Daily Duel

The Daily Duel is a (usually) daily contest in which every player plays the same set of rounds. At the end of the day, the scores are ranked and players receive Duel Points; the lowest-ranked player receives 1 Point, the second-lowest 2, and so on. These Duel points are tracked for the whole month, and the top three players for a given month are recorded in the Haul of Legends. The Duel is open to everyone at weekends, and to subscribers every day. The format each day is determined by a vote the previous day.

Standings for
April 2020
Latest results
1stElliott Mellor851
2ndCallum Todd841
3rdChris Hare831
4thHazel Drury821
5thMartin Thomas811
5thThomas Cappleman811
7thAmie Bateen791
8thMatt Hamer781
9thBradley Horrocks771
10thMartin Hurst761
11thMatt Croy751
12thJim M741
12thMarcus Hares741
12thRay Wilding741
15thTim Down711
16thJohnny Canuck701
16thVincent Barcet701
18thJim Goloboy681
18thStephen R681
20thTracey Mills661
21stJamie French651
22ndJohn Beresford641
23rdSam Cappleman-Lynes631
24thChad Lucas621
24thJoseph H621
26thRonan M H601
27thJonny D591
27thLiam Hughes591
27thRoger Vincent591
30thDavid Barnard561
30thEdward Ashcroft561
32ndAnglo Italian541
32ndToby McDonald541
34thGeorge Armstrong521
35thMark Murray511
35thMatty Artell511
37thBrendan Whitehurst491
38thSuzy Turner481
39thJames Hall471
40thJohn Gillies461
41stGerry Tynan451
42ndSamir Pilica441
43rdGraeme Cole431
43rdLiam O431
45thOliver Solamath411
46thSam Shepherd401
47thWilliam R Draper391
48thElizabeth Beer381
48thJayne Wisniewski381
48thRoss Allatt381
51stKeith C Williams351
51stPaul Anderson351
51stRobin M351
54thMichael Carrier321
55thDave Ryan311
55thMartyn Simpson311
57thFiona T291
58thCammy L-281
58thTony Atkins281
60thMiles Elliott261
61stJames Laverty251
62ndDave Robjohns241
62ndRahul Suresh241
64thKaren Pearson221
65thAmar Chotai211
66thAdam Beach201
66thMark Tournoff201
68thGary With One R Woodward181
69thEmily Cox171
69thJason Turner171
71stSteve H151
72ndAlan Lloyd141
73rdRoss Jeffries131
74thJames Hurrell121
75thSteven Tew111
76thBen Leyburn101
76thJudith Young101
76thSteven Oldham101
79thMatthew S Rutherford71
80thIan Volante61
81stAnthony Endsor51
82ndTricia Lockhart41
83rdIain Sime31
84thSean D21
85thAndy SC11

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