Johnny Canuck

Johnny Canuck Were necklaces awarded for people who completed the duel on 4 June but for whom the server junked their results?

Jim B

Jim B 7th June, wasn't it? I remember being the first to do that Duel and was interested in seeing how far down from "1st of 1" I would fall over the day, but never got to find out. From the game archives, I think anyone who did that Duel before about five in the morning won't be counted. That said, I wouldn't put it past Charlie to somehow recover the games in the future and adjust stuff retrospectively, the clever bugger.

Johnny Canuck

Johnny Canuck Might have been 7 June. However, we did the duel. We. Did. It.

Dave Noble

Dave Noble Indeed - those that did the duel but never got credited with completing it, should get a necklace if the other 29 were completed

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