Spike Guthrie

Spike Guthrie Hi Matthew, though I probably ought to prematurely say my thanks an goodbyes at this round, I'd like you to note that I clicked off mid-round in a panic as the phone rang, when I had nothing, but subsequently got 10 on the new sum.Thanks

Matthew Tassier

Matthew Tassier Cheers for the heads-up Spike, honesty appreciated. We have seen a couple of scores lower than that in previous years, but your chances probably aren't great!

Chris Butler

Chris Butler My game crashed after R7. I waited a good few minutes before exiting/re-entering, which the chat log and my screen shots can testify if needs be :)

Tourney round: Weakest Link Numbers Tournament 2019: Round 8 - Hyper

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Notes from the organizer: In round eight it's our first visit into the realm of larger numbers with a game in Hyper format against Apterous Waldorf. Hyper has a more generous 45 second round limit, which may come in handy as Waldorf will surprisingly max most, if not all, rounds and will choose the sometimes awkward 1 large.

The TWO lowest scoring players in this round will leave the tournament. If there is a tie for lowest scores then margin of victory/defeat will be taken into account amongst tied players followed, if necessary, by total score in the tournament so far (see notes by matches). Good luck!

Ran from: 1 – 14 February 2019. Format: Hyper Numbers Attack. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Matthew Tassier.

Fixtures: 38. Completed: 38.

Results and fixtures

NotesPlayer 1Player 2Status
1355Apterous WaldorfBradley Horrocks180 – 190
1354Apterous WaldorfSean Fletcher190 – 180
1352Apterous WaldorfTim Down190 – 200
1350Apterous WaldorfZarte Siempre200 – 180
1346Apterous WaldorfVincent Barcet200 – 180
1339Apterous WaldorfJack Worsley170 – 170
1334Apterous WaldorfGevin Chapwell190 – 170
1333Apterous WaldorfThomas Cappleman200 – 180
1319Apterous WaldorfChris Butler190 – 150
1308Apterous WaldorfJohnny Canuck184 – 150
1305Apterous WaldorfMarcus Hares180 – 140
1302Apterous WaldorfNorm Ahmad190 – 150
1300Apterous WaldorfSpike Guthrie180 – 70
1286Apterous WaldorfJon Wilford190 – 160
1284Apterous WaldorfTony Atkins190 – 130
1276Apterous WaldorfJon Elmer200 – 160
1272Apterous WaldorfHerbert Plank190 – 160
1268Apterous WaldorfPhil Collinge190 – 160
1265Apterous WaldorfAdam Driscoll.190 – 150
1265Apterous WaldorfJonny D180 – 180
1245Apterous WaldorfEdward Ashcroft190 – 200
1241Apterous WaldorfAndy SC200 – 120
1231Apterous WaldorfThomas Carey200 – 150
1224Apterous WaldorfDan Byrom170 – 150
1223Apterous WaldorfPiaras M Carney200 – 80
1221Apterous WaldorfKeith C Williams180 – 170
1219Apterous WaldorfAlex H180 – 100
1204Apterous WaldorfMatty Artell170 – 130
1196Apterous WaldorfSam Shepherd200 – 80
1195Apterous WaldorfSam Prouse200 – 140
1145Apterous WaldorfJason Turner190 – 130
1318Apterous WaldorfIan Birdman190 – 170
1226Apterous WaldorfNeil Collins180 – 110
1321Apterous WaldorfSean D190 – 170
1377Apterous WaldorfElliott Mellor200 – 180
1322Apterous WaldorfJames Laverty180 – 130
1182Apterous WaldorfElizabeth Beer200 – 160
1281Apterous WaldorfJamie French180 – 180

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. Light green/red: provisional. White: unplayed.

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