Johnny Canuck

Johnny Canuck Even in this virtual non-Countdonian utopia, Gyles Brandreth has the most guest appearances.

Johnny Canuck

Johnny Canuck Two Terry Wogans?

Elliott Mellor

Elliott Mellor Why is Rachel Riley not on here?

James Laverty

James Laverty Two Kammy's as well. Unbelievable Jeff!

Eoin Jackson

Eoin Jackson Weird.
Some notable omissions:-

Rachel Riley. :O
Jeff Stelling
Alison Heard
Des O'Connor
Des Lynam

Christy Cooper

Christy Cooper Eoin they all used to be characters

Eoin Jackson

Eoin Jackson Yes... I remember. But what I don't know is how long they've been rested/retired for, or why.

Christy Cooper

Christy Cooper
Des L, Rachel and Alison are back!

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Joseph H

Joseph H Never seen Marvin before

Johnny Canuck

Johnny Canuck Serious question: Has Kim Jong-Il's dialogue EVER shown up as anything other than question marks in any browser? Mine is pretty much as advanced as they come now.

Matty Artell

Matty Artell I'm pretty sure it was proper Korean script in the Java version, may be misremembering though

Phil Collinge

Phil Collinge When did we lose Josef Fritzl?

Joseph H

Joseph H Mitch Murray?

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