rounder Normal English
Philip Aston94 - 75Jonny D15 Rounder Normal English
Andy SC88 - 27Christy Cooper15 Rounder Normal English
Simpatico Jones128 - 164Apterous RexInstant Letters Attack Instant English
Stewart Wintle111 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 128Toby McDonald15 Rounder Normal English
Mr DogTD 4Steve AndersonCustom Dogfight English
Emily Cox79 - 63Brian Curtin15 Rounder Normal English
Martin Hurst82 - 100Apterous Prime15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Rex153 - 98Simpatico JonesInstant Letters Attack Instant English
Simpatico Jones90 - 165Apterous RexInstant Letters Attack Instant English
Apterous Prune0 - 135Stewart Wintle15 Rounder Normal English
Philip Aston73 - 114Hazel Drury15 Rounder Normal English
Martin Hurst81 - 77Apterous Velvet15 Rounder Normal English
Emily Cox84 - 79Jimmy Ingham15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist10 - 48Fiona HCustom Normal English
Apterous Soap65 - 117Martin Hurst15 Rounder Normal English
Bradley Holland53 - 72The GuardianCustom Normal English
Liam Holton0 - 103Aidan L15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Velvet98 - 92Martin Hurst15 Rounder Normal English
Anthony Endsor102 - 81Emily Cox15 Rounder Normal English
Jonny D80 - 17Liam Holton15 Rounder Normal English
Rob F61 - 106Brett Davids15 Rounder Normal English
Gareth Lee [C]71 - 63Thomas ConwayClassic 15 Normal English
Sean Fletcher110 - 50Apterous PruneOctorock Conundrum Attack Octorock English
Apterous Prime106 - 75Martin Hurst15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune10 - 79Marcus HaresFrench 15 Rounder Normal French
Apterous Prune0 - 140Roger VincentConundrum Attack Normal English
Callum Todd122 - 0Apterous PruneHypergoat Letters Attack Hypergoatdown English
The Duellist10 - 48James HurrellCustom Normal English
Liam Holton11 - 113Jonny D15 Rounder Normal English
Brian Curtin76 - 63Jimmy Ingham15 Rounder Normal English
Richard Priest [C]103 - 69Thomas ConwayClassic 15 Normal English
Zarte Siempre130 - 60Apterous PruneOctorock Conundrum Attack Octorock English
Roger Vincent120 - 0Apterous PruneConundrum Attack Normal English
The Duellist10 - 67Zarte SiempreCustom Normal English
Eoin Jackson65 - 80Rob F15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 142Samir PilicaLetters Attack Normal English
Gearoid Heaney44 - 40Eimear Folan15 Rounder Normal English
Sean Fletcher191 - 60Apterous WaldorfNasty Numbers Attack Nasty English
Zarte Siempre187 - 60Apterous WaldorfNasty Numbers Attack Nasty English
Jonny D93 - 60Joyce Phillips15 Rounder Normal English
Tracey Mills120 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 108Amie Bateen15 Rounder Normal English
Liam Holton6 - 96Jimmy Ingham15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 53Mike SpringettCustom Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 125Hazel DruryCustom Goatdown English
The Duellist10 - 60Patrick ThompsonCustom Normal English
Joyce Phillips94 - 80Jonny D15 Rounder Normal English
Samir Pilica145 - 0Apterous PruneLetters Attack Normal English
Amie Bateen86 - 10Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Hazel Drury182 - 0Apterous PruneCustom Goatdown English
Sherpa Shilty190 - 10Patrick ThompsonConundrum Attack Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 142Samir PilicaLetters Attack Normal English
Rob F115 - 45Jimmy Ingham15 Rounder Normal English
Anthony Endsor86 - 70Joyce Phillips15 Rounder Normal English
Jonny D96 - 94Mick Cockcroft15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prime79 - 126Callum Todd15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 125Amie Bateen15 Rounder Normal English
Callum Todd80 - 120Apterous Prime15 Rounder Normal English
Samir Pilica170 - 0Apterous PruneLetters Attack Normal English
Apterous Prime115 - 97Callum Todd15 Rounder Normal English
