Tourney round: Eightsome: Sign-Ups

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Notes from the organizer: Any obscenties you had upon seeing the name of this, sorry to disappoint (not in this Christian household :P)

To a lesser extent, many of us are obsessed with winning eight games. So we're doing that here! But in a more mental way
-You will play one 15R against someone each round. You need to win eight games to claim glory
-There will be as many rounds as it takes
-Round One is randomly drawn. Then Swiss-paired based on wins/points, CoEvent style for next draws
-HOWEVER, cos I get bored, I may lob in the occasional bit o'trickery. Not with a lot. Only draws. And game type. And rules . And everything else (Nothing too mad, promise)
-Week for each game-unplayed games will be adjudicated accordingly
-Victor gets either entry into both CoRugby and CoBrum 2024, or a delxue Apto subscription on me.

More the merrier! You mad people

Ran from: 22 September – 9 October 2023. Format: 15 Rounder. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: M S R.

Fixtures: 0. Completed: 0.

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