Games from 2015-05-31

Games played: 441. Players: 91 (not including bots).

Contestant 1ScoreContestant 2Format
Jack Worsley84 - 0Apterous PruneAegilops Letters Attack Aegilops English
Darran Prior71 - 0Apterous PruneNice 9 Nice English
Apterous Prune0 - 125Julie McCarthyHyper 15 Hyper English
Tracey Mills94 - 107John Vivian15 Rounder Normal English
Marcus Hares69 - 26Matty ArtellBullet 9 Normal English
Julie McCarthy102 - 0Apterous PruneHyper 15 Hyper English
Matty Artell46 - 62Marcus Hares9 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 123Tracey Mills15 Rounder Normal English
John Vivian97 - 65Matty Artell15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 102Julie McCarthyHyper 15 Hyper English
Mr DogTD 4James LavertyCustom Dogfight English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 180Jack SlaneConundrum Attack Normal English
Marcus Hares110 - 40Apterous PruneOctorock Conundrum Attack Octorock English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 80Chas MaxwellCustom Normal English
Mr DogTD 8James LavertyCustom Dogfight English
Mr DogTD 13Tracey MillsCustom Dogfight English
Paul W150 - 0Apterous PruneCustom Spoilage French
Julie McCarthy92 - 0Apterous PruneHyper 15 Hyper English
Matty Artell55 - 44Andy SC9 Rounder Normal English
Mr DogTD 5James LavertyCustom Dogfight English
Marcus Hares150 - 0Apterous PruneOctorock Conundrum Attack Octorock English
Mr DogTD 4Tracey MillsCustom Dogfight English
Apterous Prune0 - 144Robin MGoat Attack Goatdown English
Apterous Prune0 - 123Marcus HaresHypergoatdown Hypergoatdown English
The Duellist20 - 108Jim BentleyCustom Aegilops English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 60Chas MaxwellConundrum Attack Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 84Julie McCarthyHyper 15 Hyper English
Robin M157 - 0Apterous PruneGoat Attack Goatdown English
Apterous Soap72 - 77Matt HamerCustom Normal German
Sherpa Shilty0 - 50Chas MaxwellConundrum Attack Normal English
Johnny Canuck89 - 43Ian Linton9 Rounder Normal English
Ian Linton70 - 99Tracey Mills15 Rounder Normal English
Johnny Canuck68 - 47James Bailes9 Rounder Normal English
Jonathan Wynn112 - 104Jojo Apollo15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 90Paul WCustom Spoilage French
Frank Jones83 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Johnny Canuck101 - 91Jojo Apollo15 Rounder Normal English
Usman Mirza98 - 61Anglo Italian15 Rounder Normal English
Paul J Edwards107 - 92Harry Newton15 Rounder Normal English
Tracey Mills100 - 10Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Jojo Apollo106 - 88Jonathan Wynn15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 90Frank Jones15 Rounder Normal English
Jack Worsley138 - 100Johnny Canuck15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 56Darran Prior9 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 114Tracey Mills15 Rounder Normal English
Tony Atkins87 - 104Anglo Italian15 Rounder Normal English
Frank Jones120 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Tracey Mills106 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
The Guardian144 - 94Sean FletcherJunior Letters Attack Junior English
Jonathan Wynn115 - 114Jojo Apollo15 Rounder Normal English
Darran Prior54 - 10Apterous PruneNice 9 Nice English
Harry Newton82 - 98Paul J Edwards15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist10 - 67Anglo ItalianCustom Aegilops English
Sean Fletcher110 - 124The GuardianJunior Letters Attack Junior English
Apterous Prune0 - 117Frank Jones15 Rounder Normal English
Tony Atkins96 - 86Jojo Apollo15 Rounder Normal English
Julie McCarthy112 - 0Apterous PruneHyper 15 Hyper English
Paul J Edwards89 - 77Harry Newton15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 86James Laverty15 Rounder Normal English
Dave Noble59 - 115Jonathan Wynn15 Rounder Normal English