Mick Cockcroft67 - 117Jonny D15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 76Mark TournoffCustom Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 149Hazel DruryCustom Goatdown English
Tia Corkish [C]66 - 101Joyce PhillipsClassic 15 Normal English
Rob F71 - 67Patrick Thompson15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist10 - 42Judith YoungCustom Normal English
Hazel Drury215 - 0Apterous PruneCustom Goatdown English
Bojack Horseman107 - 92Ian Linton15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 130Hazel DruryCustom Goatdown English
Stuart McFarlane80 - 81Bradley Holland15 Rounder Normal English
Eoin Jackson108 - 92Patrick Thompson15 Rounder Normal English
Amie Bateen87 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Joyce Phillips63 - 93Ian Linton15 Rounder Normal English
Michelle N66 - 0Apterous PruneCustom Goatdown Jnr. Dutch
Apterous Prune0 - 100Matty ArtellCustom Instant English
Antoinette Ryan91 - 92Tony Atkins15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 74Graeme ColeCustom Normal English
Rob F61 - 67Stuart McFarlane15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 66Michelle NCustom Goatdown Jnr. Dutch
Johnny Canuck101 - 93Bojack Horseman15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 66Sean FletcherCustom Normal English
Anthony Endsor74 - 56Apterous Waldorf15 Rounder Normal English
Ray Wilding128 - 17Apterous PruneGoatundrum Attack Goatdown English
Sherpa Shilty160 - 40Patrick ThompsonConundrum Attack Normal English
Michelle N48 - 0Apterous PruneCustom Goatdown Jnr. Dutch
Brian Mallon73 - 10Apterous PruneGoatdown Standard Goatdown English
Joyce Phillips79 - 97Eoin Jackson15 Rounder Normal English
Tony Atkins96 - 88Antoinette Ryan15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 10Liam OCustom Hyper English
The Guardian75 - 57Stuart McFarlaneCustom Nice English
Apterous Prune0 - 85Michelle NCustom Goatdown Jnr. Dutch
Lorrie Bronsema84 - 64Apterous NudeAegilops 15 Aegilops English
Apterous Prune0 - 111Matt Hall15 Rounder Normal English
Sam Prouse59 - 69Bradley Holland15 Rounder Normal English
Liam O98 - 71Dave Nicholson15 Rounder Normal English
Sherpa Shilty10 - 160Mark MurrayConundrum Attack Normal English
Florian Gray51 - 103Apterous Plum15 Rounder Normal English
Antoinette Ryan91 - 111Johnny Canuck15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 135Samir PilicaLetters Attack Normal English
Michelle N91 - 0Apterous PruneCustom Goatdown Jnr. Dutch
Lorrie Bronsema69 - 73Eoin Jackson15 Rounder Normal English
Tony Atkins71 - 96Joyce Phillips15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 55Matty ArtellCustom Normal English
Sherpa Shilty30 - 140Mark MurrayConundrum Attack Normal English
Matt Hall180 - 0Apterous PruneConundrum Attack Normal English
Apterous Rex145 - 0Michelle NCustom Beanstalk Dutch
Apterous Waldorf51 - 69Florian Gray15 Rounder Normal English
Liam O57 - 0Apterous PruneCustom Hyper English
Bradley Holland80 - 89Sam Prouse15 Rounder Normal English
Michelle N76 - 169Apterous RexGoat Attack Goatdown English
Apterous Plum64 - 88Joyce PhillipsNumbers Attack Normal English
Philip Aston84 - 90Tony Atkins15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 30Liam OCustom Hyper English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 90Stuart McFarlaneConundrum Attack Normal English
Liam Holton29 - 45Brian Curtin15 Rounder Normal English
Tony Hodson [C]22 - 49Lorrie BronsemaCustom Normal English
Apterous Rex193 - 136Michelle NGoat Attack Goatdown English
Apterous Prune0 - 119Elliott MellorInstant Letters Attack Instant English
Liam O80 - 0Apterous PruneHyper 9 Hyper English
Stuart McFarlane80 - 98The GuardianCustom Octorock English
Apterous Nude45 - 79Florian Gray15 Rounder Normal English
Sherpa Shilty20 - 150Mark MurrayConundrum Attack Normal English
