Help: Player profile pages

You can reach a player's profile page by clicking on their name wherever it appears on the site as a link, e.g. Matt Morrison.

Image When you are logged in, there is a permanent link to your own player profile page in the top-right corner, above the interactive search boxes.

At the top of a player profile, you'll see their picture (if available), and a quick summary of their stats - sign-up date, last log-in date, current rating (and associated player ranking), Image Daily Duel record, and wins/games record. Image apterous+ members are also pointed out as Generous Types.

Below the intro, there's a drop-down menu that lets you analyse that player's head-to-head record with any other player (Image apterous+ members only).

The last part of the player profile is split into five tabs:

Unless you have disabled cookies in your browser, the website will remember which tab you had open for future visits.

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