What is apterous?

The first thing to say is that apterous is definitely not Countdown. It is not endorsed by Countdown, Channel 4 or anyone important at all. However, it is a game with rounds including numbers, letters and conundrums. This may sound familiar. You can play against your friends over the Internet, or other people's friends if you don't have any of your own. To play, just register and then log in. If you're having problems, head over to our FAQ and, if that doesn't work, please do email me and I'll do my best to help.

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Format: 11 rounds of 30 seconds.
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"Surprise me" button

Game feature request by Fiona T. Status: Unconfirmed.

I was thinking it would be nice to have a "surprise me" challenge button which would throw up random standard format for you to play. I found this ticket which appears to be similar, but is resolved, ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

16Up votes 10Down votes 4Replies

Flagging unpencilled words...

Brainstorm by Liam O. Status: Unconfirmed.

I wonder would it feasible and desirable to have unpencilled maxes appear in a red or blue font in the first position on the scoreboards while the game is in progress? I think it would be a good idea....or ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

26Up votes 1Down votes 0Replies

Player 1 should be on the left column in tourney fixture lists

Website feature request by Bradley Horrocks. Status: Unconfirmed.

Not much to add here, apart from mention at the moment it seems to be arranged by the system to put the oldest user in the left-hand column. [Read more] [More feature requests]

18Up votes 0Down votes 2Replies

Tournament editing

Website feature request by Matt Morrison. Status: Unconfirmed.

**Adding the ability to edit a tournament that is already in the system.** Description - presumably would be ok to edit at any time. Although if you think people would abuse the system or change rules ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

5Up votes 0Down votes 6Replies

non-CSW ODO words

Miscellaneous topic by Frank Jones. Status: Unconfirmed.

Does anyone have a list of them? More for curiosity than anything. I can't imagine there's very many. [Read more] [More miscellany]

15Up votes 0Down votes 2Replies

Recent formats shortcut.

Game feature request by Liam O. Status: Unconfirmed.

Whether they are full-custom formats, or, our most commonly played variants, it might be nice to able to access our most recently played formats at a glance or in two-clicks. Find an opponent, select an ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

14Up votes 0Down votes 12Replies

Seeking while playing ascension?

Brainstorm by Jonathan Wynn. Status: Unconfirmed.

Title says it all really-would this be possible? Also, any chance of a 'force bot to solve' option (I'm sure there are valid reasons as to why there isn't already, perhaps to do with fastest ascension ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

14Up votes 0Down votes 1Replies

Sortable tournament table listings (including game played date)

Website feature request by Matt Morrison. Status: Unconfirmed.

The impetus for requesting sortable tournament table listings was based around knowing which games were played most recently, hence lumping "add a column for game played date" into one ticket, hope that ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

22Up votes 0Down votes 50Replies

ZoomDown - looking for applicants!

Announcement by Callum Todd. Status: Unconfirmed.

In case you missed the pilot episode ([link]), ZoomDown is now a thing. Hosted by Paul Anderson, we're doing live broadcasts of 15 rounder games using the Zoom video chat software. ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

6Up votes 2Down votes 2Replies

Who won the duel necklaces?

Website feature request by Gevin Chapwell. Status: Unconfirmed.

"News: A total of 21 Duel Necklaces were awarded for July 2014." And it links to this [apterous link] which just tells you the total number of necklaces won by people. Maybe ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

10Up votes 1Down votes 6Replies

'Game played in your tournament' notification to link to game recap rather than tourney page

Website feature request by Callum Todd. Status: Unconfirmed.

When a fixture is played in a tourney you're running, and you have in-apterous notifications set, clicking that notification links to the main tourney page rather than the game itself. I use these notifications ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

10Up votes 2Down votes 2Replies

Previous duel votes to be more easily accessible

Website feature request by Gevin Chapwell. Status: Unconfirmed.

When you vote for tomorrow's duel format, you can click on the link for the previous day, but there are no links to any days before that. You can find them by manually changing the URL but I think it would ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

8Up votes 3Down votes 1Replies

Radio & Co Manchester

Miscellaneous topic by Mark Mills. Status: Unconfirmed.

Hi All, Sorry posting on here but tried everything to get my C4 Countdown Forum reset with no success, The Radio show will be back on air end of September more to follow, also what is the update on a Co-Manchester, ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

4Up votes 1Down votes 4Replies

Regarding the Submit button

Game feature request by Adam Finlay. Status: Unconfirmed.

I believe in the applet, when you've entered in your solution completely, you get the points as it stops the patience and everything once you've reached the target. This new broswer version requires the ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

13Up votes 0Down votes 2Replies

Option to receive both in-apterous and email notifications rather than just one or the other

Website feature request by Matt Morrison. Status: Unconfirmed.

Hopefully title is self-explanatory. This would be absolutely brilliant for me as far as being a tourney director goes (notifications on played games). If I'm not mistaken then this already happens for ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

13Up votes 0Down votes 1Replies

Search facility for users' posts

Website feature request by Gevin Chapwell. Status: Unconfirmed.

Often I'll post something on someone's game and I might want to find the discussion at a later date, but it can sometimes be difficult to. I think it would be could to be able to search for posts by a ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

11Up votes 3Down votes 29Replies

Pro Ranks - time for an overhaul?

Brainstorm by Marcus Hares. Status: Unconfirmed.

With seemingly fewer human vs human games, particularly among the upper echelons, is it time to give Pro Ranks a makeover? We have a situation where the #1 ranked player hasn't played a human in a 15 ... [Read more] [More miscellany]

13Up votes 0Down votes 0Replies

Picking frequencies revamp

Website feature request by Charlie Reams. Status: Unconfirmed.

This page is kind of cool [apterous link] but for some reason only shows 3 variants. It could do with some love. [Read more] [More feature requests]

11Up votes 1Down votes 7Replies

Ticket search should not be accessed via its own page

Website feature request by Matt Morrison. Status: Unconfirmed.

[apterous link] -> [apterous link] The search form should be on screen under the rest of the buttons - not hidden behind a button of its own on a separate ... [Read more] [More feature requests]

11Up votes 4Down votes 1Replies

Daily duel voting to come at top of home page same as game of the week voting

Website feature request by Jason Turner. Status: Unconfirmed.

I generally vote in game of the week because it appears once a week at the top of the home page. After more and more thinking who the chuff votes for theses duel's I was thinking of a way to prompt myself ... [Read more] [More feature requests]


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