Brian Curtin71 - 74Lorrie Bronsema15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 68Liam OHyper 9 Hyper English
The Duellist0 - 57Michelle NCustom Normal English
The Duellist0 - 75Matthew BrockwellCustom Normal English
The Guardian30 - 38Stuart McFarlaneCustom Octorock English
Ian Linton79 - 92Bojack Horseman15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 51Steve AndersonCustom Normal English
Liam O51 - 0Apterous PruneHyper 9 Hyper English
Stuart McFarlane19 - 29The GuardianCustom Octorock English
The Duellist0 - 64Mark JamesCustom Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 63Liam OHyper 9 Hyper English
Lorrie Bronsema69 - 86Brian Curtin15 Rounder Normal English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 110Stuart McFarlaneConundrum Attack Normal English
Hazel Drury200 - 0Apterous PruneCustom Goatdown English
Apterous Prune0 - 157Hazel DruryCustom Goatdown English
Liam O74 - 0Apterous PruneHyper 9 Hyper English
John Carpenter60 - 64Derek Duke15 Rounder Normal English
Samir Pilica171 - 0Apterous PruneBeanstalk Letters Attack Beanstalk English
Mr DogTD 6Lorrie BronsemaCustom Dogfight English
Apterous Waldorf90 - 177Chris HareNumbers Attack Normal English
Philip Aston58 - 141Apterous VelvetSpeed Letters Attack Normal English
Derek Duke46 - 84Eoin Jackson15 Rounder Normal English
Mr DogTD 5Lorrie BronsemaCustom Dogfight English
Liam Holton4 - 101Philip Aston15 Rounder Normal English
Chris Hare170 - 70Apterous WaldorfNumbers Attack Normal English
Mr DogTD 4Lorrie BronsemaCustom Dogfight English
Bradley Horrocks57 - 85Apterous Caesar15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 59Lorrie BronsemaCustom Normal English
Apterous Prime134 - 123Samir PilicaLetters Attack Normal English
Apterous Waldorf60 - 178Chris HareNumbers Attack Normal English
Apterous Plum37 - 156Joyce PhillipsNumbers Attack Normal English
Amar Chotai102 - 49Derek Duke15 Rounder Normal English
Dan Byrom51 - 96Eoin Jackson15 Rounder Normal English
Samir Pilica77 - 150Apterous PrimeLetters Attack Normal English
The Duellist10 - 65Bradley HorrocksCustom Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 200Chris HareConundrum Attack Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 64Liam OHyper 9 Hyper English
Liam O69 - 10Apterous PruneHyper 9 Hyper English
John Beresford116 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist10 - 64Matthew TassierCustom Normal English
Bojack Horseman132 - 64Amar Chotai15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist10 - 60Derek DukeCustom Normal English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 120Eoin JacksonConundrum Attack Normal English
Marcus Hares36 - 10Apterous PruneFrench 9 Rounder Normal French
Matthew Tassier174 - 87Apterous WaldorfNasty Numbers Attack Nasty English
Apterous Prune0 - 142John Beresford15 Rounder Normal English
Florian Gray95 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Liam Holton14 - 109Eoin Jackson15 Rounder Normal English
Amar Chotai59 - 36Richard J9 Rounder Normal English
Sherpa Shilty20 - 170John BeresfordConundrum Attack Normal English
Sherpa Shilty10 - 190John BeresfordConundrum Attack Normal English
Satbir Gupta [C]44 - 56Chris HareCustom Normal English
Sherpa Shilty30 - 170John BeresfordConundrum Attack Normal English
The Duellist0 - 65John BeresfordCustom Normal English
Thomas Cappleman150 - 30Apterous PruneOctorock Conundrum Attack Octorock English
Claudia Tyson [C]74 - 110Chris HareClassic 15 Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 154Chris ButlerOctorock Numbers Attack Octorock English
The Duellist0 - 72Thomas CapplemanCustom Normal English
Graham Bucknall [C]25 - 67Chris HareCustom Normal English
Matty Artell120 - 0Apterous PruneOctorock Conundrum Attack Octorock English
Ann Abel [C]37 - 108Chris HareClassic 15 Normal English
