Fiona T

Fiona T Might be a temporary glitch, but your spreadsheet's gone a bit wonky Dave!

Martyn Pegram

Martyn Pegram Restart - all games cancelled, start again!!!

Martyn Pegram

Martyn Pegram :D

Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns Ta - for some reason one of the formulas wasn't copied down far enough so it counted the win/loss but not the fact you had played! Sorted :)

Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns One week left to get these games done for Season 15 - so now is the ideal time to be sending out those aptomails and getting the remaining fixtures done.

We have 3 players who are yet to play - though all have been around on apto - so if you three want to suggest any block times to try and get multiple games done that might work well!

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Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns I'm thinking about changing the season length from S16 onwards. To have your say on that, please vote in the comments here:

Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns Right - this division is on a knife edge! Thomas has been unable to play games for much of the season but has played this week so I am keen to use the one admin day before S16 starts to get some more games in here. If he does not play any more on 1st August, the 4 games played are excluded from the table by the rules.

Plenty of other unplayed games too so please use this opportunity if you can to get the season sorted :)

Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns Oh, to add - the games usually show for a bit after the end of a round, but if they don't, please play a standard 15 rounder and mail me the link - cheers

Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns Thanks to all who managed to get extra games in today - and apologies to anyone who's outcome was adversely affected by it - but always keen to get more games played!!

Congratulations to James - who played his first league game of the season on 26th July - on taking the D3 title for the first time! Leaping up the table out of nowhere, he ended up 3 clear of a trio on 8 wins - and Stevie sneaks into the second promotion spot courtesy of points difference, with Adam and Fiona unfortunately missing out this time. Strong results too from Sean and Tracey, who may be left rueing a few unplayed games.

Perhaps chuffed about some of the unplayed games are a few survivors near the bottom of D3 - as we lose Thomas & Barry this time.

Thanks all for playing, and good luck for Season 16!

Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns Stats:

Best letters: James 62%
Best numbers: Martyn 84%
Best cons: Sean 63%
Total maxes: Steven 112
Most 9s: Fiona 8 (D3 record)
HS: Sean 132
Most maxes: James 13
Crucials won: Tracey 5 (D3 record)
Crucials lost: John 4

Fiona was just short of promotion but did become D3's most successful player with 144 points up here!

Other stats

Tourney round: AptoLeague: S15 Division 3

<< S15 Division 2 | S15 Division 4 >>

Notes from the organizer: Two D3 first timers here after promotions - Thomas and Martyn!

Ran from: 3 June – 31 July 2022. Format: 15 Rounder. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Dave Robjohns.

Fixtures: 78. Completed: 59.

Results and fixtures

Player 1Player 2Status
Adam DexterBen H110 – 85
Adam DexterBrett Davids99 – 96
Brett DavidsBen HUnplayed
Adam DexterEoin Jackson113 – 81
Eoin JacksonBen HUnplayed
Eoin JacksonBrett DavidsUnplayed
Adam DexterFiona T95 – 98
Fiona TBen H106 – 91
Brett DavidsFiona T81 – 84
Eoin JacksonFiona T85 – 95
James HurrellAdam Dexter97 – 98
James HurrellBen H105 – 95
James HurrellBrett Davids96 – 71
James HurrellEoin Jackson119 – 63
James HurrellFiona T102 – 101
Adam DexterJohn Doherty109 – 62
John DohertyBen HUnplayed
Brett DavidsJohn Doherty97 – 89
Eoin JacksonJohn Doherty88 – 70
Fiona TJohn Doherty83 – 74
James HurrellJohn Doherty77 – 72
Lee SimmondsAdam Dexter91 – 87
Lee SimmondsBen HUnplayed
Lee SimmondsBrett Davids78 – 86
Lee SimmondsEoin Jackson82 – 69
Lee SimmondsFiona T87 – 99
James HurrellLee Simmonds129 – 91
Lee SimmondsJohn DohertyUnplayed
Adam DexterMartyn Pegram97 – 68
Ben HMartyn Pegram102 – 90
Brett DavidsMartyn Pegram67 – 91
Eoin JacksonMartyn Pegram77 – 93
Fiona TMartyn Pegram120 – 91
James HurrellMartyn Pegram109 – 64
John DohertyMartyn Pegram110 – 108
Lee SimmondsMartyn Pegram87 – 77
Adam DexterSean D88 – 87
Sean DBen H123 – 79
Sean DBrett Davids107 – 87
Eoin JacksonSean D88 – 63
Sean DFiona T104 – 92
James HurrellSean DUnplayed
Sean DJohn Doherty101 – 77
Lee SimmondsSean DUnplayed
Sean DMartyn Pegram103 – 88
Adam DexterSteven Grady71 – 87
Ben HSteven Grady90 – 99
Brett DavidsSteven Grady113 – 98
Eoin JacksonSteven Grady54 – 109
Fiona TSteven Grady87 – 95
James HurrellSteven Grady115 – 107
John DohertySteven Grady89 – 106
Lee SimmondsSteven Grady52 – 120
Martyn PegramSteven Grady92 – 117
Sean DSteven Grady132 – 95
Adam DexterTom Lock84 – 85
Ben HTom Lock108 – 75
Brett DavidsTom LockUnplayed
Eoin JacksonTom LockUnplayed
Fiona TTom Lock119 – 102
James HurrellTom Lock119 – 86
John DohertyTom LockUnplayed
Lee SimmondsTom LockUnplayed
Martyn PegramTom LockUnplayed
Sean DTom LockUnplayed
Tom LockSteven Grady52 – 120
Adam DexterTracey Mills118 – 106
Tracey MillsBen HUnplayed
Tracey MillsBrett DavidsUnplayed
Eoin JacksonTracey Mills84 – 100
Tracey MillsFiona T120 – 112
James HurrellTracey Mills86 – 92
Tracey MillsJohn DohertyUnplayed
Lee SimmondsTracey MillsUnplayed
Tracey MillsMartyn Pegram113 – 54
Tracey MillsSean DUnplayed
Tracey MillsSteven Grady98 – 88
Tracey MillsTom Lock104 – 93

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. (Stripes: provisional, match in progress.)

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