David Holmes

David Holmes Can I just really check I've understood how this works? I should always be aiming to declare and provide a solution up to 10 points *above* the target that the game gives me?

Dave Kempshall

Dave Kempshall ROund 1 confused the hell out me. I kept declaring the exact solution through force of habit and then solving 10 above.

Andy SC

Andy SC @Dave - Without spoiling the duel, I managed to do that on one round of the duel.

David Holmes

David Holmes So I should be declaring the answer but trying to solve 10 above? Or declaring *and* solving 10 above?

Dave Kempshall

Dave Kempshall Declaring and solving ten above

Alan O'Sullivan

Alan O'Sullivan grrr!!! should have had a perfect game there, but declared the exact a few times out of habit

Matthew Tassier

Matthew Tassier Whoops, that was the duel, Alan!

Alan O'Sullivan

Alan O'Sullivan i know tass. copped it after as well/ oh well.

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Ian Volante

Ian Volante Did this not appear until later on Monday? I did the duel after midnight, but don't remember seeing this.

George Armstrong

George Armstrong Games were set up on Sunday, first person finished their game around 12.30 Monday morning so it was there.

Ian Volante

Ian Volante Fair enough. I wasn't very awake, which may explain it.

Jon Stitcher

Jon Stitcher George - is my game getting included? I played it at 11:17pm last night.

George Armstrong

George Armstrong Dunno how I missed that, will add it in now :)

Tourney round: The Bigger The Better: Monday - Normal

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Notes from the organizer: Here we go. A reminder that the higher the targets the better. For example, if your target was 625, solving it bang on would score 625, but going 10 above for 635 would score you additional points. In theory, the higher the target, the harder the round, so getting one tricky 1008 would be the equivalent of getting four easier 252s.

Kicking off with Normal to ease you in more gently.


Ran from: 17 – 17 June 2024. Format: Numbers Attack. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: George Armstrong.

Fixtures: 27. Completed: 27.

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