Daily Duel

The Daily Duel is a (usually) daily contest in which every player plays the same set of rounds. At the end of the day, the scores are ranked and players receive Duel Points; the lowest-ranked player receives 1 Point, the second-lowest 2, and so on. These Duel points are tracked for the whole month, and the top three players for a given month are recorded in the Haul of Legends. The Duel is open to everyone at weekends, and to subscribers every day. The format each day is determined by a vote the previous day.

Standings for
October 2020
Latest results
1stElliott Mellor233227
2ndMatt Hamer223627
3rdChris Hare220827
4thSam Cappleman-Lynes211827
5thRay Wilding211427
6thThomas Cappleman207827
7thStephen R207427
8thToby McDonald202627
9thThomas Carey190727
10thMark Murray189727
11thBradley Horrocks186124
12thMatthew Tassier178327
13thTim Down178227
14thHazel Drury176825
15thMartin Thomas175927
16thLiam O173227
17thEoin Monaghan171924
18thAmie Bateen163326
19thOliver Garner163123
20thJonny D162127
21stDave Robjohns160527
22ndMartin Hurst159427
23rdVincent Barcet157827
24thJames Hurrell155127
25thMark Tournoff152226
26thKeith C Williams150727
27thGeorge Armstrong148827
28thJamie French147527
29thBrendan Whitehurst145227
30thLauren Hamer142726
31stJim Goloboy139523
32ndJohn Beresford136820
33rdCammy L136625
34thWilliam R Draper135222
35thRobin M130023
36thIan Volante125926
37thAnthony Endsor125027
38thTony Atkins124627
39thTracey Mills124524
40thJason Turner122727
41stBen H122324
42ndPaul Anderson122027
43rdDave Ryan121925
44thStu Harkness121126
45thMatt Croy117418
46thRoss Allatt113924
47thMiles Elliott111225
48thEeshan Malhotra110724
49thFiona T109927
50thGerry Tynan109118
51stRoger Vincent108622
52ndDave O'Donnell104327
52ndAdam Dexter104324
54thAlex H102422
55thAnglo Italian95324
56thSean D93518
57thJohn Gillies93025
58thAlan Lloyd92327
59thCillian McMulkin85616
60thDarren Godfrey83625
61stCallum Todd83511
62ndJudith Young82927
62ndSteven Oldham82923
64thIain Sime79826
65thMarcus Hares78912
66thEmily Cox77323
67thAmar Chotai77025
68thEdward Ashcroft74914
69thWesley Barton69926
70thOlly Caleb Walker69822
70thRonan M Higginson 6989
72ndSteven Tew69726
73rdElizabeth Beer68416
74thAlan O'Sullivan67926
75thAdam Finlay66418
76thAnthony M65325
77thAndy SC63727
78thDamian McEvoy62527
79thOliver Solamath57812
80thTom Coldron57320
81stBarry Evans55310
82ndJayne Wisniewski53718
83rdCiaran Crawley52912
84thA A Hirsi51919
85thNicky Clarke51324
86thJosh Boddy5006
87thGraeme Cole4838
88thNikki Saarsteiner45718
89thSuzy Turner45316
90thPhilip Aston4476
91stTricia Lockhart40625
92ndRhys Benjamin37623
93rdRoss Jeffries37412
93rdLuke Selway37411
95thEoin Jackson36810
96thJosh Hurst3575
97thLiam Shaw3438
98thMartyn Simpson3305
99thChris Butler3287
100thPeter J Clarke3207
101stJohn Slater3197
102ndPhil Hannan3026
103rdJames Rowan2824
104thJohn Doherty27911
105thNiall Waters2698
106thNoel Mcilvenny2643
107thJon O'Neill2624
108thPhil S2536
109thRob Foster2483
110thJonathan Wynn2373
111thBen Wilson2355
112thOliver C2285
113thDerek Matthews2248
114thNorm Ahmad2234
115thStewart Scott22216
116thDavid Kempshall21311
117thRichard Appleyard20211
118thJulia Hayward1835
119thJames Haughton1823
120thBrett Davids1803
121stMatty Artell1755
122ndBradley Holland1703
123rdTal Lessner1623
124thGevin Chapwell1534
125thMatt Conway1492
126thJack Worsley1472
127thChas Maxwell1424
128thTom Drohan1419
129thKeith Williams1399
130thMichael Cullen1376
131stDamien Doughty1327
132ndJenny Mack1302
133rdPatrick Thompson1182
134thBrendan Duke1094
135thSimpatico Jones1031
135thSteve H1031
137thMatthew Brockwell981
138thDom Boyd841
139thStephen Holford794
140thConor Travers751
141stEddy Byrne721
142ndCallum Carton716
143rdFiona H684
144thJojo Apollo633
145thMaria Chandler547
146thSpike Guthrie521
147thSam Prouse502
147thJake Gander501
149thDamo Banks482
150thOliver Pennant433
151stClaire S417
152ndCiaran McCarthy372
153rdJ Bartram3613
154thMichael Wallace301
155thLee Simmonds291
156thPaul Talmey231
157thAnuj Shetty171
158thSam Schmedlapp111
159thRichard Purcell101
160thFin Ha52
161stChristopher Kirtley41
162ndSara Smith21
162ndTyrese Wormely21
164thBen Welch11
164thCoco Five11
164thIan Lowry11

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