Rhys Benjamin

Rhys Benjamin There's not a lot going on here, do I really have to bully everyone?

Tim Down

Tim Down Ey, chill your beans. We'll get to it.

Ian Volante

Ian Volante It's only day 1, some of us have to work!

Rhys Benjamin

Rhys Benjamin Day 3 of 7, actually, Ian.

Matty Artell

Matty Artell I have a game against someone who hasn't logged in since 2012?

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Ian Volante

Ian Volante Well the fixture wasn't in the system when I looked last night, and today it was.

Rhys Benjamin

Rhys Benjamin They were all up on Saturday. How weird.

Rhys Benjamin

Rhys Benjamin Thanks for pointing that out, Matty; I didn't realise Steve had two spaces in his name.

Rhys Benjamin

Rhys Benjamin I'll only grant extensions in very extraordinary circumstances: if one of you's made more of an effort to play the game by Friday I'll put them straight through.

Ross Jeffries

Ross Jeffries Hi Rhys, it has been my fault i have not played Sean yet due to work. Sean has said he may be on this morning / afternoon so i will stay on and see if he can play. If not please put Sean through at the deadline

Tourney round: Apterous Football League Cup: 2018: Round 1

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Notes from the organizer: So, with 27 accepted sign-ups, we skip the first two rounds of the real life Carabao Cup (other energy drinks are available) and proceed immediately into the round of 32.

The top 5 players, according to the latest edition of Pro Ranks (Mon 27 Aug), get a bye into the Round of 16. The remaining 22 players must slug it out for the remaining 11 places. Since we are in "Round 3" of the real-life Carabao Cup (other energy drinks are available), there will be no "North" and "South" group.

The 5 players who received a bye into the Round of 16 are:

- Zarte Siempre
- Thomas Carey
- Jack Worsley
- Callum Todd
- Luke Johnson-Davies

The other 22 of you must fight for one of 11 spots remaining! YOU HAVE UNTIL **FRI 7 SEP** TO PLAY THE ROUND OF 32.

"Good luck... and don't [bleep] it up!" (RuPaul, 2009)

Ran from: 1 – 7 September 2018. Format: 15 Rounder. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Rhys Benjamin.

Fixtures: 11. Completed: 7.

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