Rhys Benjamin

Rhys Benjamin Players and countries:

J Bartram (Australia)
Kieran Bray (Azerbaijan)
Dan Byrom (Belgium)
Johnny Canuck (Bulgaria)*
Thomas Carey (Cyprus)
Maria Chandler (Germany)
Stu Harkness (Croatia)
Carlo Harrison (Ireland)
Ronan M Higginson (Israel)
Dave Kempshall (Italy)
Piaras Last-Name (Lithuania)
Spike Nard (North Macedonia)
James Robinson (Malta)
Dave Robjohns (The Netherlands)
Andres S. (Norway)
Fiona T (Romania)
Cyril Topher (Russia)
Jason Turner (Sweden)
Ian Volante (Slovenia)

*was moved from SF2 to SF1 to even the numbers.

Spike  Nard

Spike Nard Lets hope my chances of qualification are better than North Macedonia's this year haha! https://eurovisionworld.com/odds/eurovision-semi-final-1

Stu Harkness

Stu Harkness Sretno!

Stu Harkness

Stu Harkness Hoping the Balkan Bloc help each other out by picking nice letters...

Stu Harkness

Stu Harkness There's only been two max games thus far...

James Robinson

James Robinson Now 3.... ;) :) :D

Stu Harkness

Stu Harkness Timing is everything!

Rhys Benjamin

Rhys Benjamin I will be announcing the Apterous Eurovision Song Contest Semi Final results at 12am tonight after the deadline.

Rhys Benjamin

Rhys Benjamin Congratulations to our finalists!

- Thomas Carey (Cyprus)!
- James Robinosn (Malta)!
- Stu Harkness (Croatia)!
- Dave Kempshall (Italy)!
- Johnny Canuck (Bulgaria)!
- Fiona T (Romania)!
- Ronan M Higginson (Israel)!
- Spike Nard (North Macedonia)!
- Dan Byrom (Belgium)!
- Carlo Harrison (Ireland)!

That means we have to say goodbye to J Bartram (Australia), Kieran Bray (Azerbaijan), Maria Chandler (Germany), Piaras Last-Name (Lithuania), Dave Robjohns (The Netherlands), Andres S. (Norway), Cyril Topher (Russia), Jason Turner (Sweden), and Ian Volante (Slovenia).

Semi Final results will be uploaded in full after the final, although I can tell you that nobody got nul points, yay!

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Jason Turner

Jason Turner Cheers for organising Rhys. Great fun

Piaras Last-Name

Piaras Last-Name Thanks for organising Rhys, enjoyed it a lot :)

Ian Volante

Ian Volante Wow, thought I was in with a shout with a positive record.

Andres S.

Andres S. Serious toppers on that but overall it was probably one of the most fun Countdown tourneys I've done so far. Well played to everyone and good luck to the finalists!

J Bartram

J Bartram Good luck to all finalists I remain neutral like Switzerland.

Tourney round: Eurovision Song Contest 2021: Semi Final 1

<< Sign-Ups | Semi Final 2 >>


Each player was assigned to a country. This was decided by sorting the entrants by Apterous user surname, and then assigning a country based on alphabetical order according to the official Eurovision album track listing, which is according to ISO 3166-1. All stages are a single round robin. Your objective is very simple: to score as many points as you can against your opponent. The top 10 highest-scoring players against you will receive points "from" you: 12-10-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. To score points yourself, therefore, you must come in the top 10 highest scores against a particular opponent. In a case of a tie in an individual vote (e.g. if two people score 50 against you), the higher amount of points will be awarded to the game that was played first. In case of a tie in the overall scoreboard, then the tie will be broken by the following procedure: fewest 0s, most 12s, most 10s, most 8s, most 7s (etc), until most 1s. If the scores are still tied, then whoever had the higher score in an individual game will be awarded the higher position.

Semi Finals:
- Each player was drawn into their semi final using the 2020-21 allocations of the real life semi finals.
- Rather than qualifying automatically, the "big 5" countries (Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Italy) and The Netherlands were assigned to the semi final their real life counterparts will be voting in.
- I am placing an embargo on semi final standings to highten suspense - you are, of course, free to calculate the results yourself, but you may not share them with anyone else. The semi final results will only be revealed in full after the grand final.
- The top 10 from each semi final will qualify, and games will be carried forward against your fellow qualifiers to avoid an unnecessary repetition of games.
- With great pomp and circumstance, the finalists from each semi final will be announced LIVE in Aptochat in no particular order.
the highest individual score in a game will be ranked higher.
- As the semi finals were lop-sided, one player was moved from SF2 to SF1 to make sure the semi finals remained equal. Please aptomail me if you want the geeky information as to how this was done.
- With 17 games to be played, I am generously affording 4 weeks to play your semi finals. This is very generous... so you should have no excuses! The date, therefore, is **3 JUN 2021**.

