Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney When I say "offenders" I don't mean all people with unplayed games, I mean all people with 5 unplayed games (or more). So don't worry about being relegated if you leave 1 or 2 games unplayed, but that doesn't mean it's OK to not play them.

Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney OK, then. It'll be once. Forget what is said about playing each other twice, because that is abolished.

Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney There was a bit of confusion as to Derek Matthews' application before the sign-ups ended, so I'll redo the fixtures. Division 3 now has 8 players along with Division 4.

Robin M

Robin M Just to let my opponents know, I’m having computer issues so may be a little while before I can get round to playing games. Hope you understand.

Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney Hey all. Thought I should update les classements. The tables are all here.

Robin M

Robin M Laptop update: For my opponents, I will probably be back on Apterous full time at the end of November, if anyone needs to get their game played before this, please send me an Aptomail and I will ndeavour to get to a computer at the desired date and time. Thanks. Robin.

James Haughton

James Haughton I'll should be having jaw surgery tomorrow and then I'll be in hospital for a couple of days afterwards. Hopefully, I'll be back on apto next week, but this is why I'll be inactive for a few days at least.

Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney Good luck with your surgery James, and get well soon!

Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney Sorry if people have noticed that I've been off the site for a few days. My laptop's battery had become horsed to the point where I had to go around with the charger at all times, so I ordered one and it arrived today. I'll be on most every day now, I should think.

Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney So, there is about just under a month left of the tournament, and I notice a few people haven't played many games. I know this probably wasn't their fault, but I'd say this would be the time to start scheduling games with each other, so as to find a time to meet and play them. I don't want to have to take points off of anybody, but I can't play these games on people's behalf. If it's not too much to ask, could we possibly start scheduling games about now?

Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney I thought I might as well announce that 7th and/or 8th in Division 4, could potentially be relegated to a potential Division 5 should we gain about 5 or 6 new players for the next cycle, since you need 7 for a new division to be created. Of course if we get 7, or 8 or anything else, then they needn't worry. Just throwing this out there so it doesn't come out of the blue at the end of the cycle.

Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney I'm not sure if many people have looked at the tables that much, so [link]

Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney I'd like to remind everybody that the deadline is on the 2nd of January 2019. From today, the 23rd of December, that is 10 days away. From Boxing Day, the 26th, you will have a week to play your games. There are still games unplayed (18, to be exact) and basically, all of them are vital to one's position in the League. Needless to say, I hate to be pushing you all into doing this, but these games really do need to be played. I don't want to have to take points off (although it is probably going to happen) but I will if push comes to shove, however I would love if all the games were completed soon.

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Robin M

Robin M the tables like football make for very unpleasant literature :p

Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney You can do this, Robin, you may be down but you're not out :)

Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney Seeing as there are just under two hours before this cycle ends, I thought I would announce that I shall conduct a few votes to decide whether points should be taken off for unplayed games. These votes will only be for matters which I cannot decide by myself. As for who votes in them, I will take anyone as long as it's an odd number.

Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney So, the League has ended. Commiserations to Robin, Sean, and Ross, who have been relegated from Divisions 1, 2, and 3 respectively.
Congratulations to Spike, Tracey, and Andy, who have been promoted from Divisions 2, 3, and 4 respectively.
Special congratulations to Thomas Carey, who, after points deductions, is the 27th Apto-Tude Supreme Champion!

Piaras M Carney

Piaras M Carney For verification/complaints, the tables are here: [link]

Tourney round: The Apto-Tude League: Cycle 27

<< Cycle 27: Sign-Up Page | Cycle 27: Play-Offs >>

Notes from the organizer: I was advised to get on with creating this now because new pages can sometimes take a long time to be approved.

So, there is yet an undetermined number of divisions as sign-ups are still open, but each division will have 6 to 8 players, who are sorted by Pro Ranks, so whoever is in the top 6 come the start of the cycle will have bagged a de facto spot in Division I.