Marcus Hares59 - 10Apterous PruneHypergoat 9 Hypergoatdown English
Apterous Prune20 - 840Bojack HorsemanMocktorun Normal English
The Guardian118 - 74Sean FletcherJunior Letters Attack Junior English
Jojo Apollo51 - 0Apterous PruneFlat 9 Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 90Julie McCarthyHyper 15 Hyper English
Frank Jones111 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 81Marcus HaresHypergoat 9 Hypergoatdown English
Tony Atkins86 - 95Tracey Mills15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune10 - 56Marcus HaresHypergoat 9 Hypergoatdown English
Mr DogTD 7Michael CarrierCustom Dogfight English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 120Jonathan WynnConundrum Attack Normal English
Tony Atkins100 - 94Usman Mirza15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 140Michael CarrierNumbers Attack Normal English
Jonathan Wynn97 - 83Tracey Mills15 Rounder Normal English
Marcus Hares72 - 0Apterous PruneHypergoat 9 Hypergoatdown English
Robert Miller95 - 62Tony Atkins15 Rounder Normal English
Usman Mirza57 - 87Apterous Velvet15 Rounder Normal English
Ian Linton61 - 123Jonathan Wynn15 Rounder Normal English
Callum Todd158 - 0Apterous PruneHypertouch Letters Attack Hypertouch English
James Laverty68 - 0Apterous Prune9 Rounder Normal English
Tony Atkins107 - 65Ian Linton15 Rounder Normal English
Robert Miller122 - 137Robin MGoat Attack Goatdown English
Julie McCarthy98 - 0Apterous PruneHyper 15 Hyper English
Apterous Prune0 - 955Tracey MillsMocktorun Normal English
Apterous Nude48 - 95Florian Gray15 Rounder Normal English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 170Jonathan WynnConundrum Attack Normal English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 60Christopher MillerConundrum Attack Normal English
Tony Atkins95 - 94Ian Linton15 Rounder Normal English
Andy SC57 - 97Sean Fletcher15 Rounder Normal English
Paul W30 - 0Apterous PruneCustom Spoilage French
Apterous Prune0 - 7Jack WorsleyCustom Deepdown Spanish
Joyce Phillips85 - 88Julie McCarthy15 Rounder Normal English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 180Jonathan WynnConundrum Attack Normal English
Apterous Waldorf30 - 170Matt HamerCustom Aegilops English
Mr DogTD 4Chas MaxwellCustom Dogfight English
Mr DogTD 12Christopher MillerCustom Dogfight English
Jack Worsley82 - 0Apterous PruneCustom Goatdown Jnr. Spanish
Matt Hamer154 - 16Apterous WaldorfCustom Aegilops English
Paul W60 - 0Apterous PruneCustom Spoilage French
Robin M163 - 107Robert MillerGoat Attack Goatdown English
The Duellist30 - 106Sean FletcherCustom Aegilops English
Brett Davids71 - 99Michael Carrier15 Rounder Normal English
Julie McCarthy99 - 0Apterous PruneHyper 15 Hyper English
Matt Hamer146 - 17Apterous WaldorfCustom Aegilops English
Matt Croy100 - 0Apterous PruneBullet 15 Normal English
Mr DogTD 7Christopher MillerCustom Dogfight English
Joyce Phillips76 - 86Ciaran McCarthy15 Rounder Normal English
Christopher Miller111 - 0Apterous PruneGevin's Delight Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 108Matt CroyTouchblitz Jnr Touch Jnr. English
Michael Carrier125 - 0Apterous PruneNumbers Attack Normal English
Brett Davids113 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist10 - 143Matt HamerCustom Aegilops English
Matt Croy94 - 101Apterous Caesar15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 101Christopher Miller15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Nude70 - 127Robin MGoat Attack Goatdown English
Apterous Prune0 - 90Jordan F15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 189Callum ToddHypergoat Letters Attack Hypergoatdown English
Apterous Prune0 - 15Darran PriorNasty 9 Nasty English
Mr DogTD 11Matt CroyCustom Dogfight English
Apterous Prune30 - 160Robin MNice Conundrum Attack Nice English
Adam Finlay116 - 0Apterous PruneTouch Jnr Letters Attack Touch Jnr. English
