Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney So, this marks the end of Cycle 27.
Congrats to Thomas Carey, our Supreme Champion, and to Spike, Tracey, James and Andy for their promotions! :D
Commiserations to Robin, Matty, Sean and Ross for their unfortunate relegations :( Hopefully you'll all bounce back next cycle.
(Looking forward to Robin v Mills in Division 2, btw)
It's been a surprisingly successful reboot, and I look forward to seeing you all, and some new faces along with you, in Cycle 28!

Tourney round: The Apto-Tude League: Cycle 27: Play-Offs

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Notes from the organizer: So, we have reached the play-offs. One of the key points in any sports season, and this is no exception.
As this is being created on December 15th, I've absolutely no idea who is participating in these playoffs, with the exception of yours truly.
Obviously, the winner will play in the higher division.

So if Person A finished 6th in Division 1 and Person B finished 2nd in Division 2, they will have set up a playoff against each other to determine what division they play in next cycle.
If A wins, they stay in Division 1 and B stays in Division 2.
However, if B wins, they are promoted to Division 1 and A is relegated to Division 2.
In the unlikely event there is a tie, they will just play a TB as normal.

If anybody who is playing cannot make it on any of the scheduled days, I would love it if they let me know a reasonable amount of time in advance.

I think that's everything, so may the best 2nd-from-the-top/bottom win!

Ran from: 7 – 10 January 2019. Format: 15 Rounder. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Piaras M Carney.

Fixtures: 3. Completed: 3.

Results and fixtures

NotesPlayer 1Player 2Status
Division 1 v Division 2Eddy ByrneJim M118 – 108
Division 2 v Division 3James HurrellMatty Artell126 – 70
Division 3 v Division 4Brett DavidsPiaras M Carney84 – 68

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. Light green/red: provisional. White: unplayed.

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