Callum Todd

Callum Todd Hurricane Canuck has struck Oklahoma! Huge score.

Matthew S Rutherford

Matthew S Rutherford Not quite the type of severe weather I was warning you about...#Canuck2020 seems on course for a very impressive landslide. 9th highest score in this format. Early days, though...

Dave Robjohns

Dave Robjohns Enjoying Sean D's election tactics so far of either smashing in a good score or submitting 'cunt' every round, there appears to be no in-between :')

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Callum Todd

Callum Todd It was only going to be a matter of time until this election was marred in a debate about what constitutes 'presidential language'.

Sean D

Sean D :) if a game's going to sh1te after 3 or 4 rounds I'm not averse to junking the game. Vermont is where it's at, obvs.

Johnny Canuck

Johnny Canuck Whoa, this top 10 finish is news to me! Thanks Callum.

Matthew S Rutherford

Matthew S Rutherford A margin of 7 points gives #Canuck2020 7 electoral votes. Puts him into third overall. If things stay as they are, #Todd2020 will go ahead into second with 10 from MN. #Mellor2020 will equal Johnny with 7 if nothing changes in ME-01.

TX live now, with the wonders of Spoliage (don't worry #Tassier2020, the numbers will show up). Heading for you as well this week is Utah (6 votes, Unlimited Jnr 15) and Tennessee (11 votes, Standard Blitz).

Oh, and one more thing. If I'm around and games are being played, am I OK to spec? Can be fun to watch them play out live. If you'd rather not, just say and I'll avoid. Ta :D

Matthew Tassier

Matthew Tassier Yay! Personally I never have a problem with people speccing. I think the default should always be that tournament organiser is free to spec unless particular people request him not to.

Tourney round: Apterous Presidential Election: Oklahoma

<< Vermont | Minnesota >>

Notes from the organizer: Whilst our own version of Bush v Gore plays out in NC, time to head for the Midwest again-Oklahoma. If you can drive through this state without a tornado destroying your vehicle and throwing you five miles back down the road, count yourself lucky. Back to the fast-moving variants. Winner takes 7 electoral votes. Format is an Instant 15. I don't care how close the scores are-just don't get the Supreme Court involved.

Gubbins here-[link]

Ran from: 24 – 30 March 2020. Format: Instant 15. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Matthew S Rutherford.

Fixtures: 39. Completed: 39.

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