Penalties and unplayed games:
UNPLAYED GAMES WILL RESULT IN A UNILATERAL POINTS DEDUCTION, measured by % - for example, a player playing 14 out of 17 games will have their score reduced by 18%. These deductions can be waived if one player can demonstrate a meaningful effort to play the game - **so please include me in any Aptomails** - and will be adjudged to win the game 50-0, so may still gain points from you. This is to avoid deliberate evasion of playing stronger players. Any player who does not play a third (33%) of their games (taking into account the waiving process described above) will be disqualified. They will not award points, they will not be able to receive points in the games they have played, and games against them will be null and void.

Reminder - the date is **3 JUN 2021**.

Ran from: 7 May – 3 June 2021. Format: 9 Rounder. Matches: One-off. Approved.

Organizers: Rhys Benjamin.

Fixtures: 171. Completed: 158.

Results and fixtures

Player 1Player 2Status
Carlo HarrisonAndres S.58 – 30
Cyril TopherAndres S.36 – 61
Carlo HarrisonCyril Topher66 – 28
Dan ByromAndres S.Unplayed
Dan ByromCarlo Harrison51 – 75
Dan ByromCyril Topher66 – 42
Dave KempshallAndres S.62 – 58
Carlo HarrisonDave Kempshall57 – 60
Dave KempshallCyril Topher68 – 48
Dan ByromDave Kempshall72 – 20
Dave RobjohnsAndres S.Unplayed
Carlo HarrisonDave Robjohns65 – 49
Dave RobjohnsCyril Topher68 – 6
Dan ByromDave Robjohns68 – 38
Dave RobjohnsDave Kempshall49 – 44
Fiona TAndres S.65 – 49
Fiona TCarlo Harrison41 – 52
Fiona TCyril Topher45 – 24
Dan ByromFiona T72 – 40
Fiona TDave Kempshall67 – 62
Fiona TDave Robjohns51 – 46
Ian VolanteAndres S.59 – 42
Ian VolanteCarlo Harrison27 – 58
Ian VolanteCyril Topher56 – 34
Ian VolanteDan ByromUnplayed
Ian VolanteDave Kempshall54 – 61
Ian VolanteDave Robjohns49 – 48
Ian VolanteFiona T69 – 47
J BartramAndres S.52 – 24
Carlo HarrisonJ Bartram82 – 24
Cyril TopherJ Bartram42 – 41
Dan ByromJ Bartram104 – 51
Dave KempshallJ Bartram59 – 37
Dave RobjohnsJ Bartram44 – 40
Fiona TJ Bartram70 – 48
Ian VolanteJ Bartram72 – 47
James RobinsonAndres S.60 – 30
James RobinsonCarlo Harrison62 – 55
James RobinsonCyril Topher97 – 34
James RobinsonDan ByromUnplayed
James RobinsonDave Kempshall71 – 61
James RobinsonDave RobjohnsUnplayed
James RobinsonFiona T64 – 77
Ian VolanteJames Robinson39 – 54
James RobinsonJ Bartram72 – 55
Jason TurnerAndres S.63 – 43
Jason TurnerCarlo Harrison46 – 65
Jason TurnerCyril Topher36 – 17
Jason TurnerDan ByromUnplayed
Jason TurnerDave Kempshall23 – 60
Jason TurnerDave RobjohnsUnplayed
Jason TurnerFiona T52 – 79
Ian VolanteJason Turner49 – 25
Jason TurnerJ Bartram56 – 52
Jason TurnerJames Robinson41 – 62
Johnny CanuckAndres S.66 – 21
Johnny CanuckCarlo Harrison59 – 31
Johnny CanuckCyril Topher67 – 32
Johnny CanuckDan Byrom67 – 58
Johnny CanuckDave Kempshall85 – 51
Johnny CanuckDave Robjohns39 – 60
Johnny CanuckFiona T71 – 23
Ian VolanteJohnny Canuck40 – 57
Johnny CanuckJ Bartram70 – 36
James RobinsonJohnny Canuck52 – 62
Jason TurnerJohnny Canuck43 – 75
Kieran BrayAndres S.56 – 39
Kieran BrayCarlo Harrison52 – 63
Kieran BrayCyril Topher44 – 41
Kieran BrayDan Byrom34 – 40
Kieran BrayDave Kempshall53 – 63
Kieran BrayDave Robjohns55 – 46
Kieran BrayFiona T42 – 52
Ian VolanteKieran Bray49 – 57
Kieran BrayJ Bartram55 – 53
James RobinsonKieran Bray52 – 23
