Liam O

Liam O Top spreadsheeting man, respect!

Dave Kempshall

Dave Kempshall Love a spreadsheet, but my skills are primitive compared with Mr Robjohns.

Liam O

Liam O I can't imagine how good they are. The 'hyper nasty numbers' will be ugly. I hope the scoring system will be a leveller of some sort hint hint :)

Dave Kempshall

Dave Kempshall The scoring will be a lot simpler than previous number tournament rounds. I'm interested to see how people get on on that round as I try and devise rounds that replicate a real golf tournament in terms of scoring.

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Dave Kempshall

Dave Kempshall The scoring will be a lot simpler than previous number tournament rounds. I'm interested to see how people get on on that round as I try and devise rounds that replicate a real golf tournament in terms of scoring.

Liam O

Liam O Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Be nice to have Matthew T as a caddy for that round.

Ian Volante

Ian Volante I suppose there's an element of luck which is difficult to avoid. A low max game makes it very tough to compete.

Dave Kempshall

Dave Kempshall Indeed Ian, I quite like that element though. It's quite reflective of real golf. Think of a low max as having to negotiate around the course when you know you're not firing on all cyclinders.

Dave Kempshall

Dave Kempshall And, as we are consistently told by football pundits and managers - luck is supposed to even itself up over time.

Tourney round: APGA Tour 2024: 5. The Masters: Round 1

<< 4. Players Championship: Round 4 | 5. The Masters: Round 2 >>

Notes from the organizer: *** NEW SIGN-UPS WELCOME ***

Augusta, Georgia. Arguably golf's most iconic venue (certainly my personal favourite).

The course is a vivid green and perfectly manicured. The azaleas are in full bloom. Rae’s Creek lurks and the patrons are gathering in their droves. It can only mean one thing. The Masters.

We - once again - will be playing to golf scoring and as it’s a major, we’ll be playing round by round, with three days allocated to each round.

With simpler scoring, Augusta is - as always - very much about avoiding those very costly stray shots. Plodding your way around the course, whilst taking risks at the right time can see you stay in touch with what promises to be a well bunched leading group.

The bookies make T-Cap a marginal favourite ahead of Dave Robjohns with in-form Dan Byron and Chris Hare and many others also tipped to challenge. Who will pull on the coveted green jacket and join Bradley Horrocks (2022 winner) in The Masters Hall of Fame.

With 1000 ranking points on offer for the winner, any of the top 9 ranked players have the chance of shooting up to world no.1 with a win.

Rankings -

Masters Scoreboard -

Onto the golf, and you'll face a series of attacks (three letters and one numbers) and, as we’re playing to par, these are all against Prune.

Round 1 - Standard Letters Attack

We start with a standard letters attack.

9 letter word = Eagle
8 letter word = Birdie
7 letter word = Par
6 letter word = Bogey
5 letter word = Double Bogey
4 letter word or worse = Triple Bogey

* A reminder that only the first 18 rounds of your game count towards you golf 'round'.

Best of luck!

Ran from: 3 – 5 April 2024. Format: Letters Attack. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Dave Kempshall.

Fixtures: 45. Completed: 41.

Results and fixtures

Player 1Player 2Status
Apterous PruneTom Cappleman0 – 179
Apterous PruneDan Byrom0 – 184
Apterous PruneDave Robjohns0 – 148
Apterous PruneAdam Latchford0 – 123
Apterous PruneMike Lee0 – 138
Apterous PruneLiam O0 – 146
Apterous PruneMartin Hurst0 – 148
Apterous PruneMatthew Tassier0 – 134
Apterous PruneFlorence C-L0 – 149
Apterous PruneThomas Carey0 – 149
Apterous PruneStu Harkness0 – 132
Apterous PruneMartin Thomas0 – 140
Apterous PruneChris Hare0 – 154
Apterous PruneHazel Drury0 – 128
Apterous PruneAndres S.0 – 124
Apterous PruneFiona T0 – 130
Apterous PruneDarren Godfrey0 – 134
Apterous PruneLuke S0 – 140
Apterous PruneBen H0 – 131
Apterous PruneDave Kempshall0 – 125
Apterous PruneAdrian Fletcher0 – 143
Apterous PruneSean D0 – 119
Apterous PruneMatty ArtellUnplayed
Apterous PruneIan Volante0 – 125
Apterous PruneIan Wray0 – 117
Apterous PruneWesley Barton0 – 137
Apterous PruneColin Thompson0 – 153
Apterous PruneRoss Allatt0 – 130
Apterous PruneAnthony Endsor0 – 144
Apterous PruneJamie French0 – 138
Apterous PruneJason Turner0 – 134
Apterous PruneSteven Oldham0 – 129
Apterous PruneDamian McEvoy0 – 110
Apterous PruneSarah Matthews0 – 125
Apterous PruneDan Spinks0 – 124
Apterous PruneEuan Crabb0 – 97
Apterous PruneFi ThorneUnplayed
Apterous PruneAndy SC0 – 115
Apterous PruneEdward AshcroftUnplayed
Apterous PruneM S RUnplayed
Apterous PruneMark O'Regan0 – 110
Apterous PruneJon Pinyan0 – 135
Apterous PruneArchie T R0 – 123
Apterous PruneJames C0 – 139
Apterous PruneToby Byfield0 – 159

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. (Stripes: provisional, match in progress.)

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