Jordan F102 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
The Guardian130 - 60James HurrellDuckdown Conundrum Attack Duckdown English
Apterous Prune0 - 122Michael CarrierNumbers Attack Normal English
James Hurrell20 - 56The GuardianCustom Hyperlock English
The Duellist20 - 120Miriam NussbaumCustom Aegilops English
The Duellist0 - 136Matthew TassierCustom Aegilops English
Apterous Prune0 - 94Michelle NCustom Goatdown Jnr. Dutch
Apterous Prune0 - 100Jordan F15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 943Stephen RMocktorun Normal English
The Duellist10 - 87Michael CarrierCustom Aegilops English
Adam Dexter76 - 107Adam Gillard15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 84Paul WCustom Spoilage French
The Guardian17 - 28James HurrellCustom Hyperlock English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 170Jack SlaneConundrum Attack Normal English
Michelle N73 - 0Apterous PruneCustom Goatdown Jnr. Dutch
Jordan F109 - 99Tracey Mills15 Rounder Normal English
Jonathan Liew [C]92 - 70Keith WilliamsCustom Normal English
James Hurrell80 - 140The GuardianCustom Instant English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 160Jack SlaneConundrum Attack Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 60Michelle NCustom Goatdown Jnr. Dutch
Adam Gillard117 - 72Adam Dexter15 Rounder Normal English
Mr DogTD 4Keith WilliamsCustom Dogfight English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 190Jack SlaneConundrum Attack Normal English
Mr DogTD 6Keith WilliamsCustom Dogfight English
Robert Miller20 - 10Apterous PruneConundrum x3 Normal English
Michelle N15 - 10Apterous PruneDutch 9 Normal Dutch
Paul W80 - 0Apterous PruneCustom Spoilage Italian
The Guardian125 - 81James HurrellCustom Nasty English
Robert Miller63 - 53Tracey MillsCustom Normal English
Mr DogTD 4Keith WilliamsCustom Dogfight English
Lorrie Bronsema80 - 60Apterous Plum15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 31Michelle NDutch 9 Normal Dutch
Adam Dexter88 - 101Adam Gillard15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist20 - 77Keith WilliamsCustom Aegilops English
Apterous Prune50 - 130Eddy ByrneNice Conundrum Attack Nice English
James Hurrell20 - 170The GuardianCustom Octorock English
The Duellist10 - 138Ray WildingCustom Aegilops English
The Guardian120 - 80James HurrellCustom Octorock English
Mr DogTD 4Lorrie BronsemaCustom Dogfight English
James Hurrell50 - 150The GuardianCustom Octorock English
Gym Lad20 - 6Matty ArtellCustom Normal English
The Guardian150 - 50James HurrellCustom Octorock English
Eddy Byrne72 - 98Johnny Canuck15 Rounder Normal English
James Hurrell10 - 160The GuardianOmelette Conundrum Attack Omelette English
Stephen R113 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 78John SlaterCustom Aegilops English
Nita Marr [C]91 - 93Stephen RCustom Normal English
Mark James46 - 51Johnny Canuck9 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune10 - 41Marcus HaresSpanish 9 Normal Spanish
Apterous Prune0 - 91Anthony EndsorLockdown 15 Lockdown English
Johnny Canuck59 - 54Tracey Mills9 Rounder Normal English
Mark James102 - 77Robert Miller15 Rounder Normal English
Marcus Hares91 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Eddy Byrne98 - 90Tracey Mills15 Rounder Normal English
Anthony Endsor120 - 0Apterous PruneConundrum Attack Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 109Frank Jones15 Rounder Normal English
Matty Artell50 - 110Robert MillerConundrum Attack Normal English
Conor Travers [C]104 - 55Jayne WisniewskiClassic 15 Normal English
Lauren Hamer102 - 10Apterous PruneGoatdown Standard Goatdown English
Mark James102 - 115Eddy Byrne15 Rounder Normal English
Tracey Mills109 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune20 - 10Robert MillerConundrum x3 Normal English