Should there be any extra applicants, I will round it to the nearest 8 e.g. 30 -> 32, 36-> 40, 35-> 32 and the final number of divisions will be based on that. The bottom divisions will almost always have 8, but should there be any missing or extra applicants, the top divisions will be 1 player shorter than the very bottom for every player missing from or added to the rounded number. However, I will try to keep the amount of players as evenly distributed as possible.
38 applicants = 7, 7, 8, 8, 8.
25 applicants = 8, 8, 9.
30 applicants = 7, 7, 8, 8.
13 applicants = 6, 7.
14 applicants = 7, 7.

Players will face each other twice, for a maximum total of 14 games per division.
3 points for a win, 1 for a draw, 0 for a loss.
Players are sorted by:
1. Points
2. Point difference
3. Points scored
4. Head-to head record w/ tied opponent
5. Head-to-head point difference
6. Pro Rank at the end of the cycle

Here's how the league structure will go.
Division I: Bottom is relegated and 2nd-bottom enters into a playoff. If they lose, they're relegated.
Division II etc: 1st is promoted and 2nd enters into a playoff. If they win, they're promoted. Relegation system is as above.


As for the points deduction rule, I have ironed it out a wee bit. I will send an aptomail to all the players participating in the League. They can then inform me if one of their opponents isn't making an effort to play a game, but they are.
(You do not want to be caught misusing that privilege. I haven't decided what the punishments would be for that but, and in particular for repeat offenders, they ain't gonna be pretty.)
Similarly, I could message the players if I've noticed they haven't played a league game in a while, maybe 1 1/2 to 2 weeks or so. At the end of the cycle (see below) I will deduct 1 point for every deliberately unplayed game. If you have been trying to play your games, but the other person hasn't, AND IF THERE IS SUITABLE EVIDENCE TO BACK THAT UP, I will not deduct a point for unintentionally unplayed games. (Obviously, if both players can't bother their a---s, I'll deduct from both of them.) However, if you have deliberately left 5 games unplayed come the end of the cycle, you will be placed at the immediate foot of your division table, and ergo, relegated regardless of your position. If there are 2 offenders in one division, they will be separated by the tie breaking procedure above.
The lowest-ranked of those offenders will be relegated,
the 2nd-lowest will qualify for the playoffs,
and any other offenders will start with -5 points should there be another cycle. This will be the general case if an offender is not relegated (which includes winning their playoff match).
If you consistently, deliberately, leave 5 games unplayed for 3 cycles, you will be withdrawn, and you will have to sign up again should you wish to participate again.

I'll try to keep the tables updated every week or so by posting a link in the comments.

Obviously, you don't need to sign up if you've done so already.

I think I've covered everything so on that note, I think I'll end it here.
Good luck to all applicants, and happy round-robin-ing!

Ran from: 2 November 2018 – 2 January 2019. Format: 15 Rounder. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Piaras M Carney.

Fixtures: 98. Completed: 91.

