M S R Sarah Matthews replaces Fiona Titcombe at Ferrari

Sarah  Matthews

Sarah Matthews I'm sorry I won't be as good as Fiona

Sarah  Matthews

Sarah Matthews But I've been practising this format. I'm presuming all rounds are this format, as F1 is fast?!


M S R They vary on different speeds depending on the type of track. Quali is faster formats, Race is somewhat normal :)


M S R This is just testing some ideas ahead of the main season, which kicks off in March :D

Tourney round: Apterous F1: Testing-Italy Qualifying

<< Testing-Belgium Race | Testing-Italy Race >>

Notes from the organizer: Speeeeeeeed! And a lot of it. Welcome to Monza. Break out your skinny rear wing and sack off your downforce.

Fiona T, racing for Ferrari, has decided to withdraw, and Mark O'Regan, racing for Aston Martin, has been inactive. Two places up for grabs-first come, first serve

Ran from: 3 – 11 February 2024. Format: Berserk 15. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: M S R.

Fixtures: 19. Completed: 17.

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