The Guardian101 - 53James HurrellCustom Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 114Lauren HamerGoatdown Standard Goatdown English
Anthony Endsor54 - 49Robert Miller9 Rounder Normal English
Mr DogTD 7Jayne WisniewskiCustom Dogfight English
Frank Jones116 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Lauren Hamer101 - 0Apterous PruneGoatdown Standard Goatdown English
James Hurrell71 - 91The GuardianCustom Normal English
Anthony Endsor68 - 97Apterous Waldorf15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist10 - 104Kinky McslickbootyCustom Aegilops English
Robert Miller40 - 10Apterous PruneConundrum x5 Normal English
Apterous Prune20 - 30Robert MillerConundrum x5 Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 102Tracey Mills15 Rounder Normal English
Robert Miller93 - 74Mark James15 Rounder Normal English
The Guardian113 - 66James HurrellCustom Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 111Frank Jones15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist30 - 93Anthony EndsorCustom Aegilops English
Frank Jones102 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Callum Todd157 - 0Apterous PruneHypergoat Letters Attack Hypergoatdown English
The Duellist0 - 104Mark JamesCustom Aegilops English
Julie McCarthy110 - 0Apterous PruneHyper 15 Hyper English
Robin M108 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Mr DogTD 9Jayne WisniewskiCustom Dogfight English
Evelyn Schofield [C]60 - 119Paul JamesClassic 15 Normal English
The Duellist10 - 109Oli MooreCustom Aegilops English
Amey Deshpande [C]72 - 91Paul JamesClassic 15 Normal English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 70Chas MaxwellConundrum Attack Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 112Frank Jones15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist30 - 90Brett DavidsCustom Aegilops English
Paul James93 - 92Julie McCarthy15 Rounder Normal English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 100Chas MaxwellConundrum Attack Normal English
Sam Dodgshon15 - 13The GuardianCustom Normal English
The Duellist30 - 103Phyl StylesCustom Aegilops English
The Guardian21 - 22Sam DodgshonCustom Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 58Adam FinlayNice 9 Nice English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 90Chas MaxwellConundrum Attack Normal English
The Duellist10 - 94Jayne WisniewskiCustom Aegilops English
Julie McCarthy85 - 102Paul James15 Rounder Normal English
Adam Finlay119 - 0Apterous PruneTouch Jnr Letters Attack Touch Jnr. English
Sam Dodgshon5 - 21The GuardianCustom Normal English
Tracey Mills93 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 140Rahul SureshConundrum Attack Normal English
Apterous Velvet101 - 69Usman Mirza15 Rounder Normal English
Jordan F90 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 82Adam FinlayTouch Jnr Letters Attack Touch Jnr. English
Apterous Prune10 - 90Rahul SureshAegilops Conundrum Attack Aegilops English
Michelle N22 - 10Apterous PruneDutch 9 Normal Dutch
Paul James79 - 84Julie McCarthy15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist10 - 112Rahul SureshCustom Aegilops English
Apterous Prune0 - 115Julie McCarthyHyper 15 Hyper English
Sheila Alder [C]35 - 70Paul JamesCustom Normal English
Damian Eadie [C]33 - 43Paul JamesCustom Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 81Chris HareHyper Nasty Blitz Hyper Nasty English
Rahul Suresh828 - 0Apterous PruneMocktorun Normal English
The Duellist10 - 108Frank JonesCustom Aegilops English
Mr DogTD 9Julie McCarthyCustom Dogfight English
Apterous Prune10 - 76Marcus HaresHypergoat 9 Hypergoatdown English
Chris Hare10 - 0Apterous PruneCustom Normal English
Mr DogTD 7Julie McCarthyCustom Dogfight English
Apterous Caesar34 - 64Chris HareSpeed 9 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 141Chris HareCustom Aegilops English
Frank Jones95 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Liam O79 - 126Marcus Hares15 Rounder Normal English
