Matty Artell

Matty Artell I did this in two parts because I forgot I wasn't supposed to, sorry

Matthew Tassier

Matthew Tassier No probs.
Just don't do it again! :)

Tim Down

Tim Down Is that a thing? I think I've done every round in one go (except when Apterous occasionally hangs and requires a refresh) but I didn't realise this was a rule.

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Tim Down

Tim Down OK, I see it in the rules. Sorry I didn't read them carefully. I promise I'll stick to it in future.

Tim Down

Tim Down I think I got called away near the end of one game, now I think about it. You probably already know that.

Chris Butler

Chris Butler You're on thin ice Tim

Thomas Carey

Thomas Carey there's been too much controversy this round tbh i think we should just scrap it and redo it, not at all because i stupidly decided to do mine while doing like 5 other things lmao thanks for hosting as always tassman

Ian Birdman

Ian Birdman I also may have done one round in 2 sittings when I was in a hotel and room service came. Sorry! (I had the chicken wings followed by a chocolate brownie; it was edible).

Tourney round: Weakest Link Numbers Tournament 2019: Round 9 - Nice

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Notes from the organizer: Round nine is the surprisingly late appearance this year of the Nice format, with a game against Apterous Rex. With targets (51-500) in Nice guaranteed to be achievable without needing to use all the available numbers this format is fairly friendly. Rex, however, is not and will obviously solve everything so it's a case of dead-on or nothing here.

The two lowest scoring players will leave the tournament this round. If there is a tie for lowest score then total score in the tournament so far (see notes by matches) will decide who we lose.
Good luck!

Ran from: 4 – 17 February 2019. Format: Nice Numbers Attack. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Matthew Tassier.

Fixtures: 36. Completed: 36.

Results and fixtures

NotesPlayer 1Player 2Status
1545Apterous RexBradley Horrocks200 – 190
1530Apterous RexZarte Siempre200200
1526Apterous RexVincent Barcet200200
1513Apterous RexThomas Cappleman200200
1504Apterous RexGevin Chapwell200200
1458Apterous RexJohnny Canuck200200
1446Apterous RexJon Wilford200200
1445Apterous RexEdward Ashcroft200 – 190
1445Apterous RexJonny D200200
1445Apterous RexMarcus Hares200200
1432Apterous RexHerbert Plank200200
1415Apterous RexAdam Driscoll.200 – 170
1391Apterous RexKeith C Williams200200
1381Apterous RexThomas Carey200 – 170
1374Apterous RexDan Byrom200 – 190
1361Apterous RexAndy SC200 – 190
1335Apterous RexSam Prouse200 – 180
1334Apterous RexMatty Artell200 – 180
1319Apterous RexAlex H200 – 190
1303Apterous RexPiaras M Carney200 – 190
1275Apterous RexJason Turner200 – 190
1509Apterous RexJack Worsley200 – 190
1428Apterous RexPhil Collinge200 – 170
1534Apterous RexSean Fletcher200200
1452Apterous RexNorm Ahmad200200
1414Apterous RexTony Atkins200 – 170
1436Apterous RexJon Elmer200 – 180
1488Apterous RexIan Birdman200200
1336Apterous RexNeil Collins200 – 190
1491Apterous RexSean D200200
1469Apterous RexChris Butler200 – 190
1557Apterous RexElliott Mellor200200
1461Apterous RexJamie French200200
1552Apterous RexTim Down200200
1342Apterous RexElizabeth Beer200 – 170
1452Apterous RexJames Laverty200 – 170

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. Light green/red: provisional. White: unplayed.

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