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Tourney round: Apterous Seniors Championship 2020: Sign-up Page

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Notes from the organizer: The Apterous Seniors Championship is open to all players aged 40 or above as of 31st December 2019, therefore this year we are welcoming those born in 1979 [link]

Reverting this year to a straight knock-out, all matches prior to the Quarter-Finals will be Best of 3. From the Quarter-Finals onwards, all matches will be best of 5.

The Group Stage trialled last year will not return. Sadly, the number of unplayed matches made the format untenable. The intention behind the group stage format was to introduce more variety, particulary for those who with the straight seeding system were faced with a predictably tough opening fixture year on year.

To try and reduce this predictability, and yet still return to a straight knockout, I have decided the run with just 4 seeds, all of whom will be treated equally. The first seed will be the defending Champion, the other three will be those with the highest Pro-Rank on Monday 13th January.

Two weeks will be allowed for each round, although I would ideally like to complete the Tournament by end of February.
Sign-ups will only be open for one week this year so please don't get caught out.
I would also like to recommend that as many people as possible can attend the site on the following dates so we can get the Tournament off to a flying start. I will be on hand to add fixtures should anybody be in a position to play two matches : Monday 13th Jan/Wednesday 15th Jan/Monday 20th Jan/Wednesday 22nd Jan - All from 8pm.

As usual, players who are either unwilling or unable to confirm their identity and/or birthdate (if required) will not be accepted for this tournament. This caveat is included to protect the integrity of the competition and will not be (and has not been) required in most cases.

Entries will close on Sunday 12th January 2020

Glory Roll :
2015 Marcus Hares
2016 John Beresford
2017 Marcus Hares
2018 Amie Bateen
2019 Amie Bateen

Ran from: 4 – 12 January 2020. Format: 15 Rounder. Matches: Best-of-3. Approved.

Organizers: Marcus Hares, Phil Collinge.

Fixtures: 0. Completed: 0.

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