Help: Daily Duels

The Daily Duel is a daily contest in which every player plays the same set of rounds, so they make a great way to track your own improvement. Different Image game variants are used for the Duel.

Duel availability

The full set of Daily Duels is only available to Image apterous+ members. Basic free members get the chance to play two duels a week, one on Saturday and one on Sunday.

Results and rewards

At the end of the day, the scores are ranked and players receive Duel Points. These points don't affect your main apterous rating, and are just used to keep track of Duel performances for the month.

On the main Duel page, you can see the latest set of results, including links to view the results pages for each individual player's Duel.

The Haul of Legends shows the top overall performers in recent months, Winners shows the greatest players in terms of individual Duel wins, the Archive helps you find past Duels, and the Statistics page offers up some interesting Duel-based facts.

For obvious reasons, Duel scores, selections, and declarations remain hidden until full results have been published. This includes current games and completed game notifications in the game itself, as well as player profiles and game lists on the website.

Playing a Duel

Image[/url] If there is a new Duel available to you, it will appear as an invite in your challenge list as soon as you load apterous. As usual, you can see the round structure and the game format on the challenge entry. Press Accept to open the game room.

A fresh duel is made available at midnight each day - if you are signed in to the game at the time, you will need to close the game window and re-open it before the new duel will appear in your challenge list. Also, make sure you have enough time to finish the duel before the midnight deadline, duels completed after this time will not count towards the results.

Your opponent, The Duellist, will never score any points.

If a duel is interrupted for any reason, you can resume it by logging out from the game lobby and then logging back in - the Duel will then be sat in your challenge list ready to be resumed.

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