Matthew S Rutherford

Matthew S Rutherford Second max game of the election-#Oliver2020 scores 80, but that is only enough to see him into second place.

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Ian Volante

Ian Volante Second-lowest max ever seen in my game. Not useful for a tournament.

Callum Todd

Callum Todd someone's interfering with the election Ian!

Matthew S Rutherford

Matthew S Rutherford Помехи? Я не вижу вмешательства.

Matthew S Rutherford

Matthew S Rutherford Slight Portillo moment-#Sean2020 surges into a 5-point lead over early front-runner #Jim2020 to possibly nick a minnow. Maxes have played a large part here. OK live now, folks. Standard has been sublime so far.

Matthew S Rutherford

Matthew S Rutherford Not many max games in a tourney would only be enough to see you into mid-table. #Oliver2020, #RMH2020 and #Hare2020 all score perfect games. But that ain't enough. #Sean2020 pilfers the 3 electoral votes with 87; the low maxes frustrating many others. The clusterfucks that are Maine and Texas fast approach. Onwards!

Tourney round: Apterous Presidential Election: Vermont

<< North Carolina | Oklahoma >>

Notes from the organizer: Leaping back up to the Northeast; Vermont. Home of Bernie Sanders-America's favourite progressive who'll still totally win/a deep-state communist who'll bankrupt us all (depends on who you ask). Winner only takes 3 electoral votes. Format is a Junior 9. Best of luck.

Gubbins here-[link]

Ran from: 21 – 27 March 2020. Format: Junior 9 Rounder. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Matthew S Rutherford.

Fixtures: 41. Completed: 41.

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