Wayne Summers [C]32 - 64Chris HareCustom Normal English
Margaret Bird [C]31 - 73Chris HareCustom Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 67Richard J15 Rounder Normal English
James Sinclair [C]8 - 71Chris HareCustom Normal English
The Guardian64 - 35Matt MorrisonCustom Octorock English
Kate Ogilvie [C]48 - 73Chris HareCustom Normal English
Ray Clements [C]47 - 61Chris HareCustom Normal English
Matt Morrison34 - 17The GuardianCustom Octorock English
Thomas Carey170 - 0Apterous PruneOctorock Conundrum Attack Octorock English
The Guardian39 - 78Matt MorrisonCustom Octorock English
Chris Hare967 - 0Apterous PruneOld Mocktorun Normal English
The Guardian62 - 55Bradley HollandCustom Normal English
Brian Curtin71 - 27Liam Holton15 Rounder Normal English
Matt Morrison79 - 78The GuardianCustom Octorock English
The Guardian20 - 39Matt MorrisonCustom Octorock English
Matt Morrison4 - 3The GuardianCustom Octorock English
Apterous Rex164 - 124Simpatico JonesLetters Attack Normal English
Elliott Mellor122 - 0Apterous PruneInstant Letters Attack Instant English
The Guardian30 - 60Matt MorrisonCustom Octorock English
Apterous Soap68 - 94Anthony Endsor15 Rounder Normal English
Simpatico Jones73 - 168Apterous RexLetters Attack Normal English
Matt Morrison20 - 80The GuardianCustom Octorock English
The Guardian40 - 30Matt MorrisonCustom Octorock English
Apterous Prune0 - 61Elliott MellorInstant 9 Instant English
Anthony Endsor86 - 63Dan Byrom15 Rounder Normal English
Andy SC27 - 128Noel Mcilvenny15 Rounder Normal English
Elliott Mellor161 - 0Apterous PruneInstant Letters Attack Instant English
Apterous Prune0 - 67Christopher Miller9 Rounder Normal English
Liam O67 - 109Apterous Prime15 Rounder Normal English
Bradley Holland54 - 77The GuardianCustom Normal English
Christopher Miller51 - 0Apterous Prune9 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 61Tracey MillsCustom Normal English
Mr DogTD 4Stuart McFarlaneCustom Dogfight English
Apterous Waldorf71 - 90Anthony Endsor15 Rounder Normal English
Tim Down181 - 80Apterous WaldorfNasty Numbers Attack Nasty English
Apterous Prune0 - 134Elliott MellorInstant Letters Attack Instant English
Noel Mcilvenny121 - 89Andrew Hypes15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 61Christopher Miller9 Rounder Normal English
Mr DogTD 6Sam ProuseCustom Dogfight English
Christopher Miller40 - 0Apterous PruneNasty Conundrum Attack Nasty English
The Duellist0 - 52Anthony EndsorCustom Normal English
Mr DogTD 7Tricia LockhartCustom Dogfight English
Bradley Holland40 - 49John Carpenter9 Rounder Normal English
Elliott Mellor136 - 0Apterous PruneInstant Letters Attack Instant English
The Duellist0 - 72Tim DownCustom Normal English
The Duellist0 - 39Tricia LockhartCustom Normal English
Dan Byrom75 - 82Noel Mcilvenny15 Rounder Normal English
Amar Chotai76 - 66Brian Curtin15 Rounder +2TB Normal English
Sherpa Shilty10 - 110Christopher MillerConundrum Attack Normal English
Tim Down119 - 0Apterous PruneInstant Letters Attack Instant English
Apterous Prune0 - 102Christopher MillerGevin's Delight Normal English
Gulshan Ram91 - 78Noel Mcilvenny15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 52Amar ChotaiCustom Normal English
Christopher Miller121 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Sam Prouse40 - 0Apterous PruneHyper 9 Hyper English
Andrew Hypes99 - 71Damian Banks15 Rounder Normal English
Sam Prouse64 - 80John Carpenter15 Rounder Normal English
Noel Mcilvenny115 - 101Gulshan Ram15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 200Ray WildingTouchundrum Attack Touchdown English
Johnny Canuck96 - 87Philip Aston15 Rounder Normal English
Ray Wilding150 - 10Apterous PruneTouchundrum Attack Touchdown English
John Gray [C]79 - 122Chris HareClassic 15 Normal English
Andrew Hypes106 - 96Gulshan Ram15 Rounder Normal English