Jason TurnerKieran Bray55 – 56
Johnny CanuckKieran Bray60 – 52
Maria ChandlerAndres S.46 – 51
Carlo HarrisonMaria Chandler70 – 17
Maria ChandlerCyril Topher55 – 19
Dan ByromMaria Chandler59 – 21
Maria ChandlerDave Kempshall33 – 73
Dave RobjohnsMaria Chandler75 – 71
Fiona TMaria Chandler41 – 58
Ian VolanteMaria Chandler52 – 45
Maria ChandlerJ Bartram50 – 60
James RobinsonMaria Chandler47 – 39
Jason TurnerMaria Chandler30 – 49
Johnny CanuckMaria Chandler64 – 15
Kieran BrayMaria Chandler34 – 53
Andres S.Piaras Last-Name45 – 56
Carlo HarrisonPiaras Last-Name64 – 28
Cyril TopherPiaras Last-Name43 – 46
Dan ByromPiaras Last-Name68 – 28
Dave KempshallPiaras Last-Name45 – 50
Dave RobjohnsPiaras Last-Name59 – 51
Fiona TPiaras Last-Name40 – 44
Ian VolantePiaras Last-Name62 – 39
J BartramPiaras Last-Name18 – 62
James RobinsonPiaras Last-Name77 – 43
Jason TurnerPiaras Last-Name58 – 35
Johnny CanuckPiaras Last-Name68 – 50
Kieran BrayPiaras Last-Name47 – 58
Maria ChandlerPiaras Last-Name27 – 65
Ronan M HigginsonAndres S.Unplayed
Carlo HarrisonRonan M Higginson77 – 63
Ronan M HigginsonCyril TopherUnplayed
Dan ByromRonan M Higginson54 – 54
Ronan M HigginsonDave Kempshall71 – 47
Ronan M HigginsonDave RobjohnsUnplayed
Fiona TRonan M Higginson53 – 77
Ian VolanteRonan M HigginsonUnplayed
Ronan M HigginsonJ Bartram92 – 26
James RobinsonRonan M Higginson40 – 82
Jason TurnerRonan M HigginsonUnplayed
Johnny CanuckRonan M Higginson53 – 70
Kieran BrayRonan M HigginsonUnplayed
Ronan M HigginsonMaria Chandler62 – 42
Ronan M HigginsonPiaras Last-Name78 – 31
Stu HarknessAndres S.59 – 46
Carlo HarrisonStu Harkness62 – 24
Cyril TopherStu Harkness34 – 72
Dan ByromStu Harkness75 – 43
Dave KempshallStu Harkness47 – 51
Dave RobjohnsStu Harkness53 – 70
Fiona TStu Harkness57 – 64
Ian VolanteStu Harkness38 – 69
Stu HarknessJ Bartram65 – 37
James RobinsonStu Harkness83 – 41
Jason TurnerStu Harkness38 – 69
Johnny CanuckStu Harkness42 – 67
Kieran BrayStu Harkness47 – 54
Maria ChandlerStu Harkness33 – 61
Stu HarknessPiaras Last-Name62 – 43
Ronan M HigginsonStu Harkness73 – 31
Thomas CareyAndres S.87 – 17
Thomas CareyCarlo Harrison75 – 66
Thomas CareyCyril Topher74 – 34
Thomas CareyDan Byrom67 – 59
Thomas CareyDave Kempshall63 – 16
Thomas CareyDave Robjohns48 – 49
Thomas CareyFiona T65 – 61
Ian VolanteThomas Carey41 – 73
Thomas CareyJ Bartram65 – 44
James RobinsonThomas Carey71 – 61
Jason TurnerThomas Carey63 – 75
Johnny CanuckThomas Carey86 – 42
Thomas CareyKieran Bray61 – 51
Thomas CareyMaria Chandler74 – 48
Thomas CareyPiaras Last-Name63 – 44
Thomas CareyRonan M Higginson62 – 74
Thomas CareyStu Harkness72 – 56
Spike NardJ Bartram70 – 32
Kieran BraySpike Nard41 – 70
Dan ByromSpike Nard65 – 76
Thomas CareySpike Nard47 – 58
Spike NardMaria Chandler59 – 25
Spike NardStu Harkness72 – 47
Spike NardCarlo Harrison59 – 70
Spike NardRonan M Higginson54 – 72
Spike NardDave Kempshall72 – 39
Spike NardPiaras Last-Name47 – 35
James RobinsonSpike Nard61 – 64
Spike NardDave Robjohns72 – 42
Spike NardAndres S.66 – 21
Spike NardFiona T81 – 56
Spike NardCyril Topher81 – 34
Jason TurnerSpike Nard58 – 68
Ian VolanteSpike Nard30 – 69
Johnny CanuckSpike Nard54 – 50

Key. Green: winner. Red: loser. Grey: tie. Light green/red: provisional. White: unplayed.

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