Mr DogTD 4Julie McCarthyCustom Dogfight English
The Duellist20 - 86Phil CollingeCustom Aegilops English
The Duellist0 - 113Julie McCarthyCustom Aegilops English
Apterous Prune0 - 109Frank Jones15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 60Chris HareAegilops 9 Aegilops English
Apterous Prune0 - 140Robin MGoat Attack Goatdown English
Marcus Hares78 - 82Liam O15 Rounder Normal English
Ben Hocking88 - 89Paul James15 Rounder Normal English
Julie McCarthy153 - 0Apterous PruneCustom Aegilops English
Matt Hall96 - 139Robin MGoat Attack Goatdown English
Frank Jones97 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist20 - 97Lauren HamerCustom Aegilops English
Apterous Prune0 - 159Andy PlattLetters Attack Normal English
Liam O88 - 109Marcus Hares15 Rounder Normal English
Anne Bougourd [C]40 - 57Paul JamesCustom Normal English
The Guardian9 - 6Ben HockingCustom Junior English
Apterous Prune0 - 163Tracey MillsGoat Attack Goatdown English
Apterous Prune0 - 94Frank Jones15 Rounder Normal English
Paul James62 - 109Apterous Velvet15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 172Callum ToddHypergoat Letters Attack Hypergoatdown English
Ben Hocking10 - 11The GuardianCustom Junior English
The Duellist10 - 105Graeme ColeCustom Aegilops English
The Guardian140 - 0Ben HockingCustom Normal English
The Duellist30 - 57James LavertyCustom Aegilops English
The Duellist0 - 160Thomas CapplemanCustom Aegilops English
Callum Todd201 - 0Apterous PruneHypergoat Letters Attack Hypergoatdown English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 130Paul JamesConundrum Attack Normal English
Frank Jones107 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 195Callum ToddSpoilage Letters Attack Spoilage English
The Duellist10 - 137Zarte SiempreCustom Aegilops English
Apterous Prune0 - 109Frank Jones15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 140Matt HallNice Letters Attack Nice English
Frank Jones94 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Mr DogTD 13Rahul SureshCustom Dogfight English
Marcus Hares97 - 85James Rowan15 Rounder Normal English
Matt Hall133 - 0Apterous PruneGoat Attack Goatdown English
Mr DogTD 3Liam OCustom Dogfight English
The Duellist10 - 103Liam OCustom Aegilops English
Apterous Prune0 - 818Rahul SureshMocktorun Normal English
The Duellist20 - 75Anna WCustom Aegilops English
Fiona Booth [C]15 - 102Paul WClassic 15 Normal English
Michelle N18 - 10Apterous PruneSpanish 9 Normal Spanish
The Duellist0 - 139John BeresfordCustom Aegilops English
Apterous Prune10 - 58Liam OAegilops 9 Aegilops English
Marcus Hares47 - 10Apterous PruneDutch 9 Normal Dutch
Apterous Prune10 - 25Michelle NSpanish 9 Normal Spanish
Gym Lad20 - 5Liam OCustom Normal English
Apterous Prune10 - 33Marcus HaresDutch 9 Normal Dutch
Michelle N25 - 10Apterous PruneSpanish 9 Normal Spanish
Marcus Hares35 - 0Apterous PruneDutch 9 Normal Dutch
Apterous Prune10 - 34Marcus HaresDutch 9 Normal Dutch
Dave Noble54 - 83Liam O15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 104Julie McCarthyHyper 15 Hyper English
Marcus Hares45 - 10Apterous PruneDutch 9 Normal Dutch
Mr DogTD 6Chas MaxwellCustom Dogfight English
Apterous Prune10 - 50Michelle NDutch 9 Normal Dutch
Apterous Prune10 - 41Marcus HaresDutch 9 Normal Dutch
Apterous Prune0 - 92Paul WHypergoat Letters Attack Hypergoatdown English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 50Chas MaxwellConundrum Attack Normal English
Marcus Hares57 - 0Apterous Prune9 Rounder Normal English
Michelle N44 - 10Apterous PruneDutch 9 Normal Dutch
Sherpa Shilty0 - 100Liam OConundrum Attack Normal English
Julie McCarthy66 - 0Apterous PruneHyper 9 Hyper English
Apterous Prune10 - 31Michelle NDutch 9 Normal Dutch
Sherpa Shilty0 - 90Chas MaxwellConundrum Attack Normal English
Mr DogTD 4Lorrie BronsemaCustom Dogfight English