Matthew Jenkins [C]25 - 71Chris HareCustom Normal English
James Wall [C]65 - 121Chris HareCustom Normal English
Dave Walters [C]38 - 123Chris HareClassic 15 Normal English
Brian Curtin56 - 81Dan Byrom15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prime116 - 80Gulshan Ram15 Rounder Normal English
Martin Hurst99 - 97Apterous Velvet15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune10 - 920Chris HareMocktorun Normal English
Gulshan Ram58 - 117Apterous Prime15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 61Stuart McFarlaneCustom Normal English
Matt Croy139 - 91Philip Aston15 Rounder Normal English
Phil Hannan44 - 95Gulshan Ram15 Rounder Normal English
Sherpa Shilty40 - 140Matt CroyConundrum Attack Normal English
Matt Croy101 - 108Johnny Canuck15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 117Elliott MellorInstant Letters Attack Instant English
Elliott Mellor72 - 41Andy SC9 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prime123 - 91Gulshan Ram15 Rounder Normal English
Phil Collinge110 - 0Apterous PruneOctorock Conundrum Attack Octorock English
Gulshan Ram57 - 135Apterous Prime15 Rounder Normal English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 200Matt CroyConundrum Attack Normal English
The Duellist0 - 72Chris HareCustom Normal English
Elliott Mellor122 - 0Apterous PruneInstant Letters Attack Instant English
Apterous Prune0 - 129Matt CroyInstant Letters Attack Instant English
Apterous Prune0 - 118Elliott MellorInstant Letters Attack Instant English
Mr DogTD 14Chris HareCustom Dogfight English
Gulshan Ram114 - 55Eoin Jackson15 Rounder Normal English
Liam Holton22 - 79Brian Curtin15 Rounder Normal English
Elliott Mellor125 - 0Apterous PruneInstant Letters Attack Instant English
Apterous Prune0 - 120Elliott MellorInstant Letters Attack Instant English
Matt Croy124 - 0Apterous PruneInstant Letters Attack Instant English
Elliott Mellor128 - 0Apterous PruneInstant Letters Attack Instant English
Eoin Jackson86 - 20Liam Holton15 Rounder Normal English
Sherpa Shilty20 - 170Matt CroyConundrum Attack Normal English
Mr DogTD 7Chris ButlerCustom Dogfight English
Stephen R191 - 90Apterous WaldorfNasty Numbers Attack Nasty English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 160Matt CroyConundrum Attack Normal English
Mr DogTD 7Chris ButlerCustom Dogfight English
Martin Coxell [C]23 - 68Paul WCustom Normal English
Phil Collinge162 - 47Apterous WaldorfNasty Numbers Attack Nasty English
Mr DogTD 8Chris ButlerCustom Dogfight English
Antoinette Ryan92 - 62Andy SC15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 108Matt CroyInstant 15 Instant English
Apterous Prune0 - 137Liam O15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 73Ray WildingCustom Normal English
The Duellist0 - 76Stephen RCustom Normal English
Dan Byrom69 - 12Liam Holton15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 69Phil CollingeCustom Normal English
Sherpa Shilty10 - 190Jack SlaneConundrum Attack Normal English
Liam O112 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune10 - 113Liam O15 Rounder Normal English
Liam O108 - 10Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 131Liam O15 Rounder Normal English
Hazel Drury180 - 0Apterous PruneCustom Goatdown English
The Duellist10 - 49Sam ProuseCustom Normal English
Apterous Prime95 - 72Liam O15 Rounder Normal English
Martin Coxell [C]35 - 71Paul WCustom Normal English
Matt Croy148 - 0Apterous PruneInstant Letters Attack Instant English
The Duellist0 - 60Ian VolanteCustom Normal English
Florian Gray79 - 58Apterous Waldorf15 Rounder Normal English
Sherpa Shilty30 - 150Matt CroyConundrum Attack Normal English
Apterous Prime103 - 83Samir PilicaLetters Attack Normal English
Sherpa Shilty40 - 130Matt CroyConundrum Attack Normal English
Florian Gray97 - 51Apterous Nude15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 138Samir PilicaLetters Attack Normal English
Samir Pilica [C]113 - 114Jason TurnerCustom Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 102Florian Gray15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist10 - 56Jamie FrenchCustom Normal English
Samir Pilica135 - 0Apterous PruneLetters Attack Normal English
Paul W109 - 65Dan Byrom15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist10 - 48Jason TurnerCustom Normal English
The Duellist0 - 74Matt CroyCustom Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 134Matt CroyInstant Letters Attack Instant English
The Duellist10 - 59Darran PriorCustom Normal English
The Duellist10 - 60Andy SCCustom Normal English
Liam O106 - 123Apterous Prime15 Rounder Normal English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 110Roger VincentConundrum Attack Normal English
Sherpa Shilty10 - 160Jack SlaneConundrum Attack Normal English
Apterous Prime124 - 75Liam O15 Rounder Normal English
Sherpa Shilty10 - 180Jack SlaneConundrum Attack Normal English
Mr DogTD 8Roger VincentCustom Dogfight English
Liam O81 - 126Apterous Prime15 Rounder Normal English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 190Jack SlaneConundrum Attack Normal English
The Duellist10 - 54Roger VincentCustom Normal English
Apterous Prime107 - 115Liam O15 Rounder Normal English
Graham Persson [C]45 - 64Paul WCustom Normal English
Liam O73 - 114Apterous Prime15 Rounder Normal English
Graham Persson [C]53 - 57Paul WCustom Normal English
Mr DogTD 9Liam OCustom Dogfight English
Graham Persson [C]33 - 60Paul WCustom Normal English
Apterous Prune30 - 140Matt HallConundrum Attack Normal English
Mr DogTD 9Liam OCustom Dogfight English
Sherpa Shilty30 - 160Duke NgxConundrum Attack Normal English
Matt Hall153 - 0Apterous PruneNice Letters Attack Nice English
The Duellist10 - 68Liam OCustom Normal English
The Duellist0 - 54Ross AllattCustom Normal English
Apterous Prime112 - 85Liam O15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune10 - 160Matt HallConundrum Attack Normal English
The Duellist0 - 66Mark MurrayCustom Normal English
Liam O86 - 123Apterous Prime15 Rounder Normal English
Liam O80 - 90Apterous PruneOctorock Conundrum Attack Octorock English
Mr DogTD 12Jack SlaneCustom Dogfight English
Matt Hall170 - 20Apterous PruneConundrum Attack Normal English
Matt Hall124 - 99Apterous NudeGoat Attack Goatdown English
Apterous Prune0 - 150Elliott MellorLetters Attack Normal English
Mr DogTD 5Jack SlaneCustom Dogfight English
The Duellist0 - 76Amie BateenCustom Normal English
Dave Noble47 - 74Elliott MellorSpoilage 9 Spoilage English
Mr DogTD 5Jack SlaneCustom Dogfight English
The Duellist0 - 54Jack SlaneCustom Normal English
Elliott Mellor104 - 131Dave NobleSpoilage 9 Spoilage English
The Duellist0 - 58Anglo ItalianCustom Normal English
Elliott Mellor91 - 0Apterous PruneInstant Letters Attack Instant English
The Duellist0 - 66Gerry TynanCustom Normal English
Dave Noble23 - 42Elliott MellorInstant 9 Instant English
Kate Stannett [C]44 - 53Paul WCustom Normal English
Elliott Mellor50 - 120Dave NobleTouch Jnr Conundrum Attack Touch Jnr. English
Roy Bendall [C]38 - 42Paul WCustom Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 123Elliott MellorInstant Letters Attack Instant English
Denys Hollis [C]34 - 60Paul WCustom Normal English
The Duellist0 - 71Matt HamerCustom Normal English
The Duellist0 - 64Elliott MellorCustom Normal English
The Duellist0 - 58Tony AtkinsCustom Normal English
The Duellist0 - 52Julia HaywardCustom Normal English
David Clerkin [C]40 - 93Andrew HypesClassic 15 Normal English
Helen Mathieson [C]71 - 103Andrew HypesClassic 15 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 59John GilliesCustom Normal English
Jason Meek [C]32 - 107Andrew HypesClassic 15 Normal English
Ralph Manterfield [C]57 - 109Andrew HypesClassic 15 Normal English
Philip Whitnall [C]98 - 109Andrew HypesClassic 15 Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 200Dave NobleTouch Jnr Conundrum Attack Touch Jnr. English
Apterous Prune10 - 0Christy Cooper15 Rounder +TB Normal English
Andrew Hypes116 - 96Eoin Jackson15 Rounder Normal English
Johnny Canuck122 - 100Martin Hurst15 Rounder Normal English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 70Eoin JacksonConundrum Attack Normal English
Martin Hurst52 - 120Apterous Prime15 Rounder Normal English
Andrew Hypes84 - 85Martin Hurst15 Rounder Normal English
Eoin Jackson94 - 20Christy Cooper15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Velvet89 - 93Martin Hurst15 Rounder Normal English
Philip Griffiths [C]41 - 58Thomas ConwayCustom Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 182Sean FletcherGoat Attack Goatdown English
David Williams [C]105 - 123Hazel DruryClassic 15 Normal English
Mark Tournoff [C]85 - 113Hazel DruryClassic 15 Normal English
Martin Hurst115 - 107Apterous Soap15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 380Hazel DruryCustom Goatdown English
The Duellist10 - 57Hazel DruryCustom Normal English
Sherpa Shilty10 - 140Toby McDonaldConundrum Attack Normal English
Bradley Holland40 - 160Stewart WintleNice Conundrum Attack Nice English
Toby McDonald8 - 37The GuardianCustom Hyper English
Stewart Wintle180 - 0Apterous PruneNice Conundrum Attack Nice English
Jeffrey Hansford [C]84 - 61Philip AstonClassic 15 Normal English
Bradley Holland91 - 15Christy Cooper15 Rounder Normal English
The Guardian9 - 19Toby McDonaldCustom Hyper English
Toby McDonald93 - 10The GuardianCustom Junior English
Philip Aston39 - 59Johnny Canuck9 Rounder Normal English
The Guardian10 - 74Toby McDonaldCustom Goatdown English
Mick Keeble [C]47 - 37Philip AstonCustom Normal English
The Duellist10 - 68Johnny CanuckCustom Normal English
Sheila Reid [C]54 - 65Philip AstonCustom Normal English
Christy Cooper22 - 121Johnny Canuck15 Rounder Normal English
Toby McDonald119 - 39The GuardianCustom Junior English
The Duellist0 - 74Eoin JacksonCustom Normal English
The Guardian54 - 80Toby McDonaldCustom Goatdown English
Peter Godwin [C]83 - 79Thomas ConwayClassic 15 Normal English
Eoin Jackson103 - 65Toby McDonald15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 59Dave NobleCustom Normal English
Bob Knape [C]62 - 45Thomas ConwayCustom Normal English
Martin Hurst86 - 61Apterous Caesar15 Rounder Normal English
Toby McDonald44 - 50The GuardianCustom Goatdown English
The Duellist10 - 49Philip AstonCustom Normal English
The Duellist10 - 63Matt MorrisonCustom Normal English
Bradley Holland54 - 63Philip Aston9 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist10 - 39Christy CooperCustom Normal English
Apterous Plum81 - 89Martin Hurst15 Rounder Normal English
Simpatico Jones99 - 73Apterous SoapLetters Attack Normal English
Mr DogTD 7Toby McDonaldCustom Dogfight English
Philip Aston104 - 18Christy Cooper15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Caesar89 - 82Martin Hurst15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 61Toby McDonaldCustom Normal English
Toby McDonald142 - 0Apterous PruneLetters Attack Normal English
The Duellist0 - 73Marcus HaresCustom Normal English
The Duellist0 - 53Chris ButlerCustom Normal English
Martin Hurst113 - 61Apterous Plum15 Rounder Normal English
Mr DogTD 7Bradley HollandCustom Dogfight English
The Duellist0 - 75Martin HurstCustom Normal English
The Duellist10 - 58Emily CoxCustom Normal English
Gerry Tynan112 - 13Christy Cooper15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist10 - 63Bradley HollandCustom Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 73Toby McDonald9 Rounder Normal English

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