Results and fixtures

Player 1Player 2Status
Eddy ByrneBradley Horrocks74 – 83
Hazel DruryBradley Horrocks113 – 100
Eddy ByrneHazel Drury85 – 96
Robin MBradley Horrocks79 – 121
Robin MEddy Byrne91 – 104
Robin MHazel Drury84 – 119
Thomas CareyBradley Horrocks112 – 69
Thomas CareyEddy Byrne111 – 96
Thomas CareyHazel Drury104 – 92
Robin MThomas Carey69 – 98
Transude TransudeBradley Horrocks103 – 88
Transude TransudeEddy Byrne115 – 84
Transude TransudeHazel Drury108 – 95
Transude TransudeRobin M105 – 67
Transude TransudeThomas CareyUnplayed
Zarte SiempreBradley Horrocks93 – 80
Zarte SiempreEddy Byrne108 – 83
Zarte SiempreHazel Drury119 – 81
Robin MZarte SiempreUnplayed
Thomas CareyZarte SiempreUnplayed
Transude TransudeZarte SiempreUnplayed
Alex HJames Haughton89 – 99
Alex HJim M104 – 99
James HaughtonJim M80 – 102
Alex HMatty Artell83 – 93
Matty ArtellJames Haughton108 – 94
Matty ArtellJim M82 – 119
Alex HPatrick Thompson94 – 89
Patrick ThompsonJames Haughton97 – 98
Patrick ThompsonJim M87 – 113
Patrick ThompsonMatty Artell110 – 102
Alex HSean Fletcher118 – 62
Sean FletcherJames HaughtonUnplayed
Sean FletcherJim M110 – 98
Sean FletcherMatty Artell84 – 109
Sean FletcherPatrick Thompson92 – 103
Alex HSpike Guthrie67 – 87
James HaughtonSpike Guthrie57 – 100
Spike GuthrieJim M105 – 89
Matty ArtellSpike Guthrie87 – 115
Patrick ThompsonSpike Guthrie111 – 85
Sean FletcherSpike Guthrie127 – 145
Anthony EndsorBrett Davids112 – 92
Ian VolanteAnthony Endsor99 – 86
Ian VolanteBrett Davids79 – 68
James HurrellAnthony Endsor82 – 77
James HurrellBrett Davids92 – 94
Ian VolanteJames Hurrell112 – 104
Jason TurnerAnthony Endsor76 – 83
Jason TurnerBrett Davids76 – 64
Ian VolanteJason Turner57 – 89
James HurrellJason Turner115 – 85
Tracey MillsAnthony Endsor95 – 68
Tracey MillsBrett Davids99 – 95
Ian VolanteTracey Mills100 – 124
James HurrellTracey Mills82 – 114
Jason TurnerTracey Mills47 – 114
Andy SCEdward Ashcroft104 – 51
Keith C WilliamsAndy SC75 – 96
Keith C WilliamsEdward Ashcroft71 – 80
Andy SCMich H84 – 103
Mich HEdward Ashcroft70 – 96
Keith C WilliamsMich H80 – 86
Piaras M CarneyEdward Ashcroft47 – 73
Piaras M CarneyMich H94 – 79
Andy SCSam Reilly71 – 60
Edward AshcroftSam Reilly89 – 65
Keith C WilliamsSam Reilly68 – 90
Mich HSam Reilly99 – 80
Piaras M CarneySam Reilly81 – 62
Andy SCStephen Holford88 – 73
Stephen HolfordEdward Ashcroft95 – 58
Keith C WilliamsStephen Holford68 – 72
Mich HStephen Holford75 – 85
Piaras M CarneyStephen Holford81 – 73
Stephen HolfordSam Reilly75 – 97
Tracey MillsSteve Anderson122 – 66
Ian VolanteSteve Anderson79 – 97
Anthony EndsorSteve Anderson107 – 107
Jason TurnerSteve Anderson80 – 91
James HurrellSteve Anderson101 – 89
Brett DavidsSteve AndersonUnplayed
Steve AndersonRoss Jeffries87 – 64
Derek MatthewsSam ReillyUnplayed
Piaras M CarneyDerek Matthews77 – 71
Mich HDerek Matthews67 – 72
Andy SCDerek Matthews106 – 47
Derek MatthewsEdward Ashcroft63 – 95
Stephen HolfordDerek Matthews98 – 64
Keith C WilliamsDerek Matthews81 – 79
Brett DavidsRoss Jeffries97 – 91
James HurrellRoss Jeffries92 – 48
Jason TurnerRoss Jeffries83 – 80
Anthony EndsorRoss Jeffries84 – 75
Ian VolanteRoss Jeffries98 – 80
Tracey MillsRoss Jeffries75 – 57
Andy SCPiaras M Carney89 – 79
Keith C WilliamsPiaras M Carney51 – 116

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. Light green/red: provisional. White: unplayed.

This website is not endorsed by or affiliated with Channel 4, the makers of Countdown, or any person associated with the aforementioned in any way whatsoever at all, never has been, never will be, and moreover is proud not to be. Yep.

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