Apterous Prune0 - 66Julie McCarthyHyper 9 Hyper English
Apterous Prune0 - 30Michelle NDutch 9 Normal Dutch
Mr DogTD 4Lorrie BronsemaCustom Dogfight English
Dave Noble94 - 113Matty ArtellGoat Attack Goatdown English
The Duellist0 - 93Lorrie BronsemaCustom Aegilops English
Julie McCarthy52 - 0Apterous PruneHyper 9 Hyper English
Apterous Plum78 - 132Barry BridgerNumbers Attack Normal English
The Duellist30 - 68Tracey MillsCustom Aegilops English
Apterous Prune0 - 105Lauren HamerGoatblitz Goatdown English
Apterous Prune0 - 72Marcus Hares9 Rounder Normal English
Lauren Hamer105 - 0Apterous PruneGoatdown Standard Goatdown English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 110Chas MaxwellConundrum Attack Normal English
Marcus Hares76 - 0Apterous Prune9 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 71Marcus Hares9 Rounder Normal English
Barry Bridger66 - 82Apterous Plum15 Rounder Normal English
Marcus Hares68 - 0Apterous Prune9 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist30 - 74Matty ArtellCustom Aegilops English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 110Chas MaxwellConundrum Attack Normal English
Marcus Hares67 - 0Apterous Prune9 Rounder Normal English
Robert Miller96 - 78Julie McCarthy15 Rounder Normal English
Marjorie Turner [C]18 - 60Julie McCarthyCustom Normal English
The Duellist10 - 109Giles HCustom Aegilops English
The Duellist10 - 116Keith BCustom Aegilops English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 70Chas MaxwellConundrum Attack Normal English
Robert Miller0 - 30Apterous PruneConundrum x3 Normal English
Apterous Prune30 - 0Robert MillerConundrum x3 Normal English
The Duellist10 - 92Ian VolanteCustom Aegilops English
The Duellist30 - 106Ziggy DavidsonCustom Aegilops English
Robert Miller91 - 54Tricia Lockhart15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist20 - 93Tricia LockhartCustom Aegilops English
Robert Miller30 - 20Apterous PruneConundrum x5 Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 127Robert MillerGoat Attack Goatdown English
Robert Miller30 - 70Apterous PruneConundrum x10 Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 10Matthew BrockwellSudden Death Numbers Normal English
The Duellist20 - 128Matthew BrockwellCustom Aegilops English
Thomas Carey89 - 81Apterous PrimeCustom Normal English
Apterous Rex33 - 15Thomas CareyCustom Normal English
Thomas Carey0 - 7Apterous RexSudden Death Letters Normal English
The Duellist30 - 125Thomas CareyCustom Aegilops English
Mr DogTD 4Ben HockingCustom Dogfight English
Mr DogTD 3Ben HockingCustom Dogfight English
Sherpa Shilty0 - 190Jack SlaneConundrum Attack Normal English
The Duellist20 - 76Ben HockingCustom Aegilops English
The Duellist10 - 104Tony AtkinsCustom Aegilops English
The Duellist20 - 80Darran PriorCustom Aegilops English
Josephine Hollis [C]66 - 97Judith YoungCustom Normal English
Michelle N31 - 10Apterous PruneDutch 9 Normal Dutch
Apterous Prune10 - 40Michelle NDutch 9 Normal Dutch
The Duellist0 - 134Matt CroyCustom Aegilops English
Anthony Josephson [C]35 - 81Judith YoungClassic 15 Normal English
Michelle N38 - 10Apterous PruneDutch 9 Normal Dutch
Apterous Prune10 - 27Michelle NDutch 9 Normal Dutch
Eva Joseph [C]40 - 56Judith YoungCustom Normal English
Michelle N21 - 10Apterous PruneDutch 9 Normal Dutch
John Cruse [C]31 - 48Judith YoungCustom Normal English
Joseph Bartram [C]63 - 91Judith YoungClassic 15 Normal English
Apterous Prune10 - 37Michelle NDutch 9 Normal Dutch
Alan Young43 - 0Apterous PruneTouchdown 9 Touchdown English
Apterous Prune10 - 43Michelle NDutch 9 Normal Dutch
Josephine Keane [C]36 - 64Judith YoungCustom Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 58Alan YoungTouchdown 9 Touchdown English
John Josephs [C]57 - 97Judith YoungClassic 15 Normal English
Michelle N28 - 10Apterous PruneDutch 9 Normal Dutch
Alan Young59 - 0Apterous PruneTouchdown 9 Touchdown English
Apterous Prune10 - 25Michelle NDutch 9 Normal Dutch
Nick Rafferty [C]62 - 118Judith YoungClassic 15 Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 63Alan YoungTouchdown 9 Touchdown English
Michelle N32 - 10Apterous PruneDutch 9 Normal Dutch
Grace Page [C]61 - 94Jack SlaneClassic 15 Normal English
Alan Young52 - 10Apterous PruneTouchdown 9 Touchdown English
The Duellist10 - 99Michelle NCustom Aegilops English
Mr DogTD 15Judith YoungCustom Dogfight English
Apterous Prune0 - 39Alan YoungInstant 9 Instant English
Mr DogTD 5Judith YoungCustom Dogfight English
Mr DogTD 7Alan YoungCustom Dogfight English
Mr DogTD 5Jack SlaneCustom Dogfight English
Mr DogTD 4Judith YoungCustom Dogfight English
The Duellist10 - 95Judith YoungCustom Aegilops English
Mr DogTD 3Jack SlaneCustom Dogfight English
The Duellist10 - 116Jack SlaneCustom Aegilops English
Jack Slane94 - 0Apterous PruneAegilops 15 Aegilops English
Apterous Prune0 - 103Frank Jones15 Rounder Normal English
Mr DogTD 13Jack SlaneCustom Dogfight English
Apterous Prune0 - 98Frank Jones15 Rounder Normal English
Frank Jones105 - 0Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
Mr DogTD 1Alan YoungCustom Dogfight English
The Duellist10 - 106Alan YoungCustom Aegilops English
Apterous Plum67 - 99Barry Bridger15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist0 - 121John GilliesCustom Aegilops English
Dave Noble27 - 67The GuardianCustom Instant English
Apterous Sponge169 - 67Ray WildingTouchdown Letters Attack Touchdown English
The Duellist30 - 90Cake TigerCustom Aegilops English
Phil Collinge97 - 56Dave Noble15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 48Jack WorsleyCustom Goatdown Jnr. Spanish
Jack Worsley104 - 0Apterous PruneCustom Goatdown Jnr. Spanish
Apterous Prune0 - 20Jack WorsleyCustom Touch Jnr. Spanish
Apterous Prune0 - 217Quinn JamesCustom Nice CSW
Mr DogTD 11Dave NobleCustom Dogfight English
Rahul Suresh893 - 0Apterous PruneMocktorun Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 88Jordan F15 Rounder Normal English
Jordan F89 - 10Apterous Prune15 Rounder Normal English
The DuellistDuelCharlie ReamsSudden Death Letters Normal English
Apterous Prune10 - 101Jordan F15 Rounder Normal English
The Duellist10 - 139Marcus HaresCustom Aegilops English
Matt Hamer87 - 51Apterous SoapCustom Normal German
Apterous Soap60 - 56Matt HamerCustom Normal German
The Duellist0 - 83Dave NobleCustom Aegilops English
Apterous Soap98 - 55Matt HamerCustom Normal German
Apterous Prune0 - 128Lauren HamerGoatdown Standard Goatdown English
Jojo Apollo81 - 94Johnny Canuck15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 109Charlie Reams15 Rounder Normal English
Lauren Hamer99 - 0Apterous PruneGoatdown Standard Goatdown English
Andy SC76 - 79Adam Finlay15 Rounder Normal English
Jojo Apollo45 - 112Jack Worsley15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 126Lauren HamerGoatdown Standard Goatdown English
Adam Finlay62 - 0Apterous PruneNice 9 Nice English
The Duellist0 - 125James HurrellCustom Aegilops English
The Duellist30 - 39Andy SCCustom Aegilops English
Lauren Hamer111 - 0Apterous PruneGoatdown Standard Goatdown English
The Duellist10 - 18Martin BradleyCustom Aegilops English
Jack Worsley128 - 76Jojo Apollo15 Rounder Normal English
Apterous Prune0 - 75Adam FinlayNice 9 Nice English
The Duellist10 - 166Simpatico JonesCustom Aegilops English
The Duellist30 - 92Scott GilliesCustom Aegilops English
The Duellist30 - 104Adam FinlayCustom Aegilops English
Apterous Prune0 - 132Lauren HamerGoatdown Standard Goatdown English
Apterous Prune5 - 53Jojo ApolloFlat 9 Normal English
The Duellist0 - 98Robin MCustom Aegilops English
The Duellist10 - 129Stephen RCustom Aegilops English
The Duellist0 - 147Jack WorsleyCustom